It Is Common Knowledge That Police Do Street theater In Groups To Frame/Entrap People!

I recently read on another persons blog about how that person was being gang-stalked and that this person has taken quite a few years describing his/her situation and describe quite a lot og gang-stalking activity done against him/her and he/she described how these gang-stalkers rented apartments surrounding him/her and that they made noises to harass him/her and that they were using electric shocks aimed at him/her somehow and that his/her apartment manager gave those stalkers the key to his/her apartment.

This person describes how he/she is followed everywhere he/she goes and that they perform street theater on the streets and surround him/her and harass him/her and try to provoke him/her into getting angry at them, and he/she admits they have him/her on video surveillance cameras.

This person describes many many forms of torture that these gang-stalkers have done to him/her, and when I pointed out the fact on his/her blog that police do all these things and that it is common knowledge that police do operations where they take over a surrounding area and set up video surveillance cameras and that they pay/train officer’s to perform for video surveillance cameras in order to frame/entrap people, and the person that authored that blog refused to admit that police do these things to people and refused to admit that policegang-stalk people.

This person admits multiple people are stalking him/her and that many people are helping those stalkers and admits his/her landlord/apartment manager is giving their keys to the stalkers, yet he/she refuses to admit/accept the fact that landlords/apartment managers always cooperate with police investigations and refuses to acknowledge that police do in fact take over large areas for their operations and that police pay/train officer’s to do street theater to frame and entrap people on the streets.

It is common knowledge that police do drug busts and prostitution stings and they do those operations in a large scale consisting of around fifteen to thirty officer’s for such operations, and that they use several officer’s to perform for video surveillance cameras, that is just common knowledge, but the majority of people that claim they are gang-stalked refuse to even mention police let alone suspect police of using similar operations to target individuals.

I am under the belief that there are many law officer’s that blog on the internet and fake being gang-stalked in order to distract real victims from the truth that it is local authority’s that run and organize and fund gang-stalking much in the same way they run and organize and fund drug busts and prostitution stings and that they use similar tactics on drug busts and prostitution stings to target individuals.

When police do a large scale bust or sting operation they take over the surrounding area to control it and they bug the entire area with video and audio recording devices, and they pay several under cover officer’s to perform FOR those video surveillance cameras, and that they are trained to make the people they talk to on the streets look as bad as possible FOR police video surveillance in order to frame/entrap people.

This is common knowledge, everyone knows police do this for drug busts and prostitution stings, that’s common knowledge information and anyone can look up drug busts and sting operations on Google and learn about it, so why is it impossible for people that claim to be a victim of such activity’s to admit that police do in fact do these things.

I find it odd that there are hundreds of people on the internet that claim they are victims of gang-stalking and describe how the gang-stalkers treat them and describe how they are targeted, and yet pretend to know nothing about police operations and pretend police have nothing to do with street theater when it is already common knowledge that police do this to people.

Most victims of gang-stalking admit they are stalked by multiple people, and that they get keys to their home and break into their home and plant evidence in their home and bug their home and that they surround their home and they harass them while renting an apartment next door, and that they are harassed by multiple people performing street theater and that they do it for video surveillance cameras, but these victims REFUSE to admit that police are already known to do these things to people when police do certain operations such as drug busts and sting operations.

It is frustration to run into someone’s blog and hear them describe how gang-stalkers are destroying their lives and yet they refuse to admit that their gang-stalkers might be police officer’s, they seem to want to blame everyone BUT police officer’s, as though the only reason they are on the internet is to distract people from the fact that police are already known to do these things.


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