Police Do Not Investigate! They Impersonate!

Gang-stalking is organized crime committed by local authority’s and by their informants and accomplices and they always operate under the pretense of conducting investigations on their target!

Law enforcement do not admit to gang-stalking but do admit to investigations and covert operations and often operate in large numbers when doing busts or sting operations and are used to operating in large numbers!

Police gang-stalk people pretty much the same way they do drug busts and prostitution stings,they take control of the surrounding area with owners/managers consent and full knowledge to conduct their operations!

Once they control the surrounding area they use under cover officer’s to stage crimes such as selling drugs or prostituting themselves (street theater) for video surveillance, and they engage their targets in conversations and or harass their targets for the purpose of performing for video surveillance in order to frame/entrap their targets!

Everyone knows police do this and do this inn  large numbers, and of course p[police have no problem what-so-ever in dressing up as drug dealers or as prostitutes to frame/entrap people, well when police gang-stalk individuals they also have no problem dressing up like their target to impersonate their target to frame their target!

Any time you see photogenic photo’s on TV showing a bank robber or anyone supposedly committing a crime and it is police that release the photo’s and the photo’s are fuzzy or do not clearly show the person’s face then you can bet it is a double police are using to frame someone!

It is common practice for police to use these tactics, have you not noticed in recent times police will show someone robbing a bank, and the photo does not show the robbers face accurately and is slightly fuzzy?

Common you and I both know banks have cameras aimed at everyone’s face that use bank tellers, and you know full well banks have much better cameras than police will lead you to believe.

It is common for police to stage crimes themselves to frame/entrap people and they do so when they rob banks, and they always dress up as their target when they stage crimes!

Police do not investigate people! police impersonate people!

Police frame people by staging crimes and by using doubles to commit the crimes, it is just as common for police to use doubles as it is for Hollywood to use doubles!

When police investigate/target people they do not gather evidence, they plant evidence!

There are a lot of people that lie for police so police can frame anyone for anything and they always have volunteers that will back up false allegations on their target, so it is just a matter of police fabricating evidence so that they have something in court to use against their targets, and using doubles just so happens to be one of their ways of gaining evidence they can use against their targets!

Police commonly frame people for battery’s or for rapes or for being a pedophile or for bank robbery’s and they always use crappy video surveillance footage and is either fuzzy or does not clearly show the suspects face, and of course news reporters are fully aware police do this and help police in framing people by presenting such evidence to the public and news reporters portray it as accurate to back up the false clai9ms of police!

There are literally hundreds of example’s of so-called crappy video footage or photogenic photo’s of bank robbery’s on the internet and the vast vast majority of them are crappy with terrible resolution and does not clearly show the face even though it is common knowledge that banks have cameras aimed at anyone’s faces as they stand at tellers!

Are you that naive to believe that banks cannot afford decent cameras in their banks that clearly show people’s faces?

News reporters Fascistly sell that belief to you via newspapers and news stations, and nobody questions it, that’s why it is so easy for police to frame people, because news reporters are just as much a part of the problem as police are, and both police and news reporters sell bull to people all the time, they are like bed-fellows both working together to pull the wool over the citizens eyes!

News reporters and police do not give you news, they give you fabricated content just like many You-tubers do nowadays to entertain people!

6 thoughts on “Police Do Not Investigate! They Impersonate!

  1. What do um, ‘gang stalkers’ call them selves? How do you become one of them? It isnt that I dont believe that this exsists, I do. I learned about it in school. My idea was; If you find the root, you can figure out an effect for their cause that will benifit you. Just a thought.

    • They do not go by a name as a group, they are organized they work in such a way as to target people and at the same time they cover each others butts by lying for each other, and since I never was one I cannot tell you how to become one, but I do know they recruited my wife into their crimes when she worked at the county jail kitchen.

      Any can be a gang-stalker regardless of their occupation, Fascists cover each others butts and they lie for one another at the expense of victims lives.

      I do not seek benefit I seek justice, I have never been one of these people but I have been around these people all my life and know how they think and know how cocky they are and how arrogant they are.

      Many people that are not gang-stalkers are supporters of gang-stalkers and lie for gang-stalkers, if gang-stalkers poison someone then no doctor willl take a toxicology test to cover up the poisoning thus protecting the gang-stalkers from prosecution.

      Doctors do not gang-stalk people but do protect gang-stalkers by covering up the murders gang-stalkers commit!

      In the 1920s the KKK openly murdered people on the streets by handing, in 2014 the police opebly shoot and batter people to death that are unarmed and never get a trial.

      Both KKK and police have history of being organized and gang up on people and cause death to unarmed people and neither KKK nor police stand trial for such crimes.

      Put two and two together to come up with four on that.

      • That is interesting. True, I don’t doubt. Without being Superman how can you seek justice? If infiltration on every level exists then the only justice I see is infiltrating them. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

      • That depends on what you perceive as “survive” means, I am alive obviously since I am replying to your question, surviving is another matter, to be debilitated from being repeatedly poisoned by law enforcement and by their whores means constant pain and agony, I am partially paralyzed from being poisoned, not that a doctor will admit to that in writing since the hospitals refuse4d to take toxicology tests and refused me emergency services at ANY hospital because of police coercing doctors into NOT helping me.

        So I am for the most part immobile and stuck at home and in constant agonizing pain and suffer constant internal bleeding from burst organs and from antifreeze poisoning done by my ex wife and her lover the cop/look-a-like, if you deem that surviving then you just answered your own question, I however do not deem that surviving I deem that murder and constant torture, constant pain inflicted on me by poisoning me is torture, constant torture.

        This is why when my ex wife and her lover the cop and his bros bragged on a audio death threat I did not get scared, I was in too damn much fucking pain to care!

      • To keep ones enemy’s close is t5o flirt with danger, it is better to have no friends than to have bad people in ones life, the simple matter that I caught them in murderers and no one will take a complaint all by itself demonstrates police/sheriff’s are corrupt and pick and choose who they help and who they do not, therefore there is no REAL law in effect in Oregon other than the whim of the armed rulers in Oregon, law enforcement!

        I have the right of self defense and will exorcise it should the need arise, and I have no doubt police will just shoot me when I do act in self defense and will have their Fascist buddy’s in the news media label me a bad guy for the next several years after my death until everyone stops complaining about it!

        That’s how the police murdered a innocent unarmed man named James Chasse in Portland Oregon in 2006, they battered him, they broke every rib in his body, they denied hi9m emergency services at any hospital, and they lugged him around like a sack of potatoes until those broken ribs did enough damage to cause him to stop breathing, and he died, police pretended after that that it was a natural death, and publicly labeled themselves justified without there being any criminal trial therefore they testify and are cross-examined by no one, and they pay their whores that work as ment6al heath experts to publicly by news papers and news websites to label the dead victim mentally ill and have done so publicly for several years after his death!

        Police invent history by shear numbers of people willing to lie for them, and they publicly spew their lies repeatedly until the complaints stops!

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