Gang-Stalking Is Organized Murder Committed By Local Authority’s And By Their Acommplices!

Gang-stalking is organized crime committed by organized law officer’s that are operating under the pretense of “Conducting Investigations” and gang-stalkers operate under that pretense while they gang-stalk and harass and menace and terrorize their targets/victims!

Local police/sheriff’s organize and fund local targeting of individuals and do not even try to hide that, go to any online news webpage and look up all the news story’s that have the phrase “Police say” or “County sheriff’s say” and you will discover that almost half of all news story’s on the web are put there BY local law enforcement!

It is common practice for police/sheriff’s to have the only “SAY” in such news story’s and no other people with actual names are allowed to disagree with them or to even deny any allegations made by police/sheriff’s!

All news reporters cover up high serious crimes committed by police/sheriff’s and brown nose to them and will label anyone police have it out for as criminals or as mentally ill or both to cover murderous corruption within local law enforcement!

Local police/sheriff’s do not hide the fact they engage in sting operations and use many officer’s, mostly under cover, in said sting operations, what police/sheriff’s and even news reporters do not admit to is they use those exact same tactics to gang-stalk people, and they do it always under the pretense of “Conducting investigations” and they will spend several months to several years targeting individuals this way, and police/sheriff’s have so many willing citizens to lie for them that police/sheriff’s can easily stage crimes using doubles to frame innocent people, and police/sheriff’s have a willing news media that will back up any bull crap police come up with, and no one is allowed to publicly challenge them or to publicly deny their accusations!

Calling 911 is a joke, if you call 911 to report crimes committed by police/sheriff’s when they gang-stalk people then those 911 calls are covered up and not officially acted upon and after the fact such 911 calls are disavowed by police/sheriff’s so victims are not welcome to emergency services and emergency services are denied to victims of gang-stalkers and it is local authority’s that make sure such victims cannot get help by destroying their victims reputation with false accusations!

I was a husband and a father raising three daughters, and when my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen she became recruited into gang-stalking by local authority’s, I at the time was under the belief that my wife was cheating on me, I was not confiding in her or anyone else at the time because I was suspecting foul play, and when my wife quit her job there I discovered that day that my wife and everyone on her side of the family were palled up with law enforcement and that they were celebrating a murder conspiracy they joined into!

They were celebrating the fact that my wife’s buddy’s and lovers in law enforcement made the decision to frame me as a pedophile, they were not hiding their celebration from me, but would not tell me what they were celebrating, but they did hint, a lot, that whatever is going on was going to screw me over!

I paid attention to them even when I was a distance away from them to try and overhear what they were talking about, and I discover they were indeed involved in a murder conspiracy, and that I was going to be framed as a pedophile!

The very next morning the Multnomah county sheriff’s put a 72 hour notice on our next door neighbors door, and those next three days our neighbor tenants avoided me, and on the day they moved out an hour later plain clothed law officer’s pulled up with a not-so-common moving van and was loading police equipment and office equipment into that apartment

One officer was loading the police/office equipment into the apartment and the other was tossing out in the yard garbage bags left behind by the old tenants! and about an hour and a half after these plain clothed officer’s got done loading their crap into that apartment I noticed that they contacted our landlord to come pick up all the garbage bags they tossed out in the yard!

I was on good terms with my landlord so I decided to walk over and make small talk with him in an attempt to get information, and I discovered that my landlord was completely turned against me and was not hiding it from me, he was acting like his bad day he was having was my fault, but he would not tell me what’s going on and why he was against me.

I already had more than enough information to know what’s going on, and now I discovered that this murder conspiracy of theirs had no qualms about recruiting others into it, they were turning people I know against me behind my back, and at the same time their telling people to not tell me about it!

Our home was broken in to after this and there was damage in our apartment, the kind of damage that indicated that our walls and ceilings were bugged with cameras and audio equipment! as I looked at the damage and figured out why it was there, my wife noticed it, and she grinned a big grin at it, said nothing to me about it, and she grabbed her cellphone and went straight to the bathroom.

In the bathroom my wife called her sister and told HER about the damage, and it was very amusing to my wife, and she wanted her sister to come over to see it and she told her sister where the damage was, and I sat in the living room during this with the TV off and overheard EVERYTHING SHE SAID TO HER SISTER! and when my wife stepped out of the bathroom she pretended to not notice the damage and said nothing to me about it!

The next morning my wife’s sister shows up pretending she just came over to say “Hi” and she went straight to the damage and looked at it, and she grinned at it, then my wife and her sister started making small talk with each other but were at the same time grinning from ear to ear thinking I have not noticed it, and it amused the hell out of them!

