Gang-Stalking Existed Back In The 1970s And Was Done By County Sheriff Officer’s And By People That Owned Police Scanners!

Gang-stalking, or as I prefer to call it police-gang-stalking has been going on for a very long time around the world, and there is traceable history of police gang-stalking people and many people that talk about gang-stalking fail to mention is that gang-stalking has a long history and it’s done by police, county sheriff’s, and by people connected with local authority’s.

Back in the 1940s Hollywood made movies trying to glamorize gang-stalking as community activism and promoted the idea that people in community’s should organize to get rid of undesirable people within their community’s, the Hollywood movie “Captain Boycott” made around 1946 greatly describes gang-stalking from the stalkers point of view, and the movie glorifies the stalkers as the “Good guys” getting rid of undesirable people.

So back in the 1940s, when our government had the most influence with Hollywood because of world war 2, were allowing and wanting Hollywood to glamorize gang-stalking via propaganda movies!

Now the movie portrays the victims of gang-stalking as undesirable “Bad guys” and it is that belief that the targets are bad guys that makes the gang-stalkers feel and believe that they are justified in their concentrated attack on individuals, and the movie reminds the movie goers that watch the movie that it is easy to gang up on your victims as a community.

So gang-stalking has been around for a long long time and it is always fostered and started and organized and funded by law enforcement, and once law enforcement points it’s grizzled finger at someone and labels that person, then the community of people that support government and help government to target people now know who in their community to go after, and that person gets gang-stalked!

I am a first hand witness to gang-stalking back in the early 1970s, I witnessed a county sheriff officer acting as a double inside someone’s home and the owner of the home was not there at the time, and that county sheriff officer was tossing out candy bars to children that were brought to this location by a mother, and that mother and her family were pals with law enforcement and were brown nosers to law enforcement and that family owned a police scanner.

People back in the early 1970s that owned police scvanners are bros to law enforcement and use those police scanners to find out who law enforcement is targeting, and the owners of those police scanners would help police by gang-stalking the target and help police frame the target, ussually as a pedophile, and they did this by bringing children to the targets home when the target is not there, and a county sheriff officer is inside the targets home, and he sits in a chair next to the window and tosses out candy bars to children that the people with police scvanners brought there, and the people with the police scanners would stand across the street and take photogenic photo’s of the children picking up the candy bars and would photograph the county sheriff officer’s arm handing out the window of the house!

If one of the children got two close to the county sheriff officer he would tell them to back away from him and to stay in the yard as he tosses out candy bars!

These people did this in broad daylight and did not care if anyone witnessed it, and it was the mother of the children that brought the children there that was using a special camera and was taking photogenic photo’s of all this from across the street!

When they were done then the mother rounded up the children and took them home with her, and all the children were laughing and munching on the candy bars the county sheriff’s tossed at them, and that’s when the children started laughing and saying that the person that gave them the candy was a pedophile, and while the children were laughing about this the mother was putting the photo’s from the special camera into an envelope and she was grinning about everything!

This was a staged event staged by the county sheriff’s and by their willing accomplices to frame an innocent man that was not even in the house at the time as a pedophile, and most of the children knew it was a county sheriff officer in uniform that was tossing out the candy bars, but they immediately began pretending it was not a county sheriff officer doing it right after they made their photogenic photo’s and left the scene!

So I am a first hand witness to how gang-stalkers do this and what their motives are and what their mentality’s are all about, and how they justify it all by claiming “their getting rid of an undesirable person from the neighborhood!” kind of mentality!

The very term “Gang-Stalking” was popularized by law enforcement so as to distract people that discover it all from the base fact that it is local authority’s that are responsible for 99% of all gang-stalking activity and they are the ones that start it and run it and organize it and fund it, and yes there are a seemingly never ending list of brown nosers to police that join in on gang-stalking people!

It would be far more accurate to call it police gang-stalking since it is police that start it and run it and organize it and fund it all not to mention anyone that helps police in these activity’s becomes immune to prosecution because police will simply never arrest them, no matter what charge you charge them with, so gang-stalkers are also protected by police from prosecution!

Police-gang-stalkers concentrate on defaming their targets name and reputation while they gang-stalk their target, and they never fear being caught because they take the time to destroy their targets reputation, that is how gang-stalkers get the support from the community while they stalk people, because they defame their target first before they stalk and terrorize their target, and everyone knows how rumors in neighbors spread like wildfire and how neighbors never come forward to tell people that their getting labeled behind their backs, so targets never even see it coming until it’s too late!

These people that gang-stalk their victims finacially gain from their targeting, they are paid by law enforcement under the table for backing up false charges on innocent people and for lying for police, and since they are already organized they treat the whole thing like a game and have the mentality of “OK Who’s Next!?” and laugh, so you get the idea!

