1999 I Did My Best To Do The Right Thing And I Tried To Protect People!

My wife Joan Wagar worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen in 1999, after a month and a half working there her buddy’s in law enforcement told her to quit her job and that they will help her and her side of the family to frame me as a pedophile!

So Joan Wagar quit her job, and everyone on her side of the family were celebrating that day over the county sheriff’;s decision to frame me, they even hinted at it in my presence, and when I was more than twenty feet away from them with my back turned toward them they openly talked about it thinking I cannot overhear them when in fact I was paying attention the whole time!

The very next day the county sheriff’s put a 72 hour notice on our next door neighbors door, our next door tenants avoided me for the next three days, and an hour after the tenants moved out plain clothed officer’s were taking over the next door apartment to ours and were loading up the apartment with police equipment and office equipment!

Those plain clothed officers took immediate possession of that apartment and was throwing out garbage bags the old tenants left in the apartment out in the yard, and those officer’s called the landlord to pick up those garbage bags!

As our landlord showed up and started loading those garbage bags into his truck I took that time to walk over and talk to him, we were always on good terms with each other, but he was at this time not hiding the fact he was turned against me, but would not tell me why!

I already knew why because of what my wife and her side of the family were celebrating my wife’s buddy’s decision to frame me.

After these plain clothed officer’s got settled in the next day my wife announced AFTER going shopping with her sister that she wants us all out of the apartment for a day, she smirked when saying that, I am very good at reading between the lines and suspected her buddy’s in law enforcement were going to bug our apartment!

Sure enough when we got back the next day I discovered our apartment was broken into, and there was damage, and right after I noticed it my wife noticed the damage, she grinned at the damage, said nothing to me, and she grabbed her cellphone and went into the bathroom and called her sister, she told her sister that they did damage and she wanted her sister to see it, my wife is saying all this to her sister in the bathroom on her cellphone, I sat in the living room, with the TV off, and heard everything she said!

When my wife came out of the bathroom she pretended to not notice the damage and ignored it thinking I did not notice it!
The very next morning my wife’s sister came over to say hi to my wife and she went straight to where the damage was and she also grinned at it, then both my wife and her sister were making small talk with each other but were at the same time grinning from ear to ear over the blatant damage to our apartment that they think I have not noticed!

About a week after this I get a phone call from my mother who is disabled and on SSI and living in another state, and she called me up to tell me about someone she was pressured by multiple people to allow to move in with her, and she told me he was a look-a-like to me.

My first question to my mother was “When did you meet him?” and she said about two weeks ago, so my mother being pressured by multiple people to take in a look-a-like coincides right after my wife quit her job and the county sheriff’s took over the apartment next door to us!

I was already linking this with what my wife and her side of the family were involved in and to those under cover police next door to us!

For the next two months my wife and her sister spent a couple thousand dollars turning our yard into a play ground with expensive pools (more than one) and an expensive trampoline, and while they worked on that, this look-a-like that was staying with my mother in another state was pressuring my mother into selling her home to buy a motor home so that the both of them can visit me, and that double wanted it to be a surprise to me and told my mother to not tell me about it!

I was repeatedly catching my wife and her sister directing their children to perform for video surveillance and our oldest daughter was constantly being told by my wife to stay near me for the video surveillance!

When my mother and that look-a-like showed up on my property with a large motor home I was shocked, and I was double shocked y the fact that that look-a-like made damn sure they both arrived at the beginning of the month flat broke with no mo0ney because that look-a-like spent my mothers remaining money on buying her a dog for over 500 dollars, and the both of them was expecting me to allow them to stay on my property and to pay for their food and cigarettes!

The first day they were on my property I caught that double coaching my mother to fake being in pain so I would take her to the hospital, this was a ploy by police to get me off my property, and I discovered after this that that double was immediately palling around with the plain clothed officer’s next6 door!

During this time while that double was on my property law enforcement were staging all kinds of disasters around and near my home, they even staged a dangerous car fire thirty feet away from my apartment that I had to deal with!

While this was going on, on the other side of town, my father lived alone in an apartment and he was being gang-stalked and harassed and menaced and terrorized by what he described as plain clothed police officer’s and he described the harassment they did to him, those plain clothed officer’s were using street theater tactics to harass and menace my father, and were staging crimes in front of him, my father told me he was under the impression they wanted him to intervene on their staged crimes.

I knew at this point that there were way way WAY too many people in law enforcement involved, I was under the false hope that after I prove my wife and her side of the family were framing me that I would be able to get help, now I know there were just too many people in law enforcement giving them permission to do all this!

After my mother and that double got their SSI checks I asked them to leave and go to a mobile park, and that double sabotaged my mothers motor home and claimed it will not start, so I brought out my tools and began working on it tracing the fuel line from the tank and working my way forward, I knew there was two tanks on that motor home and suspected he switched the tank onto the empty tank, and sure enough that’s what he did!

Two weeks after my mother and that double left my property that double battered my mother, and in a panic my mother called me up asking me to pick her and her motor home up, and when I got there I was met by that double and by two Portland police officer’s, and those police officer’s were smirking at me while they told me I cannot take my mothers motor home!

Those police officer’s ignored the fact that look-a-like battered my mother and was telling me I have to leave that motor home with that double, and those police officer’s were not hiding the fact they were hanging out with that double waiting for me to show up to get my mother and her motor home, so I had to leave that motor home with that double because police are bros and protecting that double while he batters disabled senior citizens and those police allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home!

A month later my wife poisoned my mother and at the same time on the other side of town those plain clothed officer’s that were gang-stalking my father poisoned my father!

