The Term Gang-Stalkers Is A Misleading Term!

The term gang-stalking is a misleading term that distracts from who is responsible FOR gang-stalking, many victims of gang-stalking have no idea who or why or how they are targeted but are aware of the tactics gang-stalkers use, but many victims ask on the internet “Who are gang-stalkers?”  and that is a misleading question, it’s like asking the question “Who are sting operations?” does that make any sense asking that question? no it does not, why? because we all know police do “sting operations” so it is silly to even ask that question, well it is just as silly to ask “Who are gang-stalkers?” because gang-stalkers are under cover police targeting an individual under the pretense of doing an investigation.

Who does sting operations? who does covert operations? who does drug busts? who does investigations? who does gang-stalking? the answer to all those questions is police and their accomplices/informers.

As a matter of fact an investigation IS gang-stalking, victims deem their actions gang-stalking, but police do not, instead police refer to their actions as “Conducting an investigation.” so when police break into your home and bug it and move your stuff around in the process and you notice your stuff is moved but nothings stolen that’s not Gas lighting that’s a criminal break in done by police that will not admit to it and they are on a daily basis violating your privacy within your home by spying/recording you.

When you witness plain clothed people on the streets deli8beratly gang-stalking you and they give you hints/clues that they are doing it and they also do street theater then that’s a bunch of cops and their bros and maybe some of their girlfriends and maybe some of your apartment managers friends playing mind-fuck games with you for the purpose of provoking you for police video/audio surveillance cameras.

All those gang-stalking story’s you read about on the internet told by a claimed victim of gang-stalking claiming that they are being targeted by “energy beam weapons” are actual gang-stalkers impersonating victims and are making fun of their victims by putting out thousands of fake looney toon story’s to drown out real victims calls and cries for help and to discredit real victims by association.

When they start talking about chips in the brain or energy beams then they are gang-stalkers impersonating real victims to discredit real victims by association and there are more gang-stalking story’s out there like that than there is real gang-stalking victim story’s.

If you are a victim of gang-stalking then it is your local authority’s that are the guilty party’s and any of their bros/girlfriends and anyone else they turn against you is also one of them, and any complaint you make to your local authority’s will be covered up and suppressed by local authority’s and not acted upon by them.

No first responder will help a victim of gang-stalking because all first responders know it’s police doing it and they will not rat out fellow first responders for their crimes and instead will ignore your complaints and label you on their paperwork as mentally ill to discredit you as a witness should the matter go to court for their buddy’s the police.

A sting operation is not actually a secret police and news reporters admit to sting operations and to covert operations all the time, what they do not admit to is what those officer’s are doing when they do a sting operations or a covert operation, most all covert operations police do is to gang-stalk people and to frame/entrap people.

Gang-stalking and a sting operation are almost identical, for both they take control of the surrounding area around their target, for both they put in place video/audio recording equipment, for both they use street theater tactics and dress up as criminals in order to frame/entrap people, and they both can go on for several months to a couple of years, or can go on and off for many many years against the same target as a way of harassing/menacing their target.

When police do prostitution stings they take over an entire motel, they bug every room with consent and knowledge of the motel owner/manager, and they pay female officer’s to dress up like criminals/prostitutes and to act like criminals/prostitutes, and they have moved furniture around in order to bug those rooms.

When police do gang-stalking of an individual  they take over an entire apartment wing, they bug every room their target is known to use with consent and knowledge of the apartment owner/manager, and they pay look-a-like officer’s to dress up like the suspect (victim) and to act like criminals/pedophiles, and they have moved furniture around in order to bug those rooms.

To call it Gas-lighting is also distracting, they do not move furniture around to annoy you, they do it because they had to to bug your home/apartment and to plant evidence in your home/apartment.

Remember everything they do they do under the pretense of conducting an investigation, which means their intent is either your incarceration or your death, one or the other, and if your a good guy and done nothing wrong then it is nothing for police to set up video surveillance near and around your home and to dress up like you and stage felony while impersonating you, police love dressing up and acting like criminals, they do it on drug busts, they do it on prostitution stings, and they do it to their victims when they gang-stalk people.

