99% Of All Gang-Stalking Is Done At The Local Level And Is Organized By Local Authority’s!

Gang-stalking is organized crime controlled and executed by local authority’s and all targeting they do of people is done under the pretense of them conducting an investigation!

How many police TV shows have you seen or Hollywood movies you seen of local police and their bros/informants getting together and discussing someone they are targeting? have you noticed that police want you to assume when police and their bros/informants get together that they are just sharing information and nothing else?

I got news for you! anyone that pals around with cops are bros to cops and they assist cops in targeting people, and the end result is organized stalking of an individual, and your Hollywood movies and TV shows have gone through a lot of trouble to conceal the real nature of local police and their so-called buddy’s/informants!

Police and their informants gang-stalk people much the same way they stage drub busts or prostitution stings! They take control of an area and set up video surveillance cameras and they dress up like drug dealers or prostitutes and stage crimes and they engage people in conversations while performing for video surveillance cameras to frame/entrap people!

What does that have to do with gang-stalking? EVERYTHING! because when police and their informants gang-stalk/target an individual they do the same thing, they take control of the surrounding area around their target and they set up video surveillance cameras and they dress up like their target and stage crimes and perform for video surveillance in order to frame/entrap their target!

This is common practice in the USA and almost every other country in the world because all police in all country’s target people and police all over the world target people this way and have done so for many many decades, and if you think otherwise then you can blame all the propaganda your country spews out to it’s citizens about the true nature of an investigation!

To be under investigation IS to be gang-stalked by multiple people that are organized and have an agenda and have it out for the person they are targeting! if you grew up under the false belief that investigations are just simple question asking done by one or two officer’s then BLAME YOUR PROPAGANDA TV SHOWS AND MOVIES BECAUSE THAT’S NOT HOW POLICE INVESTIGATE PEOPLE!

There are more people involved in gang-stalking that are not in law enforcement, but 99% of all those gang-stalkers are connected WITH law enforcement either as relatives to police or friends to police or buddy’s to police, almost all landlords/apartment managers are buddy’s/girlfriends to law enforcement, and police alwaya make sure to get those apartment manager positions filled with their informants/girlfriends/bros for a reason!

You can literally assume most all apartment managers are either related to police or are buddy’s to police and or girlfriends to police, and that they have a friendly relationship with each other, and you can bet that if police want to surround their targets apartment with under cover officer’s that the apartment manager will totally go along with it and even help the police hide it from the target!

Almost all apartment managers help police in targeting people and will always lie for police, and in return police will not arrest the apartment manager for anything, at all, and will hide in court the apartment managers involvement in the targeting/framing of the police officer’s target!

Think of it as Fascism, because Fascism best describes what these organized killers/gang-stalkers are, they are already organized, you do not have to do anything wrong to be targeted by them, anything that draws their attention to you can get you or anyone else targeted, and everything they do they do under the pretense of conducting an investigation!

In most parts of the USA police and landlord/apartment managers have by-yearly meetings that are not open to the public and news stations and news reporters are mums the word about it, out of sight out of mind, and that’s how our Fascist news reporters conceal the Fascism, by simply not pointing it out to people AS Fascism!

You do not have to take my word on that, I am sure you can easily Google info on Landlord/apartment managers meetings with police/sheriff’s and how they have yearly and or by yearly meetings!

So our Fascist police forces maintain cozy relations with landlords/apartment managers so that police can way more effectively target and gang-stalk and harass and terrorize people and can easily get away with it because of landlord/apartment managers cooperation!

Since police hace such cozy relations with landlord/apartment managers police can easily take over several apartments surrounding their target in order to control the surrounding area, and then police start staging crimes near and or in front of their targets home using look-a-likes and by spreading false accusati8ons about their target they can easily destroy their targets reputation at the same time thus cutting off from the target any form of help/support/sympathy from neighbors!

Police and their informants, all of them gang-stalkers, will spend several months to a couple of years targeting/investigating their target and they will destroy every aspect of their targets life in the process, targeting people for police and their buddy’s is much like sport to them and they enjoy coming up with ways to make their targets life as miserable as possible for the police and their informants amusements, which brings us to what is commonly known as Gas-lighting!

Gas-lighting is a common tactic police use against their target during their so-called investigations to harass and menace and terrorize their target and to generally cause major harm to the target in ways that are hard for a target to prove, byut since Gas-lighting is a known term and does happen to people, but you never hear about police arresting anyone for it, GEE! I wonder why?

