Poisonings And Pedofying And Using Body Doubles!

My name is Terry Wagar, I have been a victim of a murder conspiracy ever since my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen!

My wife was having an affair with a cop, and he and his buddy’s wanted to frame me as a pedophile and then murder me off, and after my wife got everyone on her side of the family on her side and even turned our oldest daughter against me she quit her job and they executed their plan, and they were not just targeting me they also were targeting my mother and father as well!

They used a body double to batter my mother, and police protected that double from prosecution by ignoring my mother and my complaints and they allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home!

My wife Joan Wagar after this poisoned my mother, and at the same time plain clothed cops that were harassing my father on the other side of town poisoned my father!

When my father warned me he was being gang-stalked and harassed and terrorized by plain clothed officer’s and that they poisoned him he ended up dead for warning me about it and the county sheriff’s strongly hinted they were responsible for his death!

I was being threatened and blackmailed after this daily by phone by multiple law officer’s, and while that was going on my wife and her side of the family was filing my home with paraphernalia and the county sheriff’s at the time were coaching and directing what our oldest daughter wrote in her diary!

All our daughter did with her diary was pedofy me with it, she had no actual events in it at all, all she did was make repeated pedophile accusations about me in it, but to my face she was still pretending to be a loving family member so she was trying to hide the fact she was pedofying me!

I was arrested and charged out of the blue by police and sheriff’s I was charged with forty four pedophile charges that magically turned to ZERO ten days later with no explaination from police or from prosecutors!

My daughter admitted after the fact she was coerced into backing up false charges on me and she admitted in writing her charges were false!


In 2006 after my wife Joan Wagar has me seriously debilitated from being poisoned by her with antifreeze she starts bragging in writting she is a poisoner knowinmg there is no one I can hand them to that cares, she even admits in her diary I cannot get help from police and that hospital refused to take a toxicology test!

Click to access Joan%20Wagar%20A%2CK%2CA%2C%20Mrs%20Dash%20Admits%20She%20Is%20Poisoner%21%28FILEminimizer%29.pdf

Joan Wagar officer Eric Carlson brags in love letter he calls my wife the admitted poisoner by the nickname Mrs Dash, so they are not trying hard to hide their murder conspiracy!


After I was battered by Joan Wagar and assaulted by Portland police and police covered up my 911 call Joan Wagar writes this denial letter and she is lying about everything in it, she is trying to hide her ongoing affair and hiding the fact that the three men she names off are cops and she even lies about their real appearances thinking I do not know what they look like when I already knew! and one of Joan Wagar’s daughters was pregnant at the time she wrote this BY ONE OF THOSE OFFICER’S THAT IS PARTNERED WITH OFFICER ERIC CARLSON!


After repeated attempts on my part to find help with no avail my wife had me so badly poisoned and debilitated that I could not get out of bed or yell or eat or sleep and was so much in pain that I was just stuck and at their mercy, that’s when Joan Wagar tossed this written confession at me, she tossed it like a Frisbee at me and told me “Go ahead and use that against me!” and she sneered as she said it! I was so badly poisoned I could not even read it let alone get up to hand it to someone!


The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s have a history of womanizing and using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people as pedophiles and bank robbers and 7eleven robbers and officer Eric Carlson the police officer that was having an affair with my wife dyed his hair blond like mine and was having fun framing me as a pedophile! I have officer Eric Cartlson on video outside my apartment with his partners and he is dressed up like me and is ordering children to look at his dick while his partners take side shots and back sahots of him so that they can blame me after they kill me off!


Officer Eric Carlson and his whores/girlfriends and partners caught on video outside my apartment hiding in ambush to shoot me, both officer Eric Carlson and his whore Joan Wagar were waiting on the stairs nest to my door to ambush and shoot me, if I stepped outside I would have been shot by them! they are both carrying guns and recording devices, officer Eric Carlson has his handgun and his camcorder in his right hand as he reviews his hiding spot, and Joan Wagar is recording with her cellphone in her right hand and she has her handgun concealed inside her shirt in her left hand!

Officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon is wearing the baseball hat and he is not even hiding his face nor the fact he wants me dead!

Officer Eric Carlson and his partners and whores brag on audio death threats they put in my home knowing I have no one I can call that cares!

They even email death threats at me because there is no one that cares and no one I can call for help that will help me!


All call for help I make to government agency’s go ignored and not acted upon and after the fact pretend nothing is reported so it is organized crime that police are so willing to lie and cover for their fellow criminal officer’s to cover their backs even when police murder people!

Poisoning people and pedofying people and using body doubles and photogenic photo’s in common practice with law officer’s and since they all lie for one another and kill for one another there is no one that cares and no one will help me!

Doubleclick and Mrs Dash the body double and the poisoner had this planned out when Mrs Dash quit her job at the county jail kitchen!

Terry Wagar

2 thoughts on “Poisonings And Pedofying And Using Body Doubles!

  1. 1999 the Multnomah county sheriff’s used a double to batter my mother and that double took over my mothers motor home after that!

    The county sheriff;s murdered my father while they had a double living in my mothers motor home at the same damn time!

    So the use of doubles used by law enforcement everywhere is common and they use doubles all the time to stage crimes and to commit crimes to frame innocent people!

    News reporters are full well aware police do this and are mums the word to the public about it because the press has always been controlled by government!

    Fascist governments get away with murder all the time because of news reporters willingness to look the other way!

    I was blackmailed by authority’s after they murdered my father and they were still using a double at the time, I was later framed on forty four felony pedophile charges that they fabricated and then ten days later all charges were dropped without explanation!

    They had no intention of giving me a trial they just wanted to pedofy me and then kill me off just like police and county sheriff’s always do to people they want dead, they frame using doubles, they kill off witnesses, they pedofy/vilify their main target, and then they kill off their target, and news reporters never point this out to people when it happens, all news reporters do is what the police do, they pedofy the police and sheriff’s target!

    Remember Portland police, Valerie Quigley notified you in 1999 Joan Wagar is a poisoner, don’t forget you had a double living in my mothers motor home at the time, and right after t5hat you murdered my father with poison!

  2. 1999 my wife Joan Wagar and her fuck-buddy’s in law enforcement at the Multnomah county jail came up with a plan to murder and frame me! county sheriff’s told Joan Wagar to quit her job and that they will help her frame me!

    The day after Joan Wagar quit her job at county jail kitchen the county sheriff’s put 72 hour notices on our neighbors apartment doors!

    Just an hour after our neighbors moved out the plain clothe county sheriff’s took immediate possession of our neighbors apartment and was loading it up with police equipment and office equipment!

    At this very same time in another state multiple people were pressuring my disabled mother Valerie Quigley into taking in another disabled person into her home, and that person was a male named Lonny and he was a damn close look-a-like to me!

    The county sheriff’s told my wife Joan Wagar to take the family out of town for a day so that t5hey can bug our apartment with video audio recorders, and when we got back from that day trip there was damage in our apartment from the break in and my wife noticed it and did not want me noticing it!

    For the next two months my wife and her sister turned our yard into a playground with large expensive pools (more than one!) and a large expensive trampoline, and they were filling our home with over sized furniture and they bought a thousand dollar camcorder!

    They spent thousands of dollars doing this and they were constantly directing their children to do this and this and this for the video surveillance cameras and I kept hearing them and catching them do this!

    While that was going on my disabled mother Valerie Quigley was being pressured into selling her home by this look-a-like and to buy a motor home so that they can come and visit us, that double wanted one my property with my mother!

    That double wanted it to be a surprise to me, he told my mother to not tell me about it, and when they showed up on my property that double made damn sure they both arrived broke by buying my mother a five hundred dollar dog so that I would be obliged to allow them to stay on my property!

    Now that the county sheriff’s have my yard turned into a playground and had a double staying with my mother on the property they started staging emergency’s to get me off my property and were bringing children I never seen before onto my property to play in the pool and on the trampoline!

