Sting Operatives Are Framing And Murdering Their Victims/Targets Using Doubles And Photogenic Photo’s And Poison!

I don’t quite know how to describe it, it is shocking just to think about it, I have uncovered corruption so PERVASIVE and so DEEPLY imbedded in our country that it is sickening to even think about it. 

Police and sheriff’s and state police and FBI and any other policing agency is using these tactics to frame and to murder off people, and they have been doing it for several decades and they get away with it all the time.

I have uncovered the under-belly of “Sting Operations” and witnessed how sting operatives behave and how they recruit people and how they lie for one another to cover their butts and how they use the term “Sting Operation” as a way of concealing serious high crimes such as framing people and even killing people!

Law enforcement are the most disgusting people on the face of the planet and enjoy framing people and killing people and they do not even try to hide the fact that they get away with it, and news media does not even hide the fact they ignore all the killings police commi9t and blindly without question take the cops side of the story also without question!

Under the pretense of doing “Sting Operations” police are womanizing with other people’s wives and are granting those women permission to poison off her spouse for life insurance money’s!

Under the pretense of conducting sting operations police recruit civilians into helping them to set up people and to frame people, police commonly recruit family members of their target into helping them plant evidence in the targets h9me and to perform certain deeds for video surveillance in order to make the target appear to be a bad guy when the target is not!

Police coach these civilians how to perform for their video surveillance because police are setting up the target and want the target to look as bad as possible on their video surveillance, and police will even recruit minors into this as well!

If police are framing someone as a pedophile then they have several civilians take over the surrounding apartments of the targets apartment, and police get away with this by acting under the pretense of a sting operation!

Any civilian recruited into these set ups are operatives and are performing functions specified by the police, they surround their target and they perform for video surveillance cameras and they stage crimes/events near and around the targets neighborhood for the purpose of framing target and for building cases against the target!

Civilian sting operatives are paid by police to make false accusations against the target and civilian stimng operatives even recruit their children into these operations!

Police pay for apartment surrounding their target, pay civilians operatives with children to occupy those apartments, and operative parents coach their children to hang out in front of the targets apartment and coach those children to make false pedophile accusations.

Police themselves ussually pick anm officer that resembles the target the most, and that officer acts as a double and will dress up like the target, and will hang out in front of the targets home with the civilians children and will walk back and forth around the children while the children fake being scared, and the civilian operative parents will take back shots and side shots with a photogenic camera!

That is how law enforcement stages crimes to frame people as pedophiles, several people in law enforcement and several civilian operatives will hang around near or and in front of the targets home and will use street theater tactics and will perform events, all staged, For the purpose of a future pedophile charge on their target!

Police all over the country, police all over the world, use these tactics to frame people, it’s all done under the ruse o9f being a sting operation, and it’s all paid for by law enforcement agency’s!

Most people that get targeted in this manner end up railroaded into prison or dead, no attorney or judge will admit police gang up on people this way to frame people, so it boils down to one i9nnocent person going to prison or courts have to admit police in conspiracy recruited several civilian operatives to help them frame someone!

So the innocent person goes to prison, and then police pick new target, and the process repeats itself over and over and over again!

Civilian operatives are pals with people in law enforcement and tend to be involved in things most civilians are not involved in such as owning police scanners as an example, and they are the type of people that never EVER do they question the propaganda lies news reporters tell and are very quick to label anyone that question government or the system in general as mentally ill!

Civilian operatives get paid to help police frame people, and so do civilian operatives children, they get paid TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for one day of work of hanging out in front of the police’ targets apartment and to call the target a pedophile and to pose for photo’s with an officer dressed as a double! TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Civilian operatives get paid by police to murder off people too, and they usually use poison to kill off people because it is the easiest type of murder for police to cover up!

When police recruit the targets family members into being civilian operatives for police those family members usually get paid by police to slowly poison the target to death, and when the target goes to the hospital, he/she gets no help because police will interfere with the target getting help by coercing the doctor into not taking a toxicology test and to fake not knowing what is wrong!

A target can have all the classic signs and symptoms of being poisoned yet the doctor will not take a toxicology test and only approve an X ray, and then look the target in the face and fake not knowing what is wrong!

That is how easy it is for police officer’s/agency’s to cover up poisonings, and while the target is debilitated from being poisoned the police and their paid civilian operatives will spread false rumors throughout the neighborhood labeling the target as a drug attic and an alcoholic in order to isolate the target further from finding any form of help!

Police and civilian operatives will also spread rumors throughout the neighborhood the target is mentally ill and to not believe anything he/she says!