Gang-stalkers believe they are better than everyone else and go out of their way to make themselves appear better than everyone else and they always look down on people, they are cocking and act like their shit don’t stink and they carry themselves that way, and they are very very quick to criticize anyone in their neighborhoods because in a way they deem themselves the law and are always on the lookout for their next target!

They are organized, they never fear prosecution, police will never arrest them no matter what, and they know it, so when they target and harass and menace people within their neighborhoods they don’t really care if their target finds out or if anyone else finds out, they just never care!

There are a lot of trained propagandists on the internet that try to distract victims of gang-stalking by talking about bogus phoney terror groups such as the Illuminati or some other bullcrap group to point a finger at, big bad GOV ALWAYS needs a bad guy to point at to distract the masses away from the governments own crimes, so big bad GOV invents boogy man groups to blame!

Our corrupt government media even pays rap stars to sing about the Illuminati as a way of distracting the ignorant masses away from the fact that all the corruption and gang-stalking and killings going on in America are done by our own local authority’s and by their accomplices!

To even Google the term “Gang-Stalking” will get thousands of thousands of results but most everything on gang-stalking is either lies or half truths, the half truth story’s are mostly telling the truth, but COMPLETELY distract from the fact that gang-stalking is done and run and paid for by local authority’s!

Many people want people to think it is special FBI operations that run gang-stalking, well that’s another one of those half truths, because yes indeed FBI do in fact gang-stalk people, but most gang-stalking is done by local authority’s and by local people, FBI don’t waste it’s time on little fish, FBI gang-stalk bigger targets, such as Michael Jackson for example!

So there are lots of information on the internet about gang-stalking, many are telling truths that have lies mixed in, many story’s will describe things/crimes that gang-stalkers do that is accurate, but then try to convince people it is occults that are doing it all to protect law enforcement operations from being exposed.

The main reason government gets away with this is because it is government that controls everything, they even control the internet, so how do you think big bad GOV hides their crimes? why they hide their crimes in plain site and simply overwhelm people that look into their activity’s with thousands and thousands of story’s that are designed to distract people from the truth!

For every factual event/crime I expose and report publicly our big bad GOV puts out thousands of false story’s to literally bury my story with their overwhelming propaganda! so it is virtually impossible for me or anyone else yo adequately warn enough people about the truth because the truth gets buried by thousands of false story’s pumped out by a government that has activity pumped out propaganda since world war 2 and has never stopped pumping out propaganda!

There are people the partly agree with me but believe that gang-stalking is not run by police because their stalkers that stalk them are not police and they know it, and all I can say to that is “Sure! police have many people that are not in law enforcement that gang-stalk people, I already know that, so yes there are lots of people that are not in law enforcement that gang-stalk people, but it still don’t change the fact that it is local authority’s that start it, run it, organize it, and fund it all!” and that is the truth.

Government will not recognize such organized crimes when victims complain and it is very common for police to cover their butts as well as their accomplices by simply labeling a victim of gang-stalking as mentally ill, and that tactic seems to be the most popular with our government and their accomplices, and they are quick to make mental illness accusations about their target right away, and they tend to smirk while doing that!

Remember, throughout our entire history there have been organized people that do not hide the fact they are organized and that they kill people, the KKK back in the 1920s were very organized and was run and organized and funded by local law enforcement then, and it was common for them to vilify anyone in their neighborhoods they wanted dead, and they would hang those people in broad daylight not caring if anyone knew it!


So yes gang-stalking is very very real, and if your Fascist police want to look people in the faces and pretend gang-stalking is not and instead label victims mentally ill to cover up such crimes then yes you live in a Fascist country!

What are Fascists anyway? OH that’s right! their a bunch of stinking murders that enjoy killing people and getting away with it! their the people that organize the killings and targeting of people within community’s! their the ones that enjoy framing people and defaming people and smirking about it knowing the ignorant masses are too asleep to wake up to their organized murders!

Gang-stalking, regardless of what name it goes by, never changes, the labels these groups of people go by change over the decades, but their organized attacking and framing and killing of people never changes, they gang up, they vilify their target, turning neighborhoods against their target, and then they are free to do as they please, and the majority of people just go along with it as though it is normal and think themselves justified, because a lot of vilifying went on before the killing to create the illusion of justification!

This is how they did it in the 1920s, and it’s very much the same thing nowadays in 2013, only instead of the gang-stalkers wearing white hoods while gang-stalking and killing people, they now just flash their badge at people faking an investigation, either way people back off and don’t question them, now do they!?

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