Myth And Facts About Police Investigations!

There is a lot of myth and misinformation out in the world when it comes to police investigations, Hollywood movies and TV shows have clouded people’s minds about what an actual investigation is and how investigations are conducted, and too many people are being fooled and mislead by Hollywood movies and TV shows about what an investigation really is.

Hollywood and TV wants you to believe that police, when investigating some, simply follows and watches their “suspect” without interfering with that person’s life, and that police do not tell other people that that person is under investigation.

How many Hollywood movies have you seen where it displays a detective in an apartment across the street looking out a window with binoculars? because for the most part THAT is what Hollywood wants people to perceive investigations!

How non-intrusive those Hollywood investigators are, watching from a distance, never interfering with their suspects lives, just watching and following,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s not how investigations work at all!

Hollywood movies and TV shows and even your news reporters lie to everyone about what an investigation really is, to be under investigation by police is to be gang-stalked by police, a real investigation is more like a sting operation than anything else and is very similar to a sting operation!

This is how a real investigation works, first and foremost cops are dicks and thugs and bully’s and used to getting away with murder and are used to lying and never have to be cross examined when they do so, so police just don’t give a damn!

Now that that’s understood, a real investigation amounts to at least several under cover officer’s, and those officer’s pretty much use the same tactics over and over again, if someone becomes of interest to police that police want to investigate so and so, then the first thing they do is they take control of the surrounding area of their target’s home in order to control the area!

They use their police power to evict neighbors out of their apartments in order to surround their targets home, then they set up video surveillance all over that controlled area that they now control through shear numbers!

All apartment managers and landlords cooperate with any and all investigations, so if you rent an apartment or home, then you can bet your landlord/apartment manager is cooperating with them, and is now completely turned against you, and will lie to your face about their investigation!

That is intrusive, they just turned a person that is important in your life against you without any trial!

Now that police have taken control of the surrounding area by shear numbers and set up video surveillance, they concentrate on destroying your reputation in your own neighborhood behind your back by asking your neighbors questions about you.

That sounds innocent enough right? TV and Hollywood movies depict police doing that all the time right? sure they do, well the reality is police will flat out make an accusation about you and THEN ask questions about you, this has the effect of causing all your neighbors into believing your a bad guy, because police just labeled you as such!

Instead of police going door to door and asking just questions about you, they will instead say to your neighbors “We are investigating a pedophile in your neighborhood and wanted to know if you recognize this man.” and then they show them a picture of you.

Lets get something straight here, you are innocent, you did nothing wrong, but this is how police turn people against their target, they are not making formal charges on you, their just pedofying you behind your back with false accusations!

Now of course that neighbor will admit that they have seen that man in the neighborhood, and then police will tell the neighbor, “Look, we are investigating this pedophile, we know he’s a pedophile, and we would appreciate it if you can get word around in the neighborhood to be on the watch for him, OK? and please contact the police if you witness him doing anything suspicious.” and of course the neighbor will agree to cooperate with police and be on the WATCH for you and will tell everyone he/she knows what the police just told him/her!

After that police will tell the neighbor “Please do not say nothing to the suspect about this because it will interfere with our investigation.” and the neighbor will promise to not tell you anything!
Now is that intrusive on your life? will that not cause everyone in your neighborhood to turn against you? is that fair? how can you even defend your reputation when such an attack is going on behind your back, and everyone is cooperating with these liars?

This is an investigation, this is how police target people, these are the tactics they use behind your back, and police have a name for this tactic they call it pedofying!

Without any formal trial, no due process, no right to face your accusers, no notice that people are making accusations about you, you have no way to defend against such an attack, police know this, and they count on it!

Your still innocent, you still live your life the way you always have, you are completely oblivious to these attacks on your name, but you are starting to notice that people around you are treating you differently, but no one will tell you why.

Investigations can last several month’s to several years, usually they last several month’s, but since police are dicks they will target innocent people they have it out for on and off for several years if it’s personal on the part of police!

There is a reason police take over the surrounding area around their target using several officer’s, because they have every intention of framing you, and by putting their own people around your home, they can easily fabricate any lie about you and have your next door neighbors to back up their lies in court!

Police will stage felony crimes near your home and spread false criminal rumors about you in your neighborhood, and because police took the time to pedofy you behind your back, no one in your neighborhood will even try to warn you of what’s going on!

Have you ever heard a verbal rumor in your neighborhood about a pedophile in your neighborhood? then you are a witness to the trickle effect of pedofying, police pedofy their targets knowing the accusation will spread like wild fire in the neighborhood!

I guarantee you, if someone in your neighborhood is being accused of being a pedophile and is not immediately arrested and given a trial, then you are a witness to pedofying and a witness to how gang-stalkers.police pedofy people!

