What Is Gang-Stalking And Why Do Gang-Stalkers Stalk People?

Because of the creation of the internet it has become possible for the first time in history for people to communicate with large amounts of people over a very short period of time and many things never known before commonly are starting to get noticed by people and word of mouth over the internet has a way of getting around.

One such thing that has come to light via word of mouth over the internet is gang-stalking, or at least that is the general term most people use in describing it, others may refer to it as cause-stalking or other similar terms, but most people think it is a myth or just rumors.

I can tell you that gang-stalking is in fact real and very common especially in the USA, I cannot speak for other country’s because I do not live in other country’s, but in the USA it is very very common and many times it is right in front of many people’s faces but do not recognize it as gang-stalking!

Average people that are not being stalked are not able or trained to recognize gang-stalking which is why it is so easy for gang-stalkers to get away with their crimes on their targets/victims, and it’s really easy for victims of gang-stalkers to recognize it because they are the ones being victimized by it and repeatedly catch these stalkers at places where the victim goes to.

There is a reason average people know nothing about gang-stalking and that reason is because news reporters are mums the word on it and do not warn people about it, at all!

You might be asking yourself “Why would news reporters not say anything about it? that don’t make any sense!” and the only thing I can tell you is it makes perfect sense, you are just not ready to accept the truth as to why it is so.

The point is gang-stalking goes on all the time, and we as Americans raised and educated by our government schools system have been taught to not question our government and to always give it our support and benefit of the doubt and to be fully loyal to it, well it’s that very loyalty that blinds most people from the truth of many many things in this world!

Gang-stalking is real, and to wake up to that fact is to also wake up to the fact that our news reporters are flat out hiding it from the American people and make virtually no mention of it!

Sorry people but most people are sheep minded and act like a heard, and as long as the majority of people are calm and not panicked then people stay calm, so when one person tries to speak up saying their being gang-stalked and targeted and desperately try to warn people, to most people this one person appears to be crazy because everyone else around this person is acting calm and acting like nothings wrong!

It is very easy for people to assume someone acting panicked and saying their being gang-stalked to appear mentally ill to other people because other people are not witnessing it and are acting like nothings wrong!

This is one of the main reasons gang-stalkers get away with their crimes because no one will take the victims cries for help seriously and will just presume their mentally ill, and everyone knows police and news reporters love labeling people as mentally ill now don’t they!

Most people reading this may have never knowingly witnessed gang-stalking and cannot relate to it or to victims, but most people do from time to time watch TV news and read up on news blogs from time to time and BOY OH BOY do the police and news reporters just flat out love non-stop labeling people mentally ill now don’t they?

As a matter of fact most people ARE AWARE police and news reporters commonly label people mental and wacko and crazy and love to use terms such as “gun nuts” in describing people that you NEVER EVER GET TO HEAR THEIR SIDE OF THE STORY!

It may not have occurred to most people in the USA but this country is openly Fascist and is openly lying to the American people on a regular basis on the news and is openly controlling the majority of people’s opinions via repeated propaganda in order to control the American people!

Do you disagree with that? well I can assure you the USA government and it’s news reporters commonly lie to the American people, and that this country is so openly Fascist that most Americans are scared to admit they are disgusted with their government out of fear of being targeted BY their government.

Americans feel like they have to be loyal and patriotic to their country or fear being targeted by their country, that is a genuine fear whether news reporters want to admit to it or not!

What does this have to do with gang-stalking? everything! because gang-stalking goes by another term that your police and your news reporters do not want you associating with gang-stalking, it’s called AN INVESTIGATION! DUNH DUNH DUUUUNNNNHHHHH!

Are you starting to see why gang-stalking is extremely common and many times is right in front of many people’s faces yet mosty people do not regognize it, it’s because your very own government and it’s many henchmen/lackey’s do not describe their activity’s as gang-stalking, but they do admit to investigating people, some people they investigate the hell out of!

Victims of gang-stalking have describes themselves as being gang-stalked for several years, well police on occasion have admitted to investigations that last for several years, what a coincidence!

Hoe can this be? victims of gang-stalkers don’t describe the stalkers as uniformed police they describe them as being dressed as civilians!

Easy! because everyone commonly knows police use under cover officer’s that do not while on their job wear any uniform and dress as civili9ans and that under cover police do this ALL THE TIME!