It would be more accurate to call it police-covert-stalking than to call it gang-stalking since gang-stalking is police operations no different than a bust or sting operation.;

Victims of gang-stalking is unable to get help BECAUSE it is police that are targeting the victim and therefore there is no one within our system that is sympathetic to victims what-so-ever and is why victims get ignored when they complain or call for help and is why many get labeled, without any examination by a doctor, as mentally ill, because that is the common way police all over the world cover up their operations, regardless of country.

Many people that claim to be victims of gang-stalking talk a lot about how gang-stalkers try to sensitize their victims to sounds or to colors as a way of further torturing/menacing their target in public in such a way that the target knows their being tortured/menaced by them but has no way of proving it to people that are not witnesses to the long term conditioning the gang-stalkers used to get the target sensitized so it is impossible for the target/victim to prove such an attack on them.

Now who else but your government are experts at such mental conditioning in order to attack their target in broad daylight and be able to get away with it, what psychologists trained in the torture of people are paid to think up such tactics? has not your government in the past or near past admitted via news that some forms of torture are being used by them? well there is your answer.

Although I would like to point out that gangs have always used colors as a way of not only identifying themselves to each other but also as a way of intimidating others that are familiar to those gang-colors, so such tactics are nothing new by any means.

When police do sting operations and or covert operations they usually go in with warrants and serve said warrants to motel owners/motel managers and inform them they are talking over the surround area for several months for a sting operation and would like their cooperation and they usually get it!

When police do gang-stalking of an individual they usually go get warrants and serve said warrants to the targets apartment manager/landlord and inform them they are taking over the surrounding apartments surrounding their target/suspect for the next several months for conducting an investigation and would like their cooperation and they usually get it!

Sting operations usually have around 15 to 30 officer’s involved in the operation, investigations usually have around 7 to 15 officer’s involved in the investigation/gang-stalking of an individual target!

Hollywood movies and TV shows have gone through a lot of trouble to convince the masses of people that police do not do such things at all, but it is common knowledge that police do use thee tactics for sting operations and for covert operations.

When police do sting operations they usually dress up for video surveillance as criminals and stage crimes for video surveillance to frame/entrap people, when police gang-stalk individuals they usually dress up like their target for video surveillance and act like criminals and stage crimes for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap their target.

Police enjoy menacing people on the streets and enjoy bullying people on the streets and enjoy battering unarmed people and are known to provoke people into acting in self defense in order for police to justify battering the person, well torturing and menacing and terrorizing their targets is common and they mess with their targets heads the same way they do to their prisoners that sit in jail.

Police are used to having people on video surveillance and are used to battering people and terrorizing people, everyone that sits in a jail cell or behind prison walls are under constant video surveillance, well when police have it out for someone that is innocent they gang-stalk that person on the streets and they also bug their target/victims home, their used to using embarrassing video surveillance of their target to make their target look bad and can care less if it’s legal or not because their target has no way of getting police arrested for such crimes!

In essence your country whether it admits to it or not is Fascist and just like the Nazi propaganda the Nazi Germans used to control the Germans, your country is doing the same to you and your neighbors and fellow citizens, Fascist country’s never admit they are Fascist.

If a country tortures their citizens and claims justification for it then it is Fascists, if police in any country enjoy battering unarmed citizens and claim justification and never stand trial for it and news reporters also chime in that their justified then it is a Fascist country, if citizens complaints are openly ignored and stonewalled by the government when such crimes are committed by such officer’s then it is a Fascist country.

Organized stalking of individuals in any particular country done by plain clothed officer’s is a strong sign of Fascism!

One last thing, the term “Gang-stalking” was thought up by police as a way of distracting people from the fact that it is actually police covert operations that are taking place and they want to cover up and not admit to their covert operations, so they invent terms that describe the deeds but distract from the fact of who is committing said deeds!

Terry Wagar

11 thoughts on “The Term Gang-Stalkers Is A Misleading Term!

