Fatality’s Asociated With Gang-Stalking Are Common And Ignored By Most People That Talk About Gang-Stalking!

Gang-stalking has been around for many many decades and goes by many different names and characteristics over the decades, Most people that talk about gang-stalking over the internet want people to believe it to be a new phenomenon when in actuality gang-stalking has been going on for a long long LONG time!

One thing almost no one mentions about gang-stalking is that gang-stalkers are killers and they are very organized, and that their targeting of people is meant to cause the eventual death of their target, which is why there are not that many people with real gang-stalking story’s on the internet, because most victims are usually killed off by the gang-stalkers.

Gang-stalking has a history to it, it is a old offshoot of what the KKK was back in the 1920s, and just like the KKK the gang-stalkers of today vilify their victims before they kill their victim, KKK and gang-stalkers terrorize and torment their victims and vilify them and then publicly kill them and do not try hard to hide the fact that the victim was murdered and instead flaunt it in such a way as to pass off the murders as justified to the public in order to gain respect/permission from the community’s.

Gee, what groups of people in this day and age kill people on a regular basis and are organized and always pass off the killings publicly as justified? why none other than local police and local county sheriff’s!

Gang-stalkers take control of their targets surrounding area around the targets home and terrorize the target and break into the targets home and poison foods and plant evidence to frame target and even bug the targets home with video/audio recorders, this has been reported thousands of times and is a common theme with gang-stalkers!

What a coincidence that local police and local sheriff’s always act under the pretense of an investigation when they take over surrounding apartments surrounding their target, and that they do the same thing as gang-stalkers do, all under the pretense of conducting an investigation! what a coincidence!

The KKK back in the 1920s was run by law enforcement in that time period and no one in the KKK back then feared prosecution because it was run and organized and funded by local authority’s, which ids why people in the KKK was not prosecuted at all back then even when it was public knowledge that the KKK was killing people by hangings and torture!

How did the KKK get away with it in the 1920s? why the same way gang-stalkers get away with it in 2013, they vilify the heck out of their target/victim so that the community will be on the side of the organized killers!

In the 1920s the KKK would vilify their target as a rapist publicly to rally the support of the community and then would hang the target without bothering with a trial, and the community accepted it as common practice and took no actions to put a stop to it!

In the 2013 the gang-stalkers would vilify their target as a pedophile publicly to rally the support of the community and then would poison the target and police would publicly lie declaring that the target committed suicide without  bothering with a trial, and the community accepted it as common practice and took no actions to put a stop to it!

Just like the KKK did back in the 1920s gang-stalkers try to pass themselves off as good guys within their community’s getting rid of undesirables from the community, and of course they always try to hide the fact that gang-stalkers themselves are the worse kinds of people ever in any community, because gang-stalkers are everything that they vilify their targets for, which is why gang-stalkers blame innocent people for in order to cover their own butts.

In the 1920s community murders were common and were public,but after WW2 our government and it’s officer’s wanted to conceal their Fascist nature and banned public killings in favor of organized covert murders instead, but they still stick to vilifying their targets in order to appear as good guys themselves amongst their peers.

So all the blatant out in the open Fascist murders committed by local authority’s wearing white robes and hoods disappeared in favor of more covert murders, and they stop wearing their white robes and hoods, but they kept their desire to murder people and to get away with it by continuous slandering of their targets in order to keep the support of their community’s.

So in the 1920s organized murder was public and open to all and visible to all and our local law officer’s that did the killings back then wore white hoods because of the relatively new invention and common use of cameras, and then switched over to more covert murders and banned the public displays of Fascism with their white robes and hoods in favor of more covert attacks on their targets starting in the 1940s!

By the 1950s our government started treating people that are witnesses and or victims of organized murder as mentally ill in order to conceal government covert murders and Hollywood was whipping out movies around the 1950s labeling people that claimed to be victims of organized groups of people as mentally ill.

It is well known and already a established fact that Hollywood was majorly in the business of whipping out government propaganda, and it was Hollywood movies that help the country to wipe out all the traces of open Fascism in America and instead to switch over to a more covert way of doing things.

It was the 1940’s when Hollywood started passing out propaganda via cowboy movies, which were the most popular movies at the time, to pass off sheriff’s and U,S, Marshals as good guys in movies and to even demonstrate how sheriff’s stand up to angry killing mobs, in movies!

That is our governments way of changing history and the begining of this country trying to cover up all the organized killings done and organized by local authority’s in past decades, and to give a complete false impression to all new generations that sheriff’s are good guys that stand up to angry killing mobs, it’s kind of ironic that even in the 1940s Hollywood is still admitting to killing mobs in movies, but they only do so to create the false impression that sheriff’s are good guys and stand up to such things!

Remember it was still common knowledge back in the 1940s with adults that local police and sheriff’s did indeed run the KKK and organized many killing party’s up to this point in history!

The 1950s and 1960s Hollywood and TV shows concentrated on entertainment that tought covert means of doing things, and even started the spy graze in movies and later on in TV shows, and don’t forget, Hollywood never actually stop pumping out propaganda, so in effect Hollywood was helping people that were in the know about all that targeting and killing how things are going to be from now on!

From now on police and sheriff’s and anyone that helps them in targeting people had to learn to be more covert about it, and they did just that, and in effect became what we know in this day and age as gang-stalkers!

Unlike the KKK gang-stalkers are far more covert in what they do compared to the KKK but their intentions are the same as the KKK, to destroy and kill their target and to get away with it, and gang-stalkers to this day still use a lot of the tactics the KKK did, mainly they vilify their target, publicly, so no one will care about the target/victim, thus allowing the gang-stalkers to do as they please to their target as long as they do not openly murder the person, so gang-stalkers are fond of either framing their target and killing them off slowing in prison, or they will slowly poison off their target and tell doctors to just refuse to take toxicology tests thus covering up the poisonings, and police and doctors and gang-stalkers will further destroy their targets reputation even further by labeling him/her as a drug attic to explain the targets deteriorated condition to neighbors/friends/coworkers of the target!





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