Victims of gang-stalkers say that their stalkers break into their homes and move furniture around but do not steal anything of value!

What a coincidence because when police get a warrant to enter your home they do not always do so when you are home, they are free to do so when you are not home, and police love to plant evidence in their targets home for future prosecution and everyone knows law enforcement loves using video surveillance so you can imagine what police are doing when they remove your wall power outlets and replacing the guts of it with audio and video recording devices!

If you have doubt’s about law enforcement loving their video surveillance then just Google some YouTube video’s of police drug busts and police prostitution stings and watch all the video surveillance law enforcement loves to use to entrap people with! educate yourself!

Victims of gang-stalkers say that they are followed everywhere they go by gang-stalkers and that they interfere with their everyday lives and even destroy their reputations with false accusations!

Well if that don’t describe police following people and questioning people about you thus destroying your reputation i9n the process then I don’t know what is!

Gang-stalkers claim that they get harassed by stalkers that are renting apartments next door to them and that they are always making noises in such a way as to make it known to the victim that their watching your movements inside your home!

See entering your home with warrant when you are not home to bug your home above!

Gang-stalkers always seem to be able to follow you where ever you go even if you leave town!

Police conducting an investigation on you will hell yes follow you everywhere you go and on the spur of the moment can always obtain a apartment near you because ALL landlords and apartment managers ALWAYS cooperate with police investigations!

Many victims say that their foods are being poisoned and that no police will help them!

It is true many police do in fact poison people knowing that it is one of the easiest things police can cover up, not to mention you most likely are not a witness to them poisoning your foods and they can easily deny such an accusation!

You might be saying to yourself right now “How is this possible? people would know if cops are doing this and would be reporting this to the police and even to news papers and news reporters!” and all I can tell you is that you are not ready to hear the truth to the answer to tha5 question!

You! as an American, have been fed all your life propaganda lies by your government and because of those propaganda lies that you believe in you are unable and unwilling to accept the truth that your, our, government is corrupt and that it always has been so, and that are Fascist system has done everything 9in it’s Fascist power to control what and when and how and why we as a people see and know things!

When you are fed propaganda lies all your life telling you that your free and that you have rights and that your government is good and that it protects and guards our rights, that it is near impossible to wake up and accept the fact that it was all lies and our government does not give a damn about my rights or your rights or anyone Else’s rights and that i9t is only interested in controlling everything and everyone and that from time to time our Fascist government sends out it’s thugs to target/destroy people it wants dead/eliminated!

If you know anything at all about police drug busts and police prostitution stings then you know full well police go all out and have in total around thirty officer’s involved in such so-called investigations and that they rely heavily on video surveillance for such activity’s they do and that they flat out entrap people with such tactics!

Well when police gang-stalk/investigate people, individuals, they still go all out and have a couple dozen people target that person on and off there will be at least several people at any given time stalking someone and yes they are being paid to do this and yes they punch out and the new shift takes over, which is why being gang-stalked/targeted can be overwhelming to the victim because the harassing and menacing done by police tends to never stop!

Why do gang-stalkers/police stalk/investigate people? because IT IS THEIR JOB! IT IS HOW THEY MAKE A LIVING! and police have for many many decades concealed their stalking activity’s by covering it up by using the generic term “{investigation” to hide and conceal their real and full activity’s that they are involved in!

Police gang-stalk/investigate people for many reasons, the only reason police will ever admit to is that they suspect the person of a crime thus are investigating that person, but there are many many more reasons police gang-stalk/investigate people!

Most gang-stalking occurs simply because police themselves are already organized and wanting/looking for targets, and any ole thing will do, if a police officer is having an affair with your wife then that’s more than good enough for that cop to put you on a watch lists and yes you will be targeted/gang-stalked/investigated by police and no they will not admit to you you are under investigation at all!

Police are the kind of people that target people, it’s their living, and once they frame their target and get their target in prison, or they murder off their target after terrorizing him/her for a couple of years, they are on the lookout for their next target, in other words they have the mentality of “Who’s next?!” way of thinking!

How can this be? you might be asking, it’s easy, for them anyway, since our system of government has always been this way and that you as a American citizen have always been lied to by your government!

Innocent people get railroaded into prison all the time! what you have never given that any thought in your life? WOW schools really do dumb people down nowadays now don’t they!

