Police-Gang-Stalkers Are Pedofying Their Victims And They Brag To Their Bros They Get People Killed By Pedofying People!

If you watch TV news or read newspapers regularly or review news websites on the internet on a regular basis or have children in school then you might notice that police and news reporters are making tons and tons of pedophile accusations, and if you pay close attenttion to it over a long period of time and even keep track of it you may discover that their are patterns to it that police and news reporters don’t want you to notice, that being the vast majority of the accusations are false and not backed up by a human being with a name.

Most all pedophile accusations made are made by police themselves, and very rarely do police give the names of the accusers, and when they do not give the names of the accusers then you have just run across one of those false accusations that police make on a regular basis.

You might ask yourself “Why would police make intentional false pedophile accusations?” and that’s a good question, critical thinking is a good thing, but the answer to that question is hard to explain unless you have a sense of history, especially when it comes to the history of crimes.
I can flat out tell you why their lying but it will not make sense to you unless you have a sense of history, the reason police make on a regular basis false pedophile accusations is because they can, and they demonstrate that by pedofying people on a regular basis.
 Police are not what your propaganda TV and Hollywood movies portray them to be and never have been, they are not public servants as your schools and TV shows and news reporters and Hollywood movies portray them to be, they are a armed force that runs a territory and rule with force.

Police are basically a armed military that have taken control over a territory and rule it, by force, and just like any over-baring military force it spews out non-stop propaganda to control it’s citizens and to destroy the reputations of their targets, to defame their targets is common practice with military police forces and therefore police use the news websites and TV news stations and school flyers to spread their propaganda and to organize mobs against their enemy individual targets.

Our whole government in the USA all over the USA is in the habit of making non-stop pedophile accusations on their targets and do so to destroy their target as a human being and to utterly destroy the person to the point that no one will help their target, thus isolating the target from any form of help and support.

You can call a person a asshole and that does not destroy someone’s life, you can call someone a jerk and that does not destroy someone’s life, but to call someone a pedophile can and does turn whole neighborhoods against the individual overnight, and POLICE KNOW THAT!

Imagine calling someone a asshole to your coworkers or to your friends or to your family, some people might agree with you, some might not, now imagine doing the same thing but instead of calling that person an asshole you instead call that person a pedophile, your using the term “pedophile” the same way you would if you are just calling the person an asshole, in other words you are just mad at the person and want to name call on the person, and that’s how you are treating it, well everyone else around you that hears that are going to assume, without a trial or proof or backed up charges that ity must be true, and then the rumor spreads like wild fire over the neighborhood.

After a couple of weeks there are hundreds of people spreading the false pedophile accusation, all started because someone wanted to name call on that person, their is no formal charges, no one with a actual name backing up the complaint, yet hundreds of people over a very short period of time are spreading the accusation regardless, what’s going on here people? have you never heard of false rumors before?

Everyone knows about rumors, everyone knows how easy it is for rumors to spread, and the worse of a rumor it is determines how far that rumor wil spread, will a rumor CANNOT GET ANY WORSE THAT PEDOPHILE ACCUSATIONS! and those kind of false rumors get people killed, police know this, which is why police love to use and make false pedophile accusations on people they want dead!

Police have several ways they use to falsely pedofy innocent people of which they use on a regular basis, police use our school system to pedofy people with flyers, they do this all the time, and most of the time you never hear about it because when police are targeting someone with false pedophile accusations they will only have one or two schools print flyers on it while the rest of the schools in town are not printing flyers.

Police also use news websites to pedofy innocent people and they do so via “Police Press Release”  story’s that they fax to locals news websites, the vast bast majority of news websites that post story’s of people being accused of being pedophiles are not story’s written by a news reporter at all, if you look at the bottom of the story you will see the author of the news story, it will say “Police Press Release” as the source of the news story with no mention of the news reporters name.

Such news story’s if you want to call them that, even though they are not news story’s at all, are never backed up by a human being, almost none of them, as a matter of fact they don’t even tell you which police agency is responsible for the so-called news story, to just say at the end of the story “Police Press Release” is vague and identity’s no one as the source of the false accusation.

Police also use local TV news stations to pedofy innocent people but never do so unless police are planning on having a trial over it, but many times there is not a criminal trial and you never here on local news stations about the false accusations being dropped after the fact, so TV news stations do also help police in pedofying innocent people and never mention when the charges are dropped, and most of the time the charges are dropped, why? because the charges are false and police know it and realize after the fact they don’t have a case so the prosecutor drops the charges, and when that happens nine times out of ten TV news reporters are mums the word on the dropped charges to the public.

Police and news reporters are buddy buddy’s and cater to each other all the time, police give news reporters hot story’s for the press and at the same time news reporters choose to not publicize story’s that are highly unfavorable to police, so they scratch each others backs all the time and they have a regular working relationship with each other, so when police have it out for someone and they pedofy that person then news reporters jump onto the pedofying bandwagon with police to destroy that persons name and reputation, and when their is no trial or no formal accusations and or charges are dropped then news reporters are mums the word on THAT story.

