Victim Of Corrupt Sting Operation Heart Felt Story!

Hello, my name is Terry Wagar, I live in Portland Oregon, I was a husband and father, and I am disabled from being poisoned by my wife.

I am using my real name due to the fact that I have been reporting crimes publicly trying to find help and also to prove that I was making complaints, because our local police/sheriff’s cover up all my calls for help and all my complaints.

I am a victim of a very large sting operation of which my wife and everyone on her side of the family were involved in, my wife worked at the county jail kitchen, and she was recruited by her buddy’s/lover in law enforcement into helping them in sting operations.

They decided to help my wife and her side of the family to frame me as a pedophile, and they told my wife to quit her job and that they will help her set me up, so my wife quit her job and told her side of the family about law enforcement agreeing to help them set me up, and the same day my wife quit her job at county jail kitchen is the same day the county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to take over the apartment next door to ours.

Later that day my wife and everyone on her side of the family were celebrating something they were happy about, and refused to tell me what they were celebrating, but they were hinting at it in such a way as to make it known it was something bad for me.

I uncovered their conspiracy by simply paying attention as to what was going on, I knew I was being lied to by my wife and her side of the family, I kept catching them in lies, and I knew something big was going on, so in an attempt to find out what they were talking about I walked away from them and acted like I do not suspect anything to keep their guard down and I kept myself just within hearing distance from them so that I could overhear what their talking about to find out what is going on.

I uncovered the fact that they were involved in something that had to do with law enforcement officer’s, and that they were talking about whether I suspected anything yet, and were implying that their was an investigation going on, and the whole time they were laughing about it and acting as though I was going to be messed up by this.

I was seriously suspecting foul play here, my guard was up, I am not confiding in anyone at this point forward, I knew dirty deeds were in the works, and most importantly I was paying attention.

The very next morning their was a seventy two hour notice on our next door neighbors apartment, and I immediately associated it with what my wife and her side of the family were celebrating the day before, I was already under the belief before my wife quit her job that she was cheating on me with someone in law enforcement, and after uncovering their conspiracy of which everyone on my wife’s side of the family was involved in I discover that the county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to take over the apartment next door to ours the same day my wife quit her job at the county jail kitchen.

For the next three days the next door neighbors avoided me, I wanted to talk to them to find out why they are being evicted, but they avoided me, and when they moved out three days after my wife quit her job, an hour after the old tenants moved out, there was an immediate takeover of that apartment by under cover officer’s.

Two plain clothed officer’s took immediate possession of that apartment and began loading in office equipment and police equipment into that apartment, and they at no time were acting like new tenants, they were acting like under cover officer’s that were nervous about me standing on my porch having a cigarette and watching them move in.

They aid not a single word to each other as they unloaded their equipment into that apartment, and they were using shifting eye movement as they carried their equipment into that apartment, they face towards the door entryway as they walking up to it, but their eyes were turned towards me, so they were trying to hide the fact they were eye-balling me.

From my life experiences people with shifty eyes are up to no good and are involved in crimes and are nervous about being discovered, shifty eyes are a dead giveaway of under cover police that are up to know good.

These officer’s took immediate possession of that apartment, our landlord never even had time to clean the apartment, and in between carrying their police equipment into the apartment they were also carrying out garbage bags left from the old tenants and putting those garbage bags into the yard.

An hour after this I noticed our landlord showed up with his truck and he began loading those garbage bags they put into the yard into his truck, I was always on good terms with our landlord and decided to go talk to him, make small talk, and see if I can glean information from him as to what’s going on.

To my surprise he was not hiding the fact that he did not want to talk to me, he was not hiding from me that he was upset that he had to show up to pick up those garbage bags, he was angry about it, and he was acting like it was all my fault, and he was not hiding the fact he was angry at me, but would not tell me why.

So now I find out from that brief conversation with him that my wife and her side of the family and their buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement are turning people against me behind my back, and the people they are turning against me do not even have the decency to tell me why.

I did not realize at this time I was a victim/target of a large sting operation, but I did know foul play was going on and my wife and her side of the family were involved in it as well ad my wife’s buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement.

From this point forward I knew for a fact I was being set up, and I knew it was personal on their part to do this to me.