Sorry! any chance I get to poke at our corrupt schools I take it, but remember this country has always ALWAYS been this way, and your TV shows and Hollywood movies and other entertainments and life issues and work and life in general have kept most people too busy to verify anything about hardly anything, so people just blindly take the word of our news reporters and our favorite TV shows and favorite Hollywood movies as to how the “REAL”world works, and don’t really question anything!

That my friends is the perfect civilization for a Fascist country to thrive in, a whole country of people that blindly believes what it’s Television tells them is a controlled people!

TV has taught you that when an innocent person gets arrested that it was an honest mistake on the part of authority’s and that the courts give people a fair chance to defend against any allegations and have the right to face their accusers and that their are dozens of witnesses in court to bare witness that the trial was a fair trial!

What a laugh!

The reality is is that when most people are charged with a crime it was several law officer’s that set that person up for the crime, such as planting evidence and entrapping, and police, along with their bros in the news media, will bash the crap out of your name and reputation all over the news and websites and at no time while they do that are you allowed to defend your name and reputation publicly the same way they destroy it, and when you go to trial you see your court room is almost empty because NO ONE CARES and your court appointed defense attorney is only meekly defending you thus giving the case over to the prosecutor, and your own defense attorney will deliberately fail the case thus insuring that you get railroaded into prison, and because it was the work of several officer’s framing you to put you in prison no one will want to help you and court will even help police to cover up any evidence that proves your innocent!

How can this be? because it has always been this way! were you told in school that your government was broken into three sections to diverse the power to help prevent tyranny? were you told that we have the legislative government, the executive government, and the judicial government, and that because their powers are separated that are freedoms are assured or some other such nonsense?

I got news for you then, and your schools and news reporters are mums the word on this and downplay the crap out of it to hide it, your executive government has always controlled the jury pool!

I will give you a minute to think about that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes you heard that correct, your police have complete control of the jury pool, and it has always been this way, do you realize what kind of power that is? that means the police can frame anyone they want to with anything, and police can arrange to fill the jury pool with their bros anytime they want t6o to ensure a conviction or a acquittal on anyone over anything!

If a cop murders someone and public pressure wants that cop prosecuted then police simply fill the jury pool with people that are pro police and it does not matter who the prosecutor and the defense attorney selects, because the police have stacked the jury pool with their bros/relatives/friends/people willing to cover cops butts!

You never heard of a stacked jury before? WOW it is amazing how Hollywood erases history by simply not mentioning things to people!

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY! our government is corrupt, it always has been, and it’s lap dogs the news reporters and TV personality’s have done everything i9n their Fascist power to pull the wools over the American people’s eyes!

How many times have you been told the propaganda lie by government and news reporters that most country’s hate our freedoms which is why we are so badly hated all over the world!

Common how many times did you hear that crap back in the 80s and 90s?

Did it ever occur to you that our country is so badly hated because it is openly Fascist towards other country’s and that it is our news reporters that tell us lies to try to hide the Fascism from us?

This country invades one country and then another and then another while the propagandists spin the lies about our freedoms to keep the masses from panicking over all the wars!

Back to gang-stalking, it is our police forces that gang-stalk people, but they themselves do not describe their actions as gang-stalking, police and even news reporters admit that their actions are “investigations” so in essence I have given you the answers to the question “What is gang-stalking” and “Why they do it” so now it boils down to “Are you open minded enough to wake up to the fact that this country is messed up?

2 thoughts on “What Is Gang-Stalking And Why Do Gang-Stalkers Stalk People?

  1. carley says:

    yes im beingh gang stal;ked and i have changed countries and still they stalk

    • If police are targeting you then you will be stalked no matter what country you go to, all countyry’s police agency’s cooperate with one another in targeting people, so if a target of police move to another country then the police that target you will contact the police in the new country you move to and warn them about you and advise them to target you, so it just goes on and on.

      I can give generic advice to you but I cannot give specific advice since I am unaware of your circumstances.

      Do you have family and friends? if so then KEEP IT T5HAT WAY and don’t lode them, there is safety in numbers in these situations.

      Tell people about what these gang-stalkers (sting operatives) are doing to you and tell people in advance you believe your being framed by police sting operatives.

      Avoid the term “Gang-stalking” and refer to these criminals as sting operatives, that way you are identifying WHO is responsible for you being targeted and how it is funded.

      BEWARE of and be on guard for being poisoned because sting operatives COMMONLY poison their targets as well as anyone that is allies of their target, make sure someone you trust is always at your home so that your food supply is guarded.