Now I should not have to remind you that slander and defamation of character are felony crimes, everyone knows that, but in this day and age police and news reporters love to pedofy people, and most of the pedofying that takes place happens because police ordered the pedofying and news reporters jump onto the bandwagon, like sharks swirling their bleeding pray going in for the kill.

Police are immune to being charged for false accusations as long as police did not intentionally make false accusations, so that’s why police don’t go to jail for slandering someone, police are corrupt, they lie all the time, they are never held to account for lying, so they are used to slandering anyone and getting away with it! so police commonly pedofy innocent people they have it out for and are immune to being prosecuted themselves so they freely lie to destroy their target and even can be caught grinning about it while they lie, the government is the police oyster and they flaunt their Fascist police powers and use the laws as a shield to cover their butts while they maliciously destroy and murder people, and news reporters are much like lap dogs to the police and police throw their lap dogs a bone once in a while and tell them “Good boy! good boy!” while the news reporters wag their tail at their masters the police!

Because our system is so corrupt police can and do pretty much whatever they want to, police have lots of friends and many of those friends will lie to protect police from prosecution and even lie to help police railroad innocent people into prison on false charges, this is so common that their is just no where innocent people can turn to for help!

Our system is so corrupt that is proof came to light that a person was wrongfully put into prison and was framed by several officer’s that this system would rather destroy that evidence than to admit that several officer’s conspired to put an innocent person into prison, our police kill innocent people all the time and news reporters do everything in their power to destroy the murdered victims reputation they can to cover police officer’s butts.

Because police cannot be prosecuted for making false accusations police are in the habit of making false allegations all the time and do so regularly at the drop of a hat, if you ask a cop a question the cop does not like then that cop will probably pretend your resisting arrest, yes cops do that, many people that ask a cop a question gets beaten by police, and then police will pretend the act of you trying to protect your face with your hands constitutes resisting arrest, so yes cops commonly make false accusations and flaunt it and everyone knows it, and as usual news reporters do everything in their power to draw the masses attention AWAY for that fact!

Many times police frame people as pedophiles and they commonly use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people as pedophiles and police have many civilian volunteers that will lie for police and back up false allegations so that police can railroad innocent people into prison!

Body doubles and photogenic photo’s are common use tactics that police use to frame people, and many innocent people that are under investigation by police are usually stalked by cops that routinely dress up like their target to impersonate the target and to pose for photogenic photo’s in order to build a falsified case against their target!

Most people that are being framed by police are being framed by several officer’s that will take several months to a couple of years to frame/set up and they do indeed dress up like their target to frame their target and they do it for photogenic photo’s that they intend to use in court in a later date (building a case!) and most of the time their target is unaware that this is even happening to them because it is done behind the targets back.

Police commonly brag to their friends and girlfriends that they trust that they kill off people by pedofying people, pedofying is their term and they use it regularly amongst fellow officer’s and around people they trust, but they will never admit to it publicly, why? because they kill people that way, that’s why!



7 thoughts on “Police-Gang-Stalkers Are Pedofying Their Victims And They Brag To Their Bros They Get People Killed By Pedofying People!

  1. You are right. There is a plague of paedophile accusations at the moment – it is like McCarthyism. When I go to the library a child will come and sit directly beside me even when there are plenty of other places to sit – in school hours and in term time. When I go out people dress like me – I have a photo I took of my husband in a park and it looked as if I was in the photo -.

    • Back in the 1970s people that lived in my neighborhood that owned police scanners that had children would help police and county sheriff’s to frame people as pedophiles!

      The county sheriff’s would break into people’s homes when they were not home and use a photo double dressed up like the person that lives there, and the people in the neighborhood that owned police scanners would bring their children to that location and the mother of the children coached the children to play in the yard and the county sheriff officer would throw out candy bars into the yard and the mother would say to the children “Go ahead! pick up the candy! it’s OK!” and the children picked up the candy while the county sheriff officer, dressed like the person that lived there, had his arm hanging out the window, and across the street the mother that brought the children there and told the children to pick up the candy was photographing it all from across the street!

      After the fact the mother then brought the children home with her, and that5 mother and the children were all grins and were laughing as though this is fun for all of them!

      Where I live it is common for police and county sheriff’s to use body doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people, and they seemingly have a never ending list of people willing to help them to frame people!