Knowing I was uncovering their conspiracy by acting like I know nothing has worked well at keeping their guards down, so I continued to act like I do not know what’s going on in order to prove I was being set up.

Their guards were down when they thought I was not paying attention and that’s how I overheard my wife and her family brazenly bragging about this conspiracy to set me up, I knew my wife and her side of the family were stupid enough to talk about their crimes within my hearing distance as long as they think I am not paying attention, so I let them think I do not know what’s going on and uncover everything.

So I continued to act like I do not know anything and kept paying attention, and after those under cover officer’s next door got settled in my wife announces that she wants me and our daughters out of town for a day, and she says she made the decision to take us to the beach.

So we get into the car and we as a family, me, my wife, and our three daughters go to the beach, and after we get back home after spending a day at the beach, I notice that there is a huge crack in our ceiling of our apartment in the center of our living room that went across from one side to the next.

The crack was around several feet long, I knew instantly the moment I saw it my wife’s buddy'[s/lovers next door broke into our apartment and bugged it with video/audio recording devices.

As I looked at the crack I noticed at that moment my wife noticed it, and she grinned a big grin, said nothing, she almost stifled a laugh, and she grabbed her cellphone, and she headed to the bathroom.
She called up her sister and told her about the crack in the ceiling, she told her it was a big crack, and she told her I did not notice it yet, and she sounded as though she was amused by this, and she was telling her sister she needs to come over and look at it.

I was in the living room while my wife had that conversation with her sister on her phone, I overheard the whole thing, and when my wife came out of the bathroom she pretended to not notice the crack and she said nothing about it, so I said nothing about it as well.

The very next morning my wife’s sister shows up faking she just came over to say “Hi!” and she walks straight where the crack is on the ceiling and looks up at it as my wife grins at her, and then my wife’s sister looks at my wife and they are both grinning at each other and started making mall talk about things unimportant, they were saying nothing funny, but they were grinning at each other from ear to ear while making small talk.

I was pissed, I knew I was being set up, I knew it was not much of a secret between my wife and her side of the family, I knew they were turning people against me, and now I know their buddy’s and lovers in law enforcement broke the law and broke into my home and bugged it with cameras and my wife and her sister were amused by the fact their clumsy buddy’s in law enforcement cracked our ceiling and were 5hinking I did not notice it!

I made the decision that day come high or hell water I am going to hand in here and prove this, I was not afraid, I was pissed, and I already caught them BREAKING THE LAW!

One week later I get a phone call from my disabled mother who lives in another state that she has a new room mate move in with her, she told me multiple people were pressuring her to allow another disabled person to move into her home with her, and my mother told me this dude was a close look-a-like compared to me.

After finding out I was being set up by my wife and her side of the family and by their buddy’s in law enforcement and that they bugged our home, I had only one question for my mother about this double my mother was being pressured to allow him to move in with her, I said “WHEN DID YOU MEET HIM?” and low and behold, it coincides with my wife quitting her job at the county jail and the county sheriff’s getting a seventy two hour notice for the next door apartment.

So now I have a much better picture as to what is going on, my wife quit her job at the county jail kitchen and she was told to do so by her buddy’s.lovers in law enforcement and that same day the county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to take over the apartment next door to ours and arranged to contact law enforcement in another state to have under cover officer’s pressure my mother into taking into her home a look-a-like!

All those events conceded at the same time!

From this point forward for the next two months spent thousands of dollars of money that we did not have turning our yard into a playground with multiple large pools and a large trampoline, and that double that moved into my mothers home with her spent that time convincing my mother to seller home so they can buy a motor home to come visit me and he did not want my mother to tell me this, he told my mother he wanted it to be a surprise.

During those two months I caught my wife and her sister directing our daughters to do this or that for the video surveillance, they kept doing this when they thought I was not paying attention, I even caught my wife’s sister telling her son to grab our daughters breast for the video surveillance.

None of our children would tell me what was going on, I was under the belief during this time that my wife and her side of the family turned our daughters against me to the point where they will not confide in me and were keeping my wife’s secrets just that, a secret.

I was not holding grudges against our daughters, it’s normal for children to take their mothers side on things, I did not fault them for that, and because of my landlord I already knew they were turning people against me.

