Doubles And Photogenic Photo’s Have Been Used By Police And County Sheriff’s For Many Decades To Frame People!

How many times have you seen on TV news a fuzzy bank robbery video showing what police and news reporters claim to be a robbery?

How many times do they show a dude in a bank or at a grocery store or at a 7eleven store committing a robbery? and the video itself does not clearly show the dudes face?

Are you aware that Hollywood has always used doubles in movies? stunt doubles, body doubles, doubles for nude scenes, so on and so on, it is common practice that are society uses doubles, well I discovered the hard way the police and sheriff’s also use doubles to stage crimes to frame people!

Police/sheriff’s have lots of buddy’s and relatives that they make sure get good paying high-end jobs, managers at many businesses are buddy’s or related to people in law enforcement, bank managers and bank tellers tend to also be buddy’s or relatives to people in law enforcement.

Many people in the news media are buddy’s or relatives to law enforcement, many apartment managers and landlords are buddy’s or relatives to law officer’s!

Just because your propaganda TV does not point it out for you does not change the fact we still live in a world with “Classes” of people!
People that are bros to police or relatives to police back up anything police say whether true or not, in other words these people will lie for police to cover a cops butt!

There is a long running process in the USA of police/sheriff’s using doubles and photogenic photo’s and or fuzzy video footage to frame innocent people for crimes, and it is common practice for police/sheriff’s to do this, and it is common practice for news reporters to look the other way!

Need I remind people that police/sheriff’s do sting operations? need I remind people that police/sheriff’s pay officer’s in sting operations to dress up like criminals and to perform criminal acts for video surveillance? that is already common knowledge, go Google some sting video’s of police acting like drug dealers and prostitutes to refresh your memory that law enforcement dresses up and stages crimes for video surveillance and they already admit to that!

Well there is one nasty dirty trick law enforcement does when they do sting operations, they tend t5o dress up AS their target, impersonating their target, and they stage felony crimes as a double for photogenic photo’s and or for video surveillance cameras!

Now go Google some YouTube video’s of so-called bank robbery’s and look at all the fuzzy none-clear video police want you to believe is a bank robber, did it not ever occur to people that banks have way better video surveillance cameras than that crappy fuzzy video police always use to frame people with?

Banks have some of the best video surveillance going, yet corrupt police and over-looking news reporters want you to believe that the best video surveillance banks get are at a distance and are fuzzy, what a load of shit, and fuck you news reporters for helping police/sheriff’s to frame people using doubles and crappy fuzzy video to frame people!

Police/sheriff’s have used doubles and photogenic photo’s and or fuzzy video surveillance cameras to frame people for several decades, and are Fascist news reporters help police/sheriff’s sell their bullshit over the TV news by portraying it as an actual bank robbery!

When police/sheriff’s do sting operations the police/sheriff’s are the ones doing the crimes and they dress up while doing crimes, has it not ever occurred to people that police/sheriff’s can easily dress up like someone they are investigating and stage crimes while acting as doubles?

This is common practice all over the USA and our Fascist brown nosing news reporters know police do this and cover for police and even help police to sell their snake-oil to the public!

Go Google some YouTube video’s of police sting operations and drug bust operations, look at all the cops dressed like criminals and acting like criminals, look at them performing for video surveillance!

Watch them grin while they put on their performances for video surveillance! they enjoy doing this, they have no qualms about dressing up and staging crimes, it’s nothing to them, all that matters to them is getting video evidence that they can use against someone, they are like “Content Makers” for YouTube making a product, making something they can sell to the public via news stations and making something they can sell to a jury!

Has it not ever occurred to people that when police/sheriff’s pick out a certain part of a neighborhood to do their sting operations that some of those officer’s may be dressing up like someone they are investigating a couple blocks away? thus impersonating someone while staging crimes?

How the fuck would you like it if you got impersonated by a bunch of cops a few blocks away from where you live? police dress up like drug dealers and perform drug deals for video surveillance, cops dress up like prostitutes and perform gestures for video surveillance while they make conversations with people on the streets?

How would you like it if they dressed up like you a few blocks from where you lived and did that for fuzzy video surveillance or for photogenic photo’s that do not clearly show the criminals face?


How many innocent people sit behind prison walls because several corrupt officer’s staged felony crimes and one of them acted as a double, how many innocent people get railroaded by our corrupt courts that LOOK THE OTHER WAY when police/sheriff’s do this to people!

Our damn police/sheriff’s have used these tactics for fucking decades people, DECADES! and our corrupt news reporters knew all along police do this to people and were fucking mums the word about it!