  1. John Pyne says:

    it seems as though they will put their life in danger fair game uh oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Police cause more crime than solve crime, police are not crime fighters they are organized criminals.

      Most sting operations done by police are unofficial because police are committing felony crimes in their unofficial sting operations

      Police are nothing more than the mob and function just like the mob and police target and kill and frame people all the time.

      Police are corrupt and so is our news media.

  2. John Pyne says:

    IT also sounds like a tactic to force someone to retaliate.

    • Police sting operations that gang-stalk people are doing it to harass and to provoke their target to react to it, either in anger or in fear.

      If a target acts angry at being provoked by gang-stalkers then police will have video of target appearing on their video surveillance as angry and and police will portray that target as dangerous to justify shooting the target.

      If target gets scared by being provoked during gang-stalking then police will have video surveillance of a scared person too scared to go in public and police will use that reaction as a way of portraying their target as mentally ill.

      This is why they gang up on their target in the streets to harass and terrorize and to stage street theater tactics around their target, to provoke a reaction.

      News reporters ONLY tell the masses the police officer’s point of view and story, and of course police will always label their target as either dangerous or mentally ill or both, and our Fascist news reporters go along with that bull!

  3. John Pyne says:

    Basically tearing down the respect of any indivdual carrying a badge.

    • Are you defending police for doing this to people? police already admit to these tactics in sting operations.

      RESPECT IS A TWO WAY STREET! if police do not respect their citizens then why should citizen’s respect them,

      When I back up a felony complaint on someone I expect it to be acted upon, my complaints are as valid as anyone else’s, and I have faced too many grinning smirking cops faking nothings wrong and covering up my complaints for me to ever respect their badge.

      If police can ignore mine and my relatives complaints and I can ignore their badges just as easily, if police can disrespect my complaints then I can disrespect their badges just as easily.

      IO was charged with forty four felony charges that turned to ZERO without explanation from police and prosecutors, and they smirked because they wanted me to know how easily they can destroy my reputation without a trial or due process and I was denied the right to face my accusers.

      So I treat police with all the respect they deserve, NONE!

  4. John Pyne says:

    I was wondering if you had a non stop headache?

    • I was poisoned by a bhunch of pedophile police officer’s that are fond of bragging to their whores at Clackamas Walmart that they raped and murdered a child and that they got it all on photogenic photo’s and that they used an officer as a double, and their whores bragged to their coworkers how easy it is for police officer Eric Carlson to impersonate me.

      The fact that police use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame and murder off people causes aggravation.

    • Is that your hint you are going to do something to my head? like shoot me or something? because if that’s the case then this would be like the seventh hundred death threat implied against me, I know police/sheriff’s love hinting threats, I have heard them do it so many times.

      I know officer Eric Carlson and officer John Ray is fond of getting rid of their victims headaches by poisoning their victims with antifreeze.

      By the way, did you know the Multnomah county sheriff’s used body doubles and photogenic photo’s back in the 1970s and they had people that owned police scanners back then bring their children to those doubles the county sheriff’s used to frame people?

      Did you know my whole family all my life has been targeted by these kinds of people because I witnessed county sheriff’s and police scanner owners using doubles and photogenic photo’s?

      Did you know police/sheriff’s have a history of using doubles and photogenic photo’s? did you know I haver several officer’s o0n a audio recorder taking over an entire Walmart6 store and that they bragged to that stores employees that they use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people, did you know those officer’s recruited the entire softlines department to lie for them after they used a double?

      Badges deserve no respect when the badge carriers are nothing but criminals!

      Nazi Germans had no respect for the Jews, so no one respects the Nazi’s and they deserve no respect, well police/sheriff’s do not respect their citizens, therefore their citizens do not respect them.

      Police lie in sting operations all the time, that means police are confessed liars, confessed liars deserve no respect.

      Sting operations are nothing mo0re than organized criminals staging crimes themselves and they they frame their innocent target for crimes perpetrated by the sting officer’s themselves.