My mother called 911 and the police covered up my mothers 911 call and did nothing on it, and it was tree weeks later when I discovered my father was also poisoned, my father lives alone, he had no phone, he was so debilitated he could not leave his apartment, and those plain clothed cops were pounding on his walls yelling threats at him, my father was being terrorized by p-lain clothed police in his apartment building!

After my father warned me what happened to him, he died three days later, and for the next five days after my fathers death I was getting phone calls from two different police officer’s that were making threats and demands over the phone, and they were lying to me as to who they were!

One of them pretended to be my fathers apartment manager and he was demanding that I immediately remove my fathers belongings from his apartment, I knew he was lying because my fathers apartment manager DOES NOT HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER AND NEITHER DID MY FATHER SINCE HE NEVER USES PHONES!

Five days after my father died my wife and her sister were filling my home with porn and life sized Barbie dolls, seven days after my father died I discovered someone was passing cards that had printed words on it to our oldest daughter and that she was copying the contents of those cards into her diary as though they are her own words!

After this I caught a green jacketed female county sheriff officer at our oldest daughters bedroom window outside our apartment and she was directing our daughter as to what to do for their video surveillance cameras!


I gave my mother that diary our daughter was writing, she was labeling me as a pedophile in it, she had no actual events in that diary, none of her words were HER WORDS, and giving that diary to my mother I believe cost her her life!

I uncovered a murder conspiracy early on and knew my wife and her side of the family were involved and knew there were at least two or three people in law enforcement involved, knowing I was going to be framed I hung in there to prove it in self defense unaware that they had other victims they were targeting as well!

For all intents and purposes I was being blackmailed after my father was murdered and all guilty party’s involved were flaunting it after the death of my father, fearing for the safety of my three daughters I kept my mouth shut about this!

One thought on “1999 I Did My Best To Do The Right Thing And I Tried To Protect People!

  1. The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s organize gang-stalking of individuals and recruit citizens into gang=-stalking people by vilifying their victims behind their victims backs and they get away with it by faking an investigation!

    Operating under the pretense of conducting investigations plain clothed police will take over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target and will fill those apartments with under cover officer’s and with their accomplices and after they take control of the surrounding area by shear numbers they stage felony crimes and use video surveillance to capture the crimes and they use doubles (officer’s dressed yup like their target) to commit crimes on their video surveillance cameras!

    Police all over the world use these tactics and these tactics are very similar to Sting operations where police take over an area and set up cameras and then pay under cover officer’s to stage crimes street theater style for framing/entrapping people!

    This is why gang-stalking is going on all over the world, because all country’s have police and it is police and their accomplices that do the gang-stalking, police themselves do not describe their actions as gang-stalking they refer to their actions as “Conducting an investigation” so police do not really try to hide this from people, they just use word of art to control how people perceive their actions.

    M,any many victims of police are murdered by police, and police get away with it by simply labeling their victim as a bad guy on the news and news reporters back up everything lie police say, and no one is ever allowed on TV to call out these liars, only cops and news reporters are allowed to publicly charge people, citizen are not allowed to charge police or news reporters and citizens are not even allowed to deny an allegation made by police or by news reporters!

    Police are organized murderers that enjoy using these tactics on people, they enjoy framing their targets for crimes police themselves commit and are known to brag to their girlfriends and to even recruit their girlfriends into helping them stage crimes to frame someone.

    When police use Sting tactics to gang-stalk their victims and use body doubles to frame their victims they tend to use fuzzy video surveillance footage to charge their target and to give their target blame for something, and it is common for news reporters to allow police to air fuzzy video surveillance of someone committing a crime and to back up the lies told by police!

    Robbery’s are a common form of framing police use when they use doubles, police will use doubles to rob banks or grocery stores and they always use fuzzy video surveillance that does not clearly show the robbers face, this is because police are using a double to stage a crime, and that double is impersonating someone that lives in that neighborhood that police happen to be gang-stalking at the time!

    It is common practice all over the world for police to stage crimes when they are involved in Sting operations, well they do the same thing when they investigate/gang-stalk people, news reporters know police do this to people and are mums the word about it because news reporters always lie for police and cover up serious crimes committed by police, it has always been this way everywhere!

    There is no justice in any country you live in, there is only corruption and organized people that run things and they do whatever they please, and they keep the masses in check with constant propaganda told by government and backed by news media!

    Gang-stalking is real, but the term gang-stalking is deliberately misleading due to the fact the term tries to conceal the fact that organized gang-stalking is actually police Sting operations/investigations of which police admit to all the time!

    The most common form of murder police in any country commit is poisonings because police control the hospitals the same way they control prisons, and any and all doctors will refuse to help someone that is poisoned by police and will even refuse to take a toxicology test, so it is nothing for police to cover up poisonings!

    Victims of gang-stalkers are commonly denied emergency services and if victims of gang-stalking call for emergency services they immediately get labeled by the system as mentally ill and the system does this to cover up their complaints as well as to discredit them as witnesses should the matter go to court!

    There are women in this world that do lap dances for ten dollars, well there are women in this world that have children that will pedfofying anyone police want dead for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS and it is common for police to pay their girlfriends/relatives/bros to pedfofy someone they want dead!

    Pefofying means police are publicly labeling someone as a pedophile, it’s their term and they use that term in that way!

    Police have news reporters in their pockets and the whole system is corrupt and police have so many girlfriends that will lie for them that they just don’t give a damn if anyone knows their guilty of these crimes, they will just smirk at you and pretend your mentally ill to insult you!

    Now you know why there are more and more people going postal in the USA because this whole country is Fascist and this government organizes gangs of people to gang up on individuals and there is no recourse for victims to turn to other than self defense, and when someone does go postal news reporters and police always lie as to why they did it and never reveal to the public why people go postal, their sides of the story are never told by news reporters!

    Vital information!

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