Even though we as a people already know their are cameras all over banks and that banks even have cameras right at their teller windows aimed right at customers faces two-three feet away, our corrupt police and corrupt news reporters still expert the sheep to fall for the fuzzy video surveillance footage to frame innocent people over staged crimes committed by police/sheriff’s, and each and every time the public mindlessly believes it’s officer’s and it’s news reporters!

These tactics have been in active use by police/sheriff’s for several decades, and police/sheriff’s use the same tactics over and over and over again when they use doubles and photogenic photo’s and or fuzzy video surveillance cameras!

Police/sheriff’s are not catching “Bad Guys” committing felony crimes, police/sheriff’s are doing what they always done, they stage the crimes themselves dressed like someone they are investigating, and they use photogenic photo’s or fuzzy video surveillance cameras to frame people!

Innocent people framed by these tactics do not get fair trials, they never get to tell their side of the story publicly, in other words they are not allowed to defend themselves from police accusations publicly, and courts deliberately ignore the fact that several officer’s made out of thin air evidence (Content) that was made by authority’s, and ignore the fact that police/sheriff’s are already known to dress up and stage crimes!

Wake up people your system is openly Fascist and is railroading innocent people into prison, and many people that are framed this way by police/sheriff’s end up dead after they are framed!

Many people get framed as pedophiles by these same tactics, and yes police/sheriff’s stage crimes using doubles and photogenic photo’s when they frame people as pedophiles, and many people that are framed in that manner end up dead without ever getting a trial, and your news reporters are mums the word about the statistics of such deaths!

Your major news media always covers for cops butts and are mums the word on organized crimes committed by law enforcement, and it is this way all over the USA!

Here it is 2014 and your Fascist government still wants the sheeple to fall for the fuzzy video surveillance tricks they use to frame people, and the people each and every time fall for it, blindly believing in a Fascist government all the lies said Fascist government spews out there!



4 thoughts on “Doubles And Photogenic Photo’s Have Been Used By Police And County Sheriff’s For Many Decades To Frame People!

  1. Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police use “Sting” type tactics to gang-stalk and harass and frame and even murder innocent people and they have so many people that help them and lie for them that they don’t even give a damn if they are caught admitting to such crimes on video or by audio recorders!

    They gang-stalk and harass and terrorize and batter people and news reporters always look the other way and ignore it, police/sheriff’s in a Fascist manner gang up on people and batter people and gang-stalk people and they even stage crimes using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people and they fucking brag about it to their whores and even teach their whores how to poison people and how to Gas-light people and how to frame people by filling victims homes with paraphernalia!

    All criminal complaints made public are made by law enforcement, law enforcement controls the news media and only complaints made by police are recognized by news reporters, everyone Else’s complaints go completely ignored by news reporters!

    When police officer’s are charged with crimes then police are allowed and permitted by news reporters to deny the allegations publicly and even allowed paid P,R, people from law enforcement to defend on TV actions taken/done by police to defend their names/reputations!

    Are citizens afforded the same right to defend their good names and reputations in the same manner? HELL NO! When a citizen is charged for what=ever by a cop then that citizen gets his/her face plastered all over TV and the internet and in newspapers and is flat out labeled as guilty without even a trial!

    At no time is a citizen allowed to deny an accusation, and if a citizen denies an accusation the fucking news reporters completely ignore it and ONLY report the charges police are charging the person with!

    No one nowadays even cares about trials anymore, if police and news reporters slap someones face on TV and in newspapers and on internet in a orange outfit then most people automatically presume guilt automatically without any trial!

    The USA is a Fascist fucking country and our news reporters and police agency’s have Fascistly taken over our country and there is no such thing as law or due process or even right’s anymore, all we have in this Fascist country is a Fascist government that gangs up on people and labels people without trials and they destroy their targets names and reputation without any trial, they just label people guilty automatically guilty!

    Our fucking Fascist news stations have taken over justice in this country and are controlling how people view events and crimes, and are using their Fascist power of influence to just LABEL people guilty as though it is a done deal, trial or not!

    People going postal in the USA is not by mentally ill people, it’s done by innocent people that are being ganged up on by a corrupt system, and even people that go postal never even get trials, none are allowed to even explain why they did it, because news reporters and police do not want people knowing why that happens!

    Police and news reporters don’t give any relevance anymore to the courts when it comes to serious crimes, they instead just label people guilty auto-Defacto style just like any other Fascist country!

    Police do not stand trial for shit in the USA! any and all complaints of serious crimes against police are not recognized by police or by news reporters!

    The LA riots were started and caused by corrupt police and corrupt news reporters and corrupt courts covering each others butts, and the people were sick of it!

    Are you going to try and tell me a while town went postal? BULLSHIT! The town was sick and tired of the open corruption that everyone already knew about, and they were pissed and they wanted justice!