      • I think what you have said here is relevant to me. You might have noticed my comment that I am avoiding going out. The reason is when I went to the library a child would always come and sit beside me. On one day after I left the library that same child with another younger ran past me in the street. The right photographic angle could make it look as if we were together. Also recently when I went into a shop there were some children hanging around the freezers. As I passed them one boy suddenly stepped back bumping into me. He apologised, I nodded and went to walk on but he stepped in front of me and said – no really I am sorry. An onlooker might have thought I was engaging him in conversation. I was at the check out of another shop

      • Gang-stalkers are either under cover police or are people that are friends of police and do indeed bring children with them and coach those children to approach their target and to engage their target in conversation or to just be near the target for video/photogenic purposes to frame/entrap the target at a later date, remember police and prosecutors and court rooms always talk about “building cases” and gang-stalkers (police) love to surround their target with children for photogenic purposes.

        Do not deem the children guilty of anything! even if children are coached to break the law by adults don’t mean it’s the children’s fault.

        It is not children’s fault that corrupt adults coach them to hang around someone for photo’s, children just do what their told by the sick twisted gang-stalkers.

        Gang-stalkers that coach children to do this are guilty of corruption of a minor, never forget that.

        Hope that helps.

      • Yes, it helps clarify. I don’t blame the children. I agree, they are being abused. I feel sorry for them. They are being corrupted from an early age, and I don’t give much for their chances of growing up sane.

      • This is my second attempt at a reply. I was half way through now I will have to start again. It is 6.45 in the morning and the fire alarm has just gone off. I am ignoring it – I continue with earplugs. I mentioned that I was having some trouble here so I was avoiding leaving the house. When I went to the library a child would come and sit beside me at the computers. On one occasion whenI left the library that same child with a younger one rushed past me in the street. From the right camera angle it could look as if we were together. In a shop recently there was a group of children hanging about the freezer. As I walked past one suddenly stepped back and bumped into me. He apologised and I nodded and went to walk on. But he stepped in front of me saying – no I mean it. I am sorry. In another shop I was at the checkout and another staff came over to chat with my check out girl. She turned to me and said – did you see that story in the newspaper about those gypsies who had stolen a child? The events with the children all occurred in school hours and in term time. As there is no way I can prevent children sitting beside me in the library I got myself an iPad . If anything it worked better than the librar computers which were always going slow, freezing, blocking me from getting on to sites, losing my input etc etc. But after a w eek I am starting to have the same problems. I couldn’t,t continue conversation with you on free speech? Because the log in page would not let me input my password. This morning I was trying to reblog a blog from stoporganstalking into my wordpress blog and the same thing kept happening. The wordpress login would not accept my password. I had become concerned about leaving my flat because I didn’t know what they were getting up to in my absence. When I moved here all the previous long standing tenants were moved out. A couple of weeks ago I realised that there was a child in the house but he is keeping abnormally quiet. So, what you think? When I go out that child is hanging out the window and there just happens to be a photographer hanging in the branches in woodland outside who takes a coincidental shot? So I haven’t been out any more than I can avoid. It is now half an hour after the fire alarm went off and the house hasn’t burnt down yet. They played this stunt on me before but it was a real fire. When my husband and I lived in Tooting the fire alarm went off. We all piled out on the street ( my husband had to sit in the ambulance because he was so weak from the cancer treatment). Then the girl whose flat it was caught fire walked past me dressed in what appeared to be assorted shoelaces. A photo opportunity for somebody. Maybe they set the alarm off to get me on the street standing beside the kid in the house. Maybe they just wanted to alarm 🙂 me .
        Any advice and comments are welcome. I feel seriously threatened at the moment. And if there is any way you can re blog this or publicise it further I would be most grateful. I barely know how to use a computer. All the best Terry. Clair, Harrogate

      • If you believe you are in danger then you should tell people that you know and trust about it right away, if you suspect you are being framed then you should tell people you know about this as well, there is safety in numbers, do you have family or friends you can talk to about this?

        It sounds very similar to what my wife and her lover and his buddy’s were and still are doing to me, if they are setting off your fire alarm and there is no fire and firefighters don’t bother to respond then it is a good bet that police there are staging emergency’s to terrorize you and to possible get photogenic photo’s of you outside, or it could be that they just want to terrorize you and further harass you.

        If you believe you are in danger and you believe that police will not help you then the best thing to do is to tell people you know and trust about your situation.

        Safety in numbers, not to mention if you forewarn people in advance that you believe police are framing you then that makes it very hard for police to do that since you already told people.

        Blog on the internet if you have no other way of getting information to people.

        Do you have family or friends you trust that you can contact? if so then do it and tell them you fear for your safety and fear police are framing you and staging crimes near you, and remember, whether people want to admit it or not, police do in fact stage crimes, they do it all the time when they do drug busts or prostitution stings, so it’s not unheard of that police do indeed stage crimes.

        Keep posting on your blog and even on mine and anyone Else’s you can think of, the more people you warn the more likely police may back off thinking they cannot frame you in court when you are warning people in advance you are being framed/targeted.

        If you believe your life is in danger and believe that people around you are committing crimes then you are in your right to warn people about it, but that don’t stop most people from not caring unfortunately, but keep trying to warn people regardless, it’s the right thing to do.

        I hope that helps.

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