      Sting operatives will get jobs under cover at your place of employment to turn your cowsorkers against you and may stage/commit crimes at your place of employment with intent of giving you blame to get you to lose your job, so be wary of rumors going around about you and be prepared to tell people at your place of employment in advance that people ARE destroying your name behind your back, ask your coworkers to please warn you should rumors start spreading about you.

      Please don’t take offense to this, it sounds sexest but it’s true, more often than not police sting operatives recruit women civilians into sting operations WAY MORE than they do men, and it is the women they recruit that they use to vilify their target, and sting operatives teach these women how to frame and how to vilify people, and women tend to be really good in the vilifying part, and do most of the work in vilifying their target.

      You can identify sting operatives by their traits they share, you can profile sting operatives the SAME WAY sting operatives profile criminals.

      Sting operatives in plain clothing still act like cops and still question people just like cops do, they are stuck up and deem themselves better than everyone else around them, they tend to smirk a lot which is one of those poker-face tells you get from them that gives them away, and sting operatives ussually try to engage their target in conversations for the purpose of video/zaudio survilence and will staike up a conversation that will come across as wierd to the target, the reason it feels wierd is because it’s a forced conversation by the sting operative and he/she is trying to engage you in a conversation that they can use against you in court, such odd conversations usually gives the sting operative away and I advise you to NOT say a word to people you believe are stalking you, rudely say nothing to those people and walk away and make damn sure you tell people you trust about those assholes doing it!

      People being gang-stalked (sting operation) then you can bet you are under ILLEGAL video/audio surveillance within your very home, that means you are surrounded by sting operatives renting homes/apartments very near your own home/apartment and they are recording you day and night.

      If you have help and friends and family you trust and rely on then I advise you to make sure SOMEONE YOU TRUST is always at your home to prevent sting operatives from entering your home!

      Power outlets are cheap and easily replaced and are perfect devices for police to spy on people in their homes, buy enough power outlets to replace ALL your power outlets, this includes power outlets that are on the ceiling that your light sources are connected to, and then make sure someone is always home so that no one can replace them with recording devices built into power outlets.

      Police use the normal power outlets to record audio sounds, and use higher up outlets to attach video camera outlets, outlets that are at face level or higher when you stand tend to be the ones that have the cameras, while the outlets closer to the floor tend to be audio recording devices.

      Police LOVE having a top-fown view of their targets on video so that they can more easily frame their target using doubles, look-a-likes, to pretend to be you FOR their video surveillance, so if their is an apartment with strangers living in it above you then you can bet they are police sting operatives and probably drilled a small hole through their floor, which is YOUR ceiling, and are recording you by video in that way as well.

      Most murders that happen at apartment buildings throughout the whole world are usually caused/started by sting operatives, and it is news media that covers up the fact that sting operatives are involved, which is why it’s so common and why sting operatives get away with it.

      Shifty eyes is another poker-face tell that reveals a sting operative, if someone is facing in a direction not toward you, but their eyes are fully focused on you, then they are using the shifty eye trick of trying to hide the fact they are targeting you, and that shifty eye is a dead giveaway they are sting operatives.

      That shifty eye trick is used by ALL sting operatives when the operatives are near their target and is a dead giveaway, if the person doing this is not a cop it don’t change the fact he/she is a civilian operative.

      Police recruit civilians into targeting people all the time, landlords and apartment managers are generally recruited as civilian operatives and assist police in targeting/framing people police have it out for, and anyone that is a buddy or a relative or a girlfriend to a cop IS a civilian sting operative and will target you the same way the police do, with the police permission and blessings.

      Common tactics sting operatives use to frame people is they plant evidence in their targets home/vehicle, near or around plaves their target goes, they vilify their target constantly with false accusations to isolate and destroy their target in the minds of friends,neighbors to cut off help/supporet from those people so the target is more easily framed, they stage/commit crimes using doubles and take fuzzy video survilence of it or take photogenic photo’s of the double in order to give their target the blame in the eyes of other people, they recruit people that are close to the target into the sting so that they can testify against their target and lie for police to give police credibility in their false accusations by having your own family members lie for them.

      This is just generic advice, I do not know your specific issue and therefore this is the best advice I can give, I am no attorney and do not claim to be one and any advice I give is just friendly advice.

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