    That’s not mental illness either, so don’t tell me people that go postal are mentally ill because I know better, so did all those LA rioters, the system, the whole system, is corrupt!

    It is police, law enforcement, that control who goes into jury pools, SO IT IS NOTHING FOR POLICE TO FILL A JURY POOL WITH THEIR BROS TO GET BATTERING COPS OFF THE HOOK!

    People do not go postal because their mentally ill, people go postal in Fascist country’s because it is the only way to get justice against a Fascist country!

    Go talk to the LA rioters and find out why they are so pissed at their po9lice and their courts and the news reporters, because their all bedfellows covering each others butts, that’s why!

  2. The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family have a long history of using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles in Portland Oregon!

  3. Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Dunham family in Portland Oregon have a long history of using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles and the Dunham’s own police scanners in the 1970s and used them to know who police/sheriff’s were targeting in the neighborhoods and would run around the neighborhood telling slanderous lies about the people that police/sheriff’s had iy out for!

    That’s gang-stalking for you people, that’s how gang-stalkers did it in the 1970s, and gang-stalkers are usually people that are pals with law enforcement or are related to law enforcement officer’s, and those people would be paid under the table by police/sheriff’s to lie and to back up false charges on people police/sheriff’s had it out for!

    Gang-stalkers stage crimes near their targets neighborhoods and would publicly give blame to their targets behind their targets backs turning entire neighborhoods against people, and it was common for the gang-stalkers and law enforcement to use doubles and photogenic photo’s in order to frame innocent people,. gang-stalkers are organized and funded by LOCAL AUTHORITY’S and our news reporters are awazr5e of this and cover it up!


  4. Joan Wagar and her side of the family joined into a murder conspiracy 1999 with Multnomah county sheriff’s and Portland police officer’s!

    The same day Joan Wagar quit her job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen is the same day the Multnomah county sheriff’s filled out paperwork to put a 72 hour notice on my next door neighbors door!

    Multnomah county sheriff’s paid Joan Wagar and her side of the family to turn my yard into a playground with multiple pools and large trampolines costing over a thousand dollars while the Multnomah county sheriff’s had multiple people pressuring my disabled mother into taking in a look-a-like of me and that double had a one track agenda, to get himself and my mother onto my property!

    After my wife and her side of the family turned my yar5d into a playground that double showed up on my property with my mother, and that double was hanging out with the under cover county sheriff officer’s inside the apartment next door to mine!

    After I kicked that double off my property the county sheriff’s and police allowed that double to batter my mother, and police did not give a damn that that double battered my mother!

    When I arrived to pick up my mother and her motor home to get her away from that double I was met by that double and by two Portland police officer’s, they were waiting for me to show up, and police ignored the fact that look-a-like battered my mother and they told me I had to leave that motor home my mother owned with that double!

    A month later my wife poisoned my mother, and plain clothed law officer’s that were gang-stalking my father poisoned him around the same time!

    Three days after my father told me what those plain clothed officer’s did to him he was dead!

    I was being blackmailed from this point for5ward by three different law officer’s, one was a county sheriff officer that hinted to my face they were responsible for my fathers death, and by two officer’s that called me by phone repeatedly for five days after my fathers death!

    An hour after I got the last threatening phone call from law officer’s I caught my wife and her sister filling my home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls!

    Two days later I caught our oldest daughter copying the contents of words printed on a card into her diary as though they were her own words and she was grinning while doing this!

    I read her diary and discovered all she was doing with it was labeling me as a pedophile!

    There were no actual events in our daughters diary, no mention of her grandmothers visit along with a look-a-like, and no mention of her grandfathers death which was 7 days before this point!

    After this I caught on video a female green jacketed county sheriff officer at our oldest daughters bedroom window and she was telling our daughter what to do for their video surveillance cameras!

    Two weeks later I was charged by police/sheriff’s o9n forty four bogus pedophile felony charges that turned to zero ten days later with no explanation from police/prosecutors!

    I gave our daughters diary to my mother and allowed her to read it knowing there were no actual events in it and my mother knew that, and I have reason to believe that that cost my mother her life!

    Police/sheriff’s made it very clear I had no where to turn to for help and neither did my parents, they demonstrated how easy it is for them to use doubles and to cover up 911 calls and how they pedofy people so no one will care, and they were not hiding their crimes from my father, and they murdered him after he warned me about what they did to him!

    They were not hiding their guilt after they murdered my father, they wanted me to know they can do whatever they want and get away with it, and they wanted me to fear for my daughters safety with those threatening and menacing phones and were not hiding the fact they made demands!

    I am fully aware this attack against me carried over into Pocatello Idaho when my wife Joan Wagar moved the family there!

    I am reporting a murder and no one with a badge will take a complaint from me!

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