Those tactics are used all over the country, all over the world, and they get away with it each and every time, they have their target debilitated, unable to go far, and surrounded by operatives and under cover officer’s that have completely destroyed the targets name and reputation!


ANYONE that gets targeted by a sting operation is surrounded by people that have it out for that person, and because of that sting operation it is impossible for targets to get help from 911, ALL FIRST RESPONDERS are trained by our government to immediately label anyone that is a victim of a organized sting operation as mentally ill and to treat them that way without taking any info or complaints from the target!

Civilian operatives that help police in framing and also murdering people get around TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS from the police, they also get free houses!

This kind of corruption is not new! it’s been here all along! your news media just hides it from you with constant propaganda telling you to trust your government!

Go watch the Avengers movie and watch how the director chose to do a slow-motion scene as fire fighters and police officer’s are putting “Helping Hands” on terrorized people fleeing danger!

THAT’S PROPAGANDA YOU KNOW IT! Our corrupt government controls Hollywood mo0vies and how such movies spin a web of deceit in order to hide and conceal the corruption and to trick uneducated people into believing their government are the “Good Guys” by the shear amount of propaganda spinning it!

Replace the word “News” with the word “Propaganda” and you will have a much broader understanding of how this country works!

Everyone knows about sting operations, TV news stations and Hollywood movies talk about them all the time, but they never get into the details of sting operations, they never disclose who the operatives are, and only the sting operati0ons where there is going to be a prosecution are revealed and only in a vague way!

The vast majority of sting operations are never admitted to by government, and if anyone becomes a victim of such a sting operation then that victim has no way of getting help because no first responder will recognize any complaint over it and will even cover up after the fact victims 911 calls!

Civilian operatives that do sting operations for police tend to be stuck up people that think they are better than everyone else, they have a high and mighty attitude and are very quick to attack people behind their backs, they love labeling people behind their backs as criminals and will make criminal accusations about a person but they always do it around other people, it’s their way of isolating their target by turning neighbors against that person!

Civilian operatives tend to be people that are a part of the neighborhood watch program, and any and all landlords and all apartment managers are as well operatives and always assist police in sting operations!

Business managers and owners also always cooperate with any and all sting operations and are known to tell their employees to also cooperate with sting operations!

Most people get recruited into these sting operations under the false belief that their helping police to get rid of a “Bad Guy” but are not aware the target is being framed and that the accusations are based off of police using doubles and using paid operatives to back up lies about the target!

This is sick!

I see why police want civilians to not own guns any more, because the government is Fascist and corrupt and it does not want pissed off victims of sting operations to go postal on people!

Only Fascist corrupt governments fear civilians being armed!



4 thoughts on “Sting Operatives Are Framing And Murdering Their Victims/Targets Using Doubles And Photogenic Photo’s And Poison!

  1. Don’t take my word for it, Wiki “Sting Operation” and you will find that police do indeed recruit civilians into sting operations and are doing so for deceitful purposes!

  2. 1999 the Multnomah county sheriff’s recruited my wife Joan Wagar and everyone on her side of the family into helping them frame me as a pedophile, Joan Wagar worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen at the time!

    Joan Wagar quit her job at the county jail and on the same day county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to take over the surrounding apartments surrounding mine, the very next day 72 hour notices showed up on our next door neighbors door!

    County sheriff’s after taking immediate possession of the next door apartment broke into my home and bugged it with video/audio equipment and everyone on my wife’s side of the family including our oldest daughter began performing for their video surveillance!

    The multnomah county sheriff’s were illegally recording our daughters in their bedrooms and were controlling what our oldest daughter did FOR their video surveillance cameras!

    The Multnomah county sheriff’s arranged after taking over the next door apartment to get a double of me hooked up with my disabled mother
    Valerie Quigley, multiple people were heavily pressuring my mother to allow a double, a look-a-like of me named Lonny, move in with her!

    For the next two months Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were coached by county sheriff’s to turn my yard into a playground with multiple pools and a large trampoline with money provided by county sheriff’s, and that double county sheriff’s pressured my mother into taking in her home concentrated on pressuring my mother into selling her home to buy a motor home in order to move to my place, and that double did not want my mother to tell me about it he told her not to tell me about it and that he wanted it to be a surprise to me!

    After my wife and her sister at the direction of county sheriff’s turned my yard into a playground spending over a thousand dollars doing so, that double and my mother showed up on a surprise visit, and that double made damn sure that they both arrived flat broke by buying my mother a five hundred dollar dog on the trip to my place so that I would feel obligated to allow them to stay on my property!

    For a month that double was on my property and was palling around with the under cover county sheriff officer’s next door, and authority’s staged all kinds of crimes and disasters during this period near my apartment, they stage emergency’s to get me off my property and they staged disasters such as car fires thirty feet from my apartment that I had to deal with!