    That double contributed to the paraphernalia in our yard by putting on it a expensive telescope!

    After my mother and that double got their SSI checks I asked them to leave, and that double sabotaged the motor home and claimed it would not start I knew that double was lying and sure enough the motor home had two gas tanks and he switched the gas to the empty tank so that it would not start!

    Two weeks after this double left with my mother he arranged to get her attacked by a neighbor and shortly after that that double battered my mother!

    My mother called me from a payphone wanting me to pick her and her motor home up, and when I got their two police officer’s were with that double and were on his side and did not give a damn that that double battered my mother and those cops flat out6 told me I cannot take my mothers motor home with us!

    A month later my wife Joan Wagar poisoned my mother Valerie Quigley and she bragged to her wanting her to call 911, and the police and county sheriff’s covered up my mothers call for help and did not question anyone in our family about it!

    Three weeks later I met with my father Don Wagar at a bus stop, he lived by himself on the other side of town, and he told me he was being gang-stalked by multiple people and that they were terrorizing him and were staging crimes in front of him and that they poisoned his foods in his apartment!

    I was scared at this point because I already knew I was being frame3d by law enforcement and that they were next door to me and our daughters and that my wife and her side of the family were palling around with these officer’s and were performing for their video surveillance cameras!

    As my father is filling me in on what they did to him, I heard my wife in our car thirty feet away telling our oldest daughter to get out of the car and to stand next to me for the video surveillance!

    As our daughter approached I told my father I cannot discuss this around my daughter, and I told him to only eat from canned foods and I told him to go to the hospital!

    Three days later my father Don Wagar was dead, and it was a Multnomah county sheriff’s detective that came to my door to tell me my father died, and he strongly hinted that they were responsible for his death by saying to me, ” I entered your fathers apartment before coming over here to remove his meds!” and he was smirking when he said that!

    For the next five days I was being threatened and blackmailed by phone by two different law officer’s that were blatantly lying about who they really were, and when they stopped calling by phone making threats and demands my wife and her sister were filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn in our closets and were putting life sized Barbie dolls into our daughters bedroom!

    Seven days after my father Don Wagar was murdered I caught our daughter Shawna Wagar in her bedroom copying a card that had printed words on it into her diary as though they were her words, and she had a big grin on her face while doing so, when I read it I discovered that all she was writing about in that diary was to label me as a pedophile, there were no actual event in that diary at all, no mention of her grandmothers visit with a look-a-like, no mention of her grandfathers death, all she did with that diary was write down whatever was on the cards that were being passed to her!

    I discovered after this that a green jacket female county sheriff officer was regularly meeting with her at her bedroom window and she was the one directing what our daughter wrote in her diary and directed what our daughter was to do on their video surveillance cameras, I caught that green jacketed county sheriff officer on video at our daughters bedroom window talking to our daughter!

    Two weeks after that I was arrested by Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s on forty four pedophile felony charges that turned to ZERO ten days later without any explanation from police or from prosecutors!

    While I was incarcerated for ten days my wife and her side of the family were celebrating and my wife got tons of new cloths, and when I was released my wife went back into “Pretend to be a loving wife mode” and acted like she was on my side and so did our daughter that was being coached to write a diary, my daughter looked me in the face and lied saying the police made her do it by locking her up until she charged me, I knew damn well she was lying!

    I was publicly pedofied by false allegations created out of thin air by my wife and her side of the family and they and my wife’s fuck buddy’s in law enforcement spent thousands of dollars on their covert operation to frame me and were the ones that funded all that paraphernalia in our yard and in our home!

    Police had no intention of giving me a trial, they just wanted to pedofy me to cut me off from any form of help and support from neighbors and friends, the multnomah county sheriff’s are the ones that gave my wife permission to do this to me and I was not their only intended target since they used a double to batter my mother and to steal her motor home and they covered up my mothers calls for help and they poisoned my father around the same time my wife poisoned my mother!

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