Police have used pedofying tactics for many many decades and they use the same tactic over and over again and news reporters are filly aware of these tactics and lie for cops and even back up the lies police tell about people.

Pedofying people is common practice by both police and by news reporters, and they have used these tactics over and over and over again, and they get away with it because people blindly assume police are telling the truth when the reality is police just make those accusations because you have no way to defend against it, and they have the intention of framing you for the crimes they are accusing you of!

Remember I told you an investigation is very similar to a sting operation, in a sting operation police take control of a certain area via shear numbers, they set up video survilance cameras everywhere in that area for their operations, they have plain clothed offivcer’s dress up like drug dealers or prostitutes, and those officer’s stage felony crimes (street theater) in order to frame/entrap people for felony crimes!

Well police do the same damn thing when they investigate someone, only instead of dressing up like drug dealers or prostitutes, they dress up like their target and then stage felony crimes for video surveillance cameras!

Yes folks, police will dress up like the person they are investigating, and stage felony crimes for video surveillance cameras or for photogenic photo’s!

Police have no qualms about going under cover, doing covert operations, dressing up and performing felony crimes, that’s already established and admitted to by police in sting operations, so police also have no qualms about staging crimes at night while dressed like their target while their partners get them on photogenic photo’s from the back or from the sides!

When police make the decision they want so and so in jail, then police will fabricate any evidence they need to make that person appear to be a bad guy, and doubles and photogenic photo’s are in common use by police to frame people!

How can that be? you might ask,”That’s not possible! they would get caught doing that! news reporters would be all over their asses if that’s true!” and all I can tell you is that we live in a corrupt country that has always been corrupt, any and all high crimes committed by police are covered up and suppressed by news reporters and it has always been this way!

Your voting changes nothing in a corrupt country, voting only gives you the illusion that you have some form of control over your government, when the reality is nothing you do chances the government, our government has operated this way for hundreds of years, and it is always police that get to decide who goes to jail, and who is completely immune to any allegation!

Police and courts are a joke, a farce, they put on a show for the masses of being “Good Guys” in order to keep the masses asleep while the government exerts it’s Fascist control even further on the people!

Police do not investigate people, police impersonate people using doubles and photogenic photo’s or fuzzy video surveillance, and then news reporters back up everything, EVERYTHING police say publicly to give credibility to the Fascist police, and then the falsely accused innocent person gets railroaded into prison by a corrupt court that completely ignores the fact that the accused was being gang-stalked and set up by several officer’s, one of which was acting as a double!

Police do not prove guilt by accumulating evidence, they frame the accused with fabricated evidence police cr5eated by themselves using doubles and by planting evidence to frame the accused. and the corrupt court system completely ignores the fact that several officer’s spent several months destroying this person’s reputation and completely ignores the fact that under cover police were using doubles, and news reporters do the same damn thing as the courts, they ignore it!

Your police are corrupt, they always have been, your news reporters are corrupt, they always have been, your courts are corrupt, they always have been, but you have been lied to your whole life by corrupt government and by corrupt TV and by corrupt Hollywood telling you lies and lies and more lies all your life!

Remember when you were a child, you used to believe in Santa Claus, you were told by schools and your parents and TV and Hollywood movies Santa Claus is real, a lot of effort has been spent by many people to make that lie believable, now do you remember the shock you felt when you found out Santa was not real?

Do you think you became smarter after that? did you think after that that anyone can fool you? hell no! you thought to yourself “HE HE HA HA! yeah you got me on that one, but not anymore!” and from that point forward you will never be fooled again by all those liars?

I got news for you, you have been fed lies all your life, most of which involve your government, almost everything you know about government comes from TV shows or from movies or from news reporters!

Remember it was your government and your TV shows and your Hollywood movies and your news reporters that lied to you about Santa Claus being real, well they have never stopped lying to you!

Police murder unarmed people all the damn time in the USA and the police force Fascistly declares itself justified in suck murders and never stand trial for murder and are never cross examined in criminal courts when they do murder unarmed people, your news reporters are not earning the public that police are murdering unarmed citizens on the streets because news reporters are nothing more than paid propagandists, so police are free to do as they please, kill who=ever they want with impunity, and are never held to account by anyone!

Police are known killers of unarmed people, police are known to batter people, police are known to lie in court, police are known to plant evidence to frame people, police are known to kick down people’s doors without warrants, police are known to kill people in their own beds!

Yet your news reporters look the other way each and every time, and your news reporters still label police as good guys and so does TV and Hollywood movies!

Police investigations are nothing more than a bunch of criminals ganging up on someone, and those criminals have no qualms committing felony crimes themselves and staging crimes themselves, and they have no qualms about impersonating their target when they do so!

That’s what an investigation is, and your Fascist news reporters and Fascist courts look the other way each and every time when police gang up on someone!




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