Police are never prosecuted for lying or staging felony crimes or for Gas-lighting people and no attorney will help a victim that is being targeted this way and no court will recognize any complaints about police investigations what-so-ever and even TV news reporters are completely mums the word on the tactics police use while they investigate people!

Lets get something straight here! police are dicks! they are thugs! they need trained PR people to do the talking for them BECAUSE they are dicks and thugs! and they quite literally deem themselves the law since they are the ones backing up the law and no one in law enfo5rcemenmt will hold a police officer let alone a group of police officer’s accountable for their crimes!

Police would rather murder off innocent people than to admit police are organized criminals that prey on innocent people by gang-stalking them! so there literally is no one a citizen can turn to for help, the system would rather ignore victims complaints and maybe label their victims mentally ill than to recognize an actual complaint against investigators!

Police and news reporters admit to investigations all the time, but if someone is victimized by organized investigators/gang-stalkers then no one will take the complaint and government officer’s and most all first responders will immediately label the victim mentally ill so as to discredit the victim as a witness should any of it go to court!

There is a ton of propaganda on the internet telling people that all this gang-stalking going on is the Illuminati or the CIA or whatever, that’s just bullshit, a Fascist government will always fabricate a boogy man group to give blame for the Fascism to distract the ignorant masses from the Fascism committed by government!

Sure the CIA is a bunch of murderers they are no different than the FBI, but they concentrate on BIG FISH TYPE OF TARGETING and don’t waste their time on little people such as myself!

Most all targeting of people in the USA and abroad are done by local authority’s and by their informant/bros/girlfriends/kiss ups to law enforcement, and it has always been this way, and all governments that do this to people conceal it with Fascist propaganda lies told by news reporters and or the press or by whatever name you want to refer to news tellers, because they are an extension of a Fascist system and no Fascist system can take root unless that government has control of the news!

There is a reason your school systems make history the most boring class in school, because if you knew history better then you would recognize Fascism when you saw it, and would know why your country is so corrupt!

The USA government never admitted it was Fascist, but it was openly Fascist BEFORE WW2! and it was after WW2 that the USA government wanted to conceal the Fascism in the USA! so groups such as the KKK which was openly murdering people on the streets BEFORE WW2 ceased wearing their robes and hoods after WW2! but that did not stop them from still targeting and killing people and framing people!

After WW2 all the Fascism in the USA went into a covert mode, but it never went away! instead of openly organized groups wearing hoods and robes murdering people on the streets openly in mid 1920s they went to more covert measures after WW2! but the targeting of people never stopped, and gang-stalkers now always operate under the pretense of conducting an investigation to gain other people’s cooperation in targeting people!

Right after WW2 there were some movies that were made, propaganda movies, teaching Fascists to be more covert in their targeting of people and teaches the Fascists how to better hide their crimes, the movie “Captain Boycott” made in 1946 is a good example of Fascist propaganda trying to teach Fascists to better conceal their operations!

Many people that are gang-stalkers make a living targeting people, but they do not go by the term gang-stalkers, they instead call themselves investigators! and they do not think of their victims as TI’s or as victims they think of them as perps!


2 thoughts on “99% Of All Gang-Stalking Is Done At The Local Level And Is Organized By Local Authority’s!

  1. Brian Gould says:


    I am trying to contact you regarding what I think may be gang stalking associated with myself. I was drugged and raped with ghb in San Francisco that I was treated for and have evidence of in medical records. I filed a police report and had the number but the officer never filed the report as shown in the medical record which contained the police report number. The harrassment intensified in New Mexico and followed me to Seatle in the form of community harrassment along with other methods of harrassment and what I believe may be psychological torture. I am pleading with you to help me. I do not know what more I can do. 785-304-6710 is my phone number and an alternate email for me is bagould@protonmail.com

    Best regards
    Brian A. Gould

    • I wish I could help you but I am in a life threatening situation myself.
      I am homeless and unable to acquire an apartment due to authority’s/sting operatives/gang-stalkers constant harassing and terrorizing of me and their influence makes it impossible for me to find help!
      The best advise I can give you is there is safety in numbers, contact people you know and trust and beg them for help in your situation, tell them you fear for your life!
      If you are unable to find help via that means then you are in the same situation I am in, no one to turn to for help!

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