911 Organized By Staged Terror Attacks By USA Government!

I already explained gang-stalking and how it works and how it gets away with their crimes and how Fascist country’s rely on such organized terrorists to target people, so now for a change of pace, I am going to show you who really is responsible for the 911 attack on the twin towers!

Here is video of controlled full sized plane crashes done by our very own USA government back in 1984, they practiced crashing hundreds of full sized airplanes using remote control, hundreds of planes, remote controlled crashing, and our government allotted an entire airfield for these experiments back then for all these practice crashes!

Here is the USA government crashing by remote control full sized airplanes into the twin towers and expects all us Americans to forget the fact our government already practiced crashing hundreds of full sized planes over a decade before hand, I do not forget!

On 911 one building in New York was never hit with a plane at all, but since all those buildings were already rigged to go down several weeks in advance the building had explosives all over it and they needed it and wanted it to go down, so they blew the building down, I guess one of the remote controlled planes that was supposed to hit it either malfunctioned and went into the sea, or was shot down by one of our air force or air guard personnel without permission from higher ups, (Good for him) either way building 7 was already rigged with explosives by our government, they planned on it going down, they expected it to get hit by a plane, that did not happen, so they just pulled it!

After building 7 came down the owner of building 7 admits publicly that the building was pulled on purpose, the problem with that is it takes SEVERAL WEEKS TO RIG A BUILDING TO COME DOWN IN A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION!

I seriously doubt a dude hiding in caves like a caveman in another country had enough runways and enough remote control planes to practice with, but the USA government sure the hell has!

Now why on earth would our US government do such a thing? because it gives them their justification to invade several country’s and to take over those country’s and dispose of those governments and increases the US governments wealth, and it gets everyone at the same time on the US governments side because of such a staged attack!

Citizens tend to be sheeple when it comes to what our governments and news reporters tell us, citizens in Fascist country’s are always controlled by Fascist propaganda, and of course no one wants to believe their government is that murderous!

Terry Wagar


One thought on “911 Organized By Staged Terror Attacks By USA Government!

  1. How odd that the American news reporters that were reporting the 9/11 attack on the twin towers immediately label terrorists as the cause and completely forget history when it comes to the US government practicing crashing full sized airplanes in the mid 1980s!

    Why did you practice crashing hundreds of planes in the 1980s US government? and why is your Fascist news reporters faking no memory of that during and after the 9/11 attack?

    Remember people your government is fond of staging crimes using under cover officer’s that dress up like drug dealers and prostitutes to stage crimes, your government is fond of lying to people and tricking people and even getting away with murder!

    ONLY the US government has practiced crashing hundreds of full sized airplanes by remote control, so only your US government knows how to accurately crash such a plane, since they practiced so much!

    Strange how US reporters seem to have no memory of those controlled crashes the US government conducted as they give blame to a dude hiding in a cave in another country!

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