    During that time on the other side of town my father Don Wagar was being gang-stalked, harassed, menaced, and terrorized by plain clothed officer’s that repeatedly staged crimes in his presence daring him to intervene!

    A male officer and a female officer in plain cloths staged a battery in front of my father and my father was under the impression they were staging these crimes in an attempt to trick him into intervening on behalf of the battered person!

    In other words the pedophile police department and their bros are doing their usual street theater tactics that they always use in sting operations of which is already public knowledge!

    It is already known pedophile police and sheriff’s stage crimes when they do sting operations such as drug busts and prostitution stings, so cops are known pretenders that perform for video surveillance cameras, and they were using these tactics around my father, and he was under the impression and belief that police was trying to provoke him in anger FOR their video surveillance cameras!

    After I kicked that double off my property all hell broke loose on the part of plain clothed law enforcement!

    Two weeks after I kicked that double off my property that double battered my disabled mother
    Valerie Quigley and she called me by phone asking me to pick her and her motor home up, and when I arrived at the scene I am met by that double and TWO PORTLAND POLICE OFFICER’S, those three were waiting for me to show up, and while smirking those cops made it very clear they did not give a damn that double battered my mother and they told me I cannot take my mothers motor home with me, so I was forced by threats and coercion by that doubles buddy’s in law enforcement to leave that motor home WITH THAT DOUBLE COUNTY SHERIFF’S PRESSURED MY MOTHER INTO TAKING INTO HER HOME!

    A month later my wife Joan Wagar, at the direction of county sheriff’s that were right next door, poisoned my mother, and my mother ran out of the apartment and went to a pay phone to call 911, and once again POLICE COVERED UP MY MOTHERS 911 CALL AND DID NOT ACT ON HER COMPLAINT THUS COVERED UP HER COMPLAINT, BUT THEY PROVIDED HER WITH A MOTEL ROOM, BUT NO ONE WAS QUESTIONED BY AUTHORITY’S ON HER COMPLAINT BECAUSE PEDOPHILE POLICE DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT OR WHO THEIR WHORES POISON!

    I find out three weeks later that those plain clothed officer’s that were gang-stalking my father poisoned him, around the same time my mother was poisoned and her 911 call was covered up by police!

    My father Don Wagar was murdered three days later, and it was a county sheriff officer that informed me of my fathers death and hinted they were responsible for it by admitting he entered my fathers apartment to remove my fathers meds BEFORE coming over to tell me of my fathers death!

    My father was not on meds and was not under the care of a doctor, he was poisoned by law enforcement and he described them, he was murdered!

    For the next five days in a row two law officer’s that lied about who they were were making daily phone threats and demands!

    They were strongly implying they were in law enforcement but lied about not being in law enforcement, and they were not hiding the fact they intended on framing me for my fathers death and were demanding that I remove my fathers belongings from his apartment, and the other was demanding that I pay for my fathers cremation of which I never authorized!

    I had nothing to do with either of their demands knowing they murdered my father using a double and they just got done battering my mother using a double!

    Five days after my father died, right after I got the last threatening call from a law officer by phone, my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were filling my home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls!

    Seven days after my father was murdered I caught our oldest daughter in her bedroom with a card that had printed paragraphs on it and she was copying the contents of that card into her diary and she had a big goofy grin on her face, after reading her diary I find out that someone was coaching her to call me a pedophile in that diary, and it was the county sheriff’s that were coaching her and passing her those cards through her bedroom window!

    I kept that diary knowing there were no actual events in that diary, no mention of her grandmothers visit, no mention of that double, no mention of her grandfathers very recent death, not to mention she was using words in that diary she did not know how to spell or what they even mean!

    I caught a female green jacketed county sheriff officer at my daughters bedroom window and she was telling our daughter what to do for their video surveillance cameras!

    Two weeks later the Portland police came to my door and arrested me on fabricated forty four felony pedophile charges that turned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION FROM POLICE OR FROM PROSECUTORS because they only wanted to pedofy me to cover their asses!

    After I was released I allowed my mother to read our oldest daughters diary knowing there are no actual events in it, and I believe that that is why law enforcement murdered off my mother afterwords because she was a witness to our oldest daughters lies!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s bragged on a audio death threat they are going to kill me they broke into my home and put this audio death threat on my computer in my folder on the desktop!