      Fascist police/sheriff’s/state police/FBI try to hide their sting operations under the veil of being gang-stalking and they use that term to hide the fact these operations are in fact police sting operations.

    • According to you, reporting crimes of victims that are unable to speak up for themselves takes a back seat to respecting are Fascist police forces.

      I am not the only victi9m and I speak up not just for myself but for others as well, and your subtle hinting you are using I am very familiar with,

      If police even had an accurate profile on me, which I doubt, then they would know I always do the right thing regardless, even if it puts me at risk.

  5. Police sting operations are about framing people and killing people off! police and civilian operatives poison victims to debilitated their victims while police use doubles and photogenic photo’s and commit staged crimes to frame innocent people!

    I have to post this on INTERPOL’s Facebook webpage just to prove I am reporting these crimes because police admitted in writing they are covering up my 911 calls!

    Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizing with other people’s wives and are giving those woman permission to poison off husbands for life insurance money’s!

    Under the pretense of conducting sting operations police and county sheriff’s are gang-stalking and terrorizing people they want dead and are staging crimes using doubles and are using photogenic photo’s of those doubles raping children to frame innocent people as pedophiles!

    Police and sheriff’s brag to their girlfriends they poison people and they frame people as pedophiles using doubles and they brag they use flyers to publicly pedofy their victims and they brag pedofying people gets people killed!

    Under the pretense of sting operations police/sheriff’s/state police/FBI are taking over apartments that surround their target and they stage crimes using doubles and they record crimes committed by officer’s dressed as their target on photogenic photo’s and also use fuzzy video surveillance in order to frame their targets for crimes and to build cases against their targets.

    They may also poison off their target by entering targets home when the targets are away out of their apartment and police will poison their targets coffee pot reservoir and will do this knowing it will be the target that makes the pot of coffee and then gets poisoned!

    Police cover up the poisonings by interfering with the target getting help at the hospital, police will confront the targets doctor in the hallway at the hospital and will repeatedly label their target a “Bad Guy” until the doctor gets the hint to not help the patient and to not take a toxicology test!

    After my wife and her gang-stalkers buddy’s/lovers in law enforcement battered my mother using a double and poisoned my mother and father and police covered up my mother’s 911 call my wife and her lover’s/buddy’s in law enforcement murdered my father and then they coached our oldest daughter to falsely label me as a pedophile and they did that publicly so no one would care if I am murdered!

    Our daughter admitted in writing after the fact her charges were false!

    Police officer writes my wife a love letter and he admits he calls my wife Mrs Dash in it because he gave her permission to poison me to death with antifreeze!

    My wife admits she is a poisoner of a plasma donor in her diary and she also admits to her affair with a cop and admits I cannot get help from police and I cannot get a toxicology test at the hospital!

    My wife tries to cover herself lying for herself in a denial letter over her affair with a cop and lying denying she is a poisoner, her daughter was pregnant by one of the cops she names in that denial letter at the time she wrote this!

    My wife brags she is a poisoner and admits she uses antifreeze as poison!
    I was bedridden at the time my wife wrote this, she tossed it at me like a Frisbee knowing I was so badly poisoned that I could not even read it at the time!

    OHSU hospital covers up the fact my wife is a poisoner by ignoring the symptoms of poisoning and refuses to take a toxicology test and fakes not knowing what’s wrong with me!
    The hospital admits I had abominable pain and internal bleeding but fakes not knowing what’s wrong!

    OHSU hospital and police threatening me and covering up all my calls for help, even my 911 calls!
    Sgt Walker of the Portland police admits to covering up my 911 calls and calls for help and is admitting I am not welcome at my hospital.
    Sgt Walker is pretending nothing is wrong with me and is covering up the fact I was poisoned and is ignoring the fact my wife already confessed she is a poisoner and Sgt Walker is ignoring the abominable pain and severe internal bleeding I suffered!

    Police made sure I could not get help from any other hospital as well and no one will take a toxicology test!

    Click to access joan-wagar-admits-she-is-poisoner-hospital-refuses-to-help-victimsmallpdf-com.pdf

    Terry Wagar

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