The whole time I acted like I noticed nothing to keep their guards down while I document their conversations and keep track of the process they were using.

After two month;s of this, after my wife and her sister turned our yard into a playground with mysterious money they kept lying about the source of, SURPRISE!

My mother and that double shows up in a motor home acting like they are there to visit and my mother admitted that the double “Lonny” wanted it to be a surprise, I was not sure at this point if my mother was helping them to frame me, or if they were taking advantage of her ignorance, either way I was not confiding in her because I was not sure.

I find out after their surprise arrival that their visit was all the doubles idea and so was selling my mothers home to buy the motor home, and right after this my mother tells me that the double bought her a five hundred dollar dog for my mother on the way to visit me, and then they both tell me their flat broke now and need me to allow them to stay on my property.

They both on SSI so they get paid at the beginning of the month, they have to wait a month to get their next SSI checks, and here it was April 4th, so that double made sure they both arrived flat broke so I would be abolished to allow them to stay on my property.

They had no food, my mother was a smoker and she had no money for cigarettes, their just here on my property with a big surprise and their flat broke and need me to take care of them, and they have a five hundred dollar dog with them they just bought like two or three days before arriving on my property.

I told them they can stay until they get their next SSI checks and then they will have to leave.

They drained me of all our spare money, and it did not take long for me to catch that double directing my mother to stage events for him, they staged all kinds of emergency’s during this time, and so did the under cover officer’s next door, they staged a large car fire thirty feet from my apartment that I had to deal with risking my life, the whole car was ablaze.

Our daughters bikes were being stolen on a regular basis during this time, I had our daughters bikes replaced only for their new bikes to be stolen two three weeks later, and it was during this time my father, who lived on the other side of town in an apartment, was being gang-stalked and harassed and terrorized by plain clothed officer’s that were constantly staging street theater crimes in front of him.

For the month that that double and my mother was on my property I caught several times that double Lonny in the apartment next door, the apartment with the under cover police in it, and my mother admitted he was palling around with those people.

After they got their SSI checks I asked them to leave and get a place where they can hook up their motor home, and that double Lonny smirked and said that the motor home wont start, and he put on a phoney show of trying to start it and the engine turned over but would not start, and he pretended to not know what’s wrong.

I knew the motor home was not getting gas to the engine, I knew there were two gas tanks on that motor home, and I knew there is a switch inside the motor home that allows the driver to switch tanks, I knew he was faking a mechanical problem so that they can stay on my property, but I did not fall for that.

Two weeks after I kicked that double off my property he battered my mother, and my mother called me up asking me to pick her and her motor home up, and  when I got to where they were staying at I was met by that double and by two police officer’s, all three of them were waiting for me to show up.

Lonny the double stood behind the two cops, and the two cops were smirking at me and telling me I cannot take the motor home with me and that I had to leave it with the double Lonny, and those cops did not care in the slightest that that double battered my mother, they refused to recognize on that complaint.

I was forced to bring my mother home with me by bus, and she lost everything she had to this, and a month after I brought my mother to my home my wife poisoned my mother, and she called 911, and the police/sheriff’s completely ignored her complaint and never acted on it, but they arranged to get my mother an apartment.

Shortly after this I find out that my father was also poisoned, and that he was being terrorized by the poisoners while he was debilitated from being poisoned, he told me those plain clothed cops that were harassing him and menacing him poisoned him, and that he was too ill to leave his apartment, and that those officer’s were terrorizing him outside his apartment in the hallway by yelling threats at him through the wall and by hitting and pounding on his walls.

I told my father to only eat canned foods from now on and to go to the hospital, and as I was telling my father this, my wife was in her car thirty feet away from us and was telling our oldest daughter to get out of the car and stand next to me for the video surveillance cameras.

Three days later my father was dead, and it was a county sheriff officer that came to my door to tell me my father died, and he smirked and said to me “Before coming over here to tell you of his death I entered your fathers apartment to remove his meds!”  and then he got into his car and left.

My father was not on meds, he was poisoned and murdered by people in law enforcement, and this county sheriff officer already knew my father told me he was poisoned, and that county sheriff smirked while making it known he was responsible for my fathers death.