    Officer Eric Carlson And Joan Wagar Caught On Video Trying To Kill Me They Are Armed With Guns And Recording Devices And Their Caught Hiding In Ambush By My Front Door!
    Officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon is the tall man wearing the baseball hat and these people killed a female named Jessica in 2007 and I caught them in the act bragging about it and here they are in 2009 waiting in ambush outside my apartment to shoot me and I caught them in the act on video doing this.
    Officer Eric Carlson the body double has a history of early morning break in’s and kills people, and here is the pedophile caught on video by my front door armed with guns and recording devices, what a coincidence because that is what he was armed with in 2007 when he and his partner officer John Ray committed a early morning break in and they killed a female child named Jessica!

    A couple days later I called the Portland police to report the attempted murder that my wife and her lover are guilty of and they hung up on me, and an hour later I get a death threat via email sent to me via someone’s pre-paid phone, no words in the email, just a picture of someones face smashed in!
    I did not know how to take screen-shots at the time so I printed the photo that was on the email and copied the TO and FROM information on the email!

    Here is an email sent to me via a Multnomah county sheriff officer and he is taunting me on this email so this email demonstrates how authority’s are covering up my calls for help!
    This email shows how I can report felony crimes to local authority’s and instead of contacting me in a formal way they reply to me via their personal Blackberry phones and taunt me and ignore ALL MY COMPLAINTS!

    Proof of Joan Wagar my wife admitting she is a poisoner, proof the OHSU hospital knows I have internal bleeding and is covering up Joan Wagar’s written confessions that she is a poisoner and the OHSU is pretending to not know what’s wrong with me to cover up the poisonings!

    Proof that the Portland police and the OHSU hospital is denying me emergency services and threatening me in writing with arrest if I even go to my hospital!
    Proof my wife’s lover officer Eric Carlson was having an affair with my wife he admits to his affair with my wife in his lover letter and he admits that he calls my wife by the nickname Mrs Dash in his love letter!

    Proof that when I contact other law agency’s to report these crimes that other law agency’s refuse to take a complaint and refuse to assign case numbers thus demonstrating how complaints are simply completely ignored and suppressed by authority’s!

    Proof that I am being blocked from contacting law agency’s outside the USA to report these crimes, I am being blocked from contacting INTERPOL!

    I am even blocked from contacting Crimestoppers of Oregon and that is the website that the Portland police tells people to report local crime to the Portland police, it’s their official tip website where people are supposed to report local crimes to the Portland police! and I AM NOT WELCOME TO REPORT ANYTHING!

    Even the Texas Rangers refuse to take complaints and refuse to give a case number and even refuse to give the name of the officer refusing to help me!

    Proof Joan Wagar is a serial killer she admits in writing multiple times to using pills and antifreeze as poison and she admits I could not get help from police or from hospital and admits to her affair with officer Eric Carlson!

    I have tried desperately to warn people but no one cares, Joan Wagar brags in her diary she is a poisoner and police and news reporters flat out ignore it and cover up my calls for help and my complaints.

    Ever since my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail Kitchen I and my side of the family have been gang-stalked and harassed and menaced and threatened and poisoned and framed repeatedly by the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and my wife and her side of the family was helping them in framing me by planting evidence in and on my property and destroying my reputation behind my back to isolate me from help by turning everyone I know against me!

    The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are organized murderers and always take control of their targets surrounding area around their targets home and they commonly use photo doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles, and they teach their whores (my wife) how to poison people and how to frame people as pedophiles!

    No one in the city of Portland Oregon will take a complaint from me or any family member from my side of the family, all our calls for help are covered up by police, my father and mother were systematically poisoned off by police and county sheriff’s while they coached my wife as to how to frame me as a pedophile, and because everyone of our daughters joined into it in April 2005 my wife Joan Wagar was flaunting her murder conspiracy after she debilitated me by poisoning me!

    Go watch the movie “Misery” and you will have an idea as to what kind of a murderous bitch Joan Wagar is, only Joan Wagar is far far worse since she poisons plasma donors and helps her lover officer Eric Carlson to rape children for photogenic photo’s!

    Terry Wagar

  3. Framing people is sport to police and their civilian operatives! they enjoy terrorizing their victims and isolating their victims by constant slander campaigns!
    Police enjoy poisoning their victims and labeling their victims mentally ill to discredit them as witnesses!
    Police enjoy ganging up on people and battering people and getting away with it!
    Police enjoy training civilian operatives children in the act of framing innocent people as pedophiles by coaching them to make false accusations and coaching them to perform for photogenic photo’s with a officer dressed as a double of their target!

    Police enjoy surrounding their target with under cover officer’s and civilian operatives and performing crimes and using street theater tactics around their target and near their targets home!


    Police enjoy having sex with their whores and discussing the people they murder off while and during their sex with their whores!

    Police pay their civilian operatives and those operatives children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to pedofy innocent people, and police kill off that person right after they pedofy that person!






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