Gang-Stalkers Are Police And They Use Doubles To Stalk And Frame Their Victims All The Time And News Reporters Ignore The Fact That Police Use Doubles To Stalk/Target People!

Under cover police gang-stalk and menace and harass and batter unarmed citizen and don’t even care if the victim or anyone else knows that one of those cops is a look-a-like to the battered victim!

Police commonly use doubles while they gang-stalk their targets and news reporters just look the other way and say nothing about plain clothed cops gang-stalking people and assigning look-a-likes to be one of the gang-stalkers!

The use of doubles by law enforcement is common as hell! police all over the world gang-stalk their targets and harass their targets and they commonly assign a God damn look-a-like onto their targets for framing purposes!

This fucking cop in the beanie hat deliberating pulled the mans left arm behind his back and then deliberately let go of his arm so that gravity would cause his arm to fall to his side and that fucking piece of shit cop is using that as an excuse to FAKE RESISTING ARREST CHARGES ON THE VICTIM!

The victim did not resist at all and was shocked at the cop punching him BECAUSE he did not resist, but that ju8st happens to be one of the police dirty tricks they use to FAKE JUSTIFICATION in punching the man and to FAKE JUSTIFYING RESISTING ARREST CHARGES ON THE MAN!

This is common practice with police everywhere! they gang-stalk their targets and they commonly stage crimes using doubles and they commonly frame their targets, well in this short video YOU GET IT ALL ON ONE SHORT VIDEO ALL AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

Plain clothed cops driving.stalking in a unmarked po0lice car gang-stalk their victim and pull their victim over on a made up traffic stop, police always love to use fake traffic stops to justify stopping people because of how government and news reporters got everyone brainwashed into thinking traffic stops are normal, and police use these so-called traffic stops as a justification for escalating the situation into an arrest!

How many times have you seen on the news a fuzzy picture or fuzzy video from a bank or from a 7-Eleven store of someone doing a robbery? do you really believe that banks cannot afford decent video cameras? why do you think those video’s or photo’s you see on the news are so fuzzy for? BECAUSE IT IS THE GAD DAMN COPS USING FUCKING DOUBLES LIKE THEY FUCKING ALWAYS DO! AND OUR FASCIST NEWS REPORTERS HELP THE POLICE TO FRAME PEOPLE BY IGNORING THE POLICE USE OF DOUBLES!

Body doubles and photogenic photo’s is cops standard way of framing people, well here you can see a fucking cop, a fucking double, deliberately throwing the mans arm so that it falls to the mans side so that the fucking cop can fake justification in punching the man and then arresting the man! an INNOCENT MAN! A MAN THAT DID NOTHING FUCKING WRONG!

How many innocent people set behind prison walls because cops enjoy framing people and setting people up and using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame peo0ple? and how many fucking traitors called news reporters are there that fucking look the other way when Fascist cops whip out doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people?

In this one short video you get to see gang-stalkers stalking their target! the gang-stalkers are in plain cloths and were driving an unmarked car! and they identify themselves as police ONLY to justify a bullshit traffic stop on their target! you witness the victim does NOTHING TO RESIST and you witness the gang-stalker/double holding the victims arm and then he lets go of it so gravity would cause it to fall to his side! no resisting at all! and that fucking double clearly can be seen gauging the victims face waiting a second or two for the victim to turn towards the officer and the officer intentionally punches the man in the face! that was a planned out punch by the officer because he was waiting for the victim to turn towards him to throw the punch, so it was a calculated punch on the officer’s part! and then the police have the gall to threaten a witness to the crime RIGHT AFTER THE COP PUNCHED THE VICTIM!

These officer’s were gang-stalking this victim and decided to fake a traffic stop in order to fake a resisting arrest charge on their target, police do this all the fucking time to people because they have the prosecutors as buddy’s so police NEVER FEAR PROSECUTION WHAT-SO-EVER BECAUSE OF IT so police are free to target people and to gang-stalk people and to batter people and to even use doubles during their targeting of their targets!

Our Fascist news reporters suck the police’s dick twenty four-seven and always look the other way WHEN POLICE USE DOUBLES!

Unlike most cowards in  this world I come out and call them what they are and back up what I say! I even back up what I say with my own fucking name because I BACK UP MY WORD AND COMPLAINTS 100% FUCKING PERCENT!

Terry Wagar


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