For the next five days in a roll after my fathers death I was getting daily threatening phone calls from officer’s impersonating my fathers apartment manager and my fathers funereal home director and they were making constant daily threats and demands.

The county sheriff’s just hinted to my face with a smirk they are responsible for my fathers death, and for the next five days following his death I was being threatened by law enforcement officer’s to REMOVE MY FATHERS BELONGINGS FROM HIS APARTMENT and to IMMEDIATELY PAY FOR MY FATHERS CREMATION THAT I DID NOT AUTHORIZE!


On the fifth day after my fathers death, an hour after IA got the last threatening phone call from officer’s impersonating other people, I caught my wife and her sister filling my home with porn and was putting life sized Barbie dolls into our daughters bedroom, they were filling my home with paraphernalia and did not even care if I knew it.

I was scared as hell for the safety of our daughters, these people are killers, under the pretense of doing sting operations these officer’s and their accomplices are murdering people, and their right next door, and my wife and her side of the family was helping them to do all this to me and my side of the family!

I was in sock and horror over the fact that all the work I did gathering evidence of their conspiracy was now meaningless because I am now discovering that our whole system is corrupt and that all our police forces can care less if I or anyone else can prove their guilt, they are making it known I was surrounded by them and that there is no one I can call or go to that will help me and our daughters.

They are no longer making an effort to hide their conspiracy from me and instead were flaunting it hoping I would act6 in self defense so they could justify shooting me on the spot, they were trying to provoke me into anger by admitting to their guilt and flaunting it in front of my face, I knew the moment I try to act in self defense that I will be shot by my wife’s buddy’s.lovers in law enforcement from nest door, and I knew if that happened then police would have everyone on y wife’s side of the family to back up any lie they want to justify shooting me!

I am no coward, at all, but my instincts told me my daughters were in danger and that I needed to keep my mouth shut to protect them from this, THAT OVERRIDES EVERYTHING AND ANY PARENT CAN UNDERSTAND THAT!

Two days later I discovered that the county sheriff’s were passing car5fs that had printed paragraphed on it through our daughters bedroom window, and that our oldest daughter was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though it were her words when they clearly are not.

I took her diary and read it, she was doing nothing with that diary other than labeling me as a pedophile in it and was writing down fake story’s that never happened in it, there was no real events what-so-ever in that diary, she made no mention of her grandmothers visit along with that look-a-like, she made no mention of her grandfathers very recent death, all she was doing with that diary was labeling me as a pedophile, and it was a county sheriff officer that was dictating to her as to what to write in it.

A couple weeks after this police came to my door, and arrested me on forty four pedophile charges that TURNED TO ZERO TEN DAYS LATER WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION FROM POLICE OR FROM PROSECUTORS!

After I was released from jail my wife went into “pretend to be a loving wife mode” and our oldest daughter looked me in the face and lied to me saying she was coerced into charging me by law officer’s.

So this was law enforcements way of backing up their blackmail demands of me and to gain my silence, the danger they posed to my family was extreme, and they just flaunted how easy it is for them to kill people and then to frame other people all at the same time, and they flaunted the fact any made up charge on their part gets instantly recognized by news media, they wanted me to know they publicly destroyed me with those false charges and I was never even afforded the opportunity to defend myself or even face my accusers!

Police can care less about courts, police run and control courts, police have always controlled courts be controlling WHO goes into the jury pool for the prosecutors and defense attorney’s to select from, so courts are nothing more than theater our go0vernment use’s to give the masses the false belief that we have a system of justice.

I allowed my mother to read our oldest daughters diary after this knowing there are no actual events in it, I did not discus much with my mother anyone else for that matter as to what happened over the last several months, I was being blackmailed by our big Fascist government and was being targeted by it, and my family paid the price with their lives over this conspiracy.

My wife and our oldest daughter were putting on a show of being loving family members towards me and were acting as though they were forced to do the things they did, I knew they were lying, but I had two more daughters safety to worry about who were at the time complete innocents, and their safety was my priority.

I have reason to believe that my mother reading that diary the county sheriff’s coached our daughter to write may have cost her her life, she died shortly afterwords.

This is only the beginning of the nightmare of these Fascist disgusting murders committed by my wife and by her buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement.

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