A week later I get a phone call from my mother who is disabled and on SSI and was living in another state, and she called me up to tell me about how multiple people she knew was pressuring her into allowing a dude to move in with her in her home, and she told me the dude’s name, she said his name was Lonny, and she mentioned that he was a look-a-like to me!

Already knowing what my wife and her side of the family as well as their buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement were doing I was already linking this with them and my first question to my mother was “When did you meet him?” and sure enough she met him right after the county sheriff’s put that 72 hour notice on our neighbors door!

This situation caused me to remember something from my past, something I never gave too much thought to, I was aware of it, but because it happened when I was very young I just never gave it much thought, when I was a child I witnessed neighbors of mine and a county sheriff’s framing someone and that they were using a double and were using photogenic photo’s, and they were coaching children to hang around the double FOR the photogenic photo’s!

I witnessed such crimes when I was a child, and it was a county sheriff officer that was acting as the double for those photogenic photo’s! and finding out at this point that multiple people were PRESSURING my disabled mother to take in a look-a-like after I catch my wife and her side of the family bragging to each other about their murder conspiracy was causing me to remember quite a few things I had forgotten over the years!

I did not know at this point if my mother was deliberately helping them to frame me, or if they were taking advantage of her ignorance, I was not sure one way or another, but I made the decision to hang in there to prove their murder conspiracy and to prove they were setting me up, so said nothing to my mother about this!

I knew who were involved, my wife and her side of the family, I knew law enforcement took over the apartment next door to me and that they filled out the paperwork to do that the same day my wife quit her job, I knew they bugged our apartment with video cameras and knew my wife and her side of the family as well as our oldest daughter were “PERFORMING” for their video surveillance cameras, I knew they were framing me as a pedophile, and now I know they are actively using a look-a-like and had multiple people pressure my mother into taking into her home a photo double!

I fucking knew how to prove it! that’s a ton of vital information, very vital information, so I decided to continue to act like I do not know what’s going on in order to keep their guards down while I prove their murder conspiracy right under their noses!

I had their conspiracy well pegged at this point, with only one error on my part, I misjudged the size and severity of their conspiracy, because their was a lot more people involved than what I initially believed! I was under the belief that after I prove their conspiracy I would be able to get help in the USA, not!

My wife and her side of the family had the total blessings of local police and county sheriff’s and anyone else that brown noses police/sheriff’s to set me up, and it turns out I was not their only target!

For the next two months my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were being coached by law enforcement to turn my yard into a play ground spending thousands of dollars buying large pools (more than one) and large trampolines, and after that I get a surprise visit, my mother shows up with that look-a-like in a motor home that that look-a-like got after tricking my mother into selling her home to buy that motor home, just so they can surprise ME with a visit, and it was that look-a-likes idea for it to be a surprise, he did not want me know they were coming to my town with a motor home at all.

That look-a-like/double Made damn sure they both arrived flat broke so that I would feel obliged to allow them to stay on my property and to feed them, they arrived around May 4th, they are both on SSI so they get their money at the beginning of each month, so they got both their SSI checks May first, and on May forth they show up flat broke with no money and no food, and on the drive to my town that double spent FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ON A FUCKING DOG FOR MY MOTHER AS A GIFT so he made damn sure they arrived broke!

After this double and my mother showed up multiple people were staging all kinds of disasters and emergency’s to get me off my property, those under cover officer’s even staged a car fire thirty feet away from my apartment that I had to deal with, and for a whole month my mother and that double were on my property while county sheriff’s were bringing in children in vans to hang out and play with our daughters in the yard, all for the pedophile county sheriff’s video surveillance cameras!

While all this hell was going on, on the other side of town, my father Don Wagar lived alone, he had his own apartment, and he was also on SSI, and he was being actively gang-stalked by plain clothed officer’s that were not really trying to hide the fact from him that they were officer’s!

There were several of them, male and female, and they were gang-stalking and harassing and menacing and terrorizing my father, my father is just like me, he does not get intimidated he gets pissed, and just like me he is very good at reading between the lines, and he had no idea what was happening to me at this time, and I had no idea what was happening to him!

When my father visited me he told me what they did to him, he described in detail what they were doing, he described street theater tactics that they were using, and he told me he was under the belief that they were staging fake rapes in front of him daring him to intervene!

My father was at my apartment telling me all this, and I knew my wife’s buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement were illegally recording this, and since I spent so much time and trouble proving their conspiracy I did not want to tip them off that I know what’s going on, not to mention I was in shock at the shear amount of people in law enforcement that were involved in this, up to this point I was under the belief that I would be able to get help if I get enough proof of their conspiracy, but after hearing what several under cover officer’s were doing to my father at this time I realized there were just way WAY too many people in law enforcement involved in this!

