Apathy Is Police-Gang-Stalkers Greatest Ally And Is Why Victims Cannot Find Help!

My name is Terry Wagar, I was married and had three children, all grown now, and I am a victim of a very sick and disgusting murder conspiracy that blows away anything that any horror story writer can ever come up with in novels, my wife was having an affair with a cop, and because of that affair my wife and her lover had the blessings of local authority’s to not only murder me, but to frame me for their crimes and to debilitate me by poisoning me so that they could torture me and frame me at the same time, and I am not their only victim.

I was a husband, a father, a respected person in my community, I never did anything wrong, and bamm, my wife gets a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen and becomes friends/bros with local authority’s, and after only working there for a month and a half she quit her job there because her lover told her to, why? because they decided they were going to set me up as a pedophile, after my wife quit her job the county sheriff’s took over the apartment next door to ours and put us under video surveillance, my wife coached our daughter how to perform for their video surveillance cameras, and after they took over the apartment next door to us the county sheriff’s arranged to have a body double move in with my mother who happened to live in another state at the time!

My wife and her side of the family spent several months turning our yard into a playground spending thousands of dollars, all paid for by county sheriff officer’s next door, and police and county sheriff’s were gang-stalking my mother and father at the same time!

The county sheriff’s arranged to get my mother and that double that moved in with her onto my property, and county sheriff’s after this staging all kinds of crimes in my neighborhood, and after I kicked that double off my property that double battered my mother and the police refused to arrest that dude for that and allowed that double to keep my mothers motor home!

After this my wife poisoned my mother and admitted to my mother she poisoned her, and my mother called 911 and the police did nothing on her complaint, thus covered it up, and three weeks later I find out that my father was being gang-stalked and harassed by plain clothed officer’s and that they poisoned him, three days later he was dead!

From this point forward my wife and her side of the family were not hiding their guilt, they were flaunting it, and I was getting phone calls daily from law officer’s and they were making threats and demands, daily!

I feared for my family’s safety, they made it very very clear I cannot get help from 911 nor could anyone else in my family, and a month later I was charged with forty four felony pedophile charges that turned to zero ten days later with no explanation!

They did this to remind me to STFU or else about their murder conspiracy, they wanted me to know that they did that JUST TO DESTROY MY REPUTATION, they had no intention of having a trial since their using a double and killing my relatives at the same time, their flaunting their guilt and wanted me to know that even our daughters could be killed by them, so I STFU!

911 is a joke! it is impossible to get help from 911 when police are so corrupt! no one will take a complaint, my God they used a double to batter my mother, they used a double on my property, they poisoned my mother and father! they cover up 911 calls and they murdered my father! and then they publicly pedofy me with forty four bogus felony charges just because they can and don’t even care how public that was!

Police-gang-stalkers don’t hide their guilt and they flaunt it! and they get away with it because no one cares! there is no one a victim can call that gives a damn! it is common for police where I live to batter unarmed people to death on the streets, and they never stand trial for it, news reporters where I live are so Fascist that they pretend that such deaths are justified by police, by simply saying so, no trial, no nothing!

I can step outside right now and yell at the top of my lungs “The police are murderers and their bragging on death threats! I need help and I need witnesses! someone please help me!” and nothing will happen other than people calling 911 for the police! and like I said police will not take a complaint from me or anyone else from my side of the family!

I am surrounded by neighbors filled with apathy and the moment I try to ask for help they immediately walk away from me and ignore what I said to them, I told them I was poisoned by my wife and they just turn and walk away!

Going to a hospital is a joke in this town, the police run the hospital just like a gulag! they pick and choose who gets help and who gets ignored and left sitting in the lobby and never helped!

The police have a mini station just several feet away from the emergency lobby desk, and many times you can witness the nurses going over to the police station and asking them if they should help me or not, and of course the police tell them to leave me sit and to ignore me!

The USA is openly Fascist and the constant propaganda that TV stations spew out about our freedoms is crap! our government does not bother with killing people in concentration camps and instead kills people off by poisoning and by denying the debilitated victim medical treatment at hospitals!

To say “Help me please! my wife poisoned me! my wife was having an affair with a cop! no one will help me! please help!” flat out does not get any damn help at all! no one even cares enough to ask me “What happened?” NO ONE!

I see why it is so easy for Fascism to take hold in country’s, apathy is what allows it to foster and grow into a monstrous killing machine!


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