I wanted to warn my father as to what was going on, but chose not to, as far as I was concerned I had so much information that telling anyone would probably endanger them, and I did not want my family or anyone else in danger, I was pretty Gung Ho when I thought it was just my butt on the line, but became very cautious when realizing they were targeting other people as well, so I said nothing to my father about my situation fearing it would get him in more danger.

After my mother Valerie Quigley and that double Lonny got their next SSI checks I asked them to leave, and that double sabotaged the motor home so that it would not start, I knew he did that, I knew that motor home had two tanks on it and that one was empty, I knew that motor home had a switch in it to switch gas tanks, and knew he switched it to the empty tank!

After they left my property and rented a space at a mobile park for that motor home that was paid for by my mothers money, that double battered my mother, and my mother called  me crying and asking me to pick her and her motor home up, and when I got there I was met by that double and two Portland police officer’s!

Those two police officer’s were hanging out with that double waiting for me to show up, and those two police officer’s approached me with that double behind them, and those cops ignored the fact that double battered my mother and told me I cannot take my mothers motor home with me, they told me I had to leave it WITH THAT FUCKING DOUBLE!

I brought my battered disabled mother home with me on the bus, while the pedophile police and pedo sheriff’s are actively using a double in my MOTHERS MOTOR HOME!

A month later my wife Joan Wagar poisoned my mother Valerie Quigley and my wife admitted to her face she did, and in a panic my mother ran out of our apartment and went to a pay phone and called 911,and the police and sheriff’s covered up my mothers 911 call and did nothing on her complaint and questioned no one in regards to her complaint, but they got her a motel room paid for by tax dollars!

Three weeks later I discovered by chance that my father Don Wagar was poisoned, he was poisoned the same time my mother was poisoned, and my father was being terrorized by the poisoners while he was debilitated in his apartment! while my father was bedridden in his apartment, the gang-stalkers/poisoners were pounding on his walls and doors and were yelling threats at him, terrorizing him!

Three days after my father told me about this he was dead, and it was a county sheriff officer that came to my door to tell me he died, and that county sheriff officer smirked at me and said to me “Before coming over here to tell you this I went into his apartment to remove his meds!” and then that pedophile sheriff drove off!

My father was not under the care of a doctor, he was murdered, he had no damn meds, that fucking sheriff hinted that they were responsible for his death since they already know what my father told me they did, more hinting by gang-stalkers, I was very very familiar with their hinting, they usually smirk while they hint!

For the next five days after my fathers death I was getting daily phone calls from two different law officer’s that were lying about who they are and were making threats and demands! I was being blackmailed! and on the fifth day, the day they made their last phone calls to me, my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were filling my home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls!

Seven days after my father was murdered I caught our oldest daughter in her bedroom copying the contents of a card with printed paragraphs on it into her diary ad though they are her OWN DAMN WORDS! she had a big goofy grin on her face while doing this, and when I got a chance to read her diary I discovered that all she was doing with it was labeling me as a pedophile!

Our daughter Shawna Wagar deliberately left her bedroom door open because she, just like everyone else, wanted me to know their setting me up, and she wanted me to know someone was telling her and controlling what she wrote in that diary!

I discovered after this that a green jacketed county sheriff officer was directing and controlling our daughter by contacting her at her bedroom window, I caught that female sheriff at my daughters bedroom window on video telling our daughter what to do for their video surveillance cameras!

Two weeks after this I was arrested and charged with forty four pedophile felony charges that turned to ZERO TEN DAYS LATER with no explanation from police or from prosecutors, and police and news reporters used the time I sat in jail to pedofy the hell out of me publicly, and was fucking mums the word on the fact that all those charges turned to ZERO!

Pedofying people is common practice by law enforcement and by news reporters! most people that get pedofied by police and news reporters in Oregon end up dead within FIVE YEARS!

After I was released from jail everyone on my wife’s side of the family including my wife and our oldest daughter pretended to be on my side, our daughter looked me in the face and lied saying police coerced them into making those complaints, and my wife pretended to be a loving wife and acted as though everything in the past several months that happened did not happen!

The gang-stalking never stopped, my wife and daughter never stopped trying to set me up, they never stopped pedofying me behind my back, and everything that happened was done and organized and funded by law enforcement and by their accomplices and they treat these crimes as though it is sport, to police and their accomplices it IS sport to them to do this to people!


Police do not investigate, THEY IMPERSONATE!

Terry Wagar


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