99% Of All Gang-Stalking In USA Is Done At The Local Level And Organized By Local Authority’s!

You never hear about gang-stalking in main stream news media but everyone within main stream media admits to government agency’s conducting investigations!

With that term “investigation” being used all the time by authority’s and news reporters you would think people would have a better understanding of that term but actually do not know much about it nor can most Americans even describe in detail what an “investigation actually is!

What does it mean when police admit that they are conducting an investigation anyway? what does that mean?

An investigation means in it’s truest sense “Multiple people in law enforcement are targeting someone!” and that is easily understood, what’s not understood is WHAT ARE POLICE DOING WHILE THEY TARGET SOMEONE?!

This is the question most people do not give thought to, people sit in their living rooms and watch TV news and hear about this investigation and that investigation, anything on the news that has to do with police usually involves the term “investigation” and news reporters admit many times that police are conducting investigations!

People are somewhat familiar to police drub busts and prostitution stings because of TV shows and movies and because of shows like the TV show “COPS” and such people do have a general knowledge as to what police do WHEN they conduct an investigation but still don’t put much thought into it!

People are generally aware that when police do dug busts that they usually take over a street somewhere in some neighborhood and they pay under cover officer’s to stand around on streets and offer drugs to people for money and that they do this on video surveillance for the purpose of entrapping the person the under cover officer is talking to on the streets!

Here is what people do not give much conscious thought to at all but are aware of it anyway, those under cover cops are liars and are paid to perform for video surveillance and are trained how to make the people they talk to on the street look as bad as possible FOR the video surveillance cameras!

These trained liars/performers are paid by authority’s to trick and entrap people on the streets for video surveillance cameras and they are taught to make their targets look and appear guilty of soliciting drugs for money, that’s their job! that’s what they are being paid to do! their paid by authority’s to look you in the face and grin and lie to you and to do anything in their power to trick you into having a hand-to-hand exchange with them!

Now is that fighting crime? or is that a corrupt government agency relying on tricks and coercion and performance from actors to entrap someone? which is it?!

These paid lying performers will approach an innocent person on the streets and request a light for their cigarette, or request a cigarette, or will request spare change for bus fair, or will ask you if you can break a dollar bill for them because they need change!

All that is requests paid liars of government will use to trick an innocent person into having a hand-to-hand exchange with a under cover officer, and the ONLY reason this under cover officer is doing it is to get the exchange on video surveillance in order to entrap you (to frame you) for soliciting drugs!

These officer’s are paid liars and are trained liars and are trained to perform for video surveillance and know exactly how to make innocent people appear guilty of soliciting and work towards that goal, what makes you think if you get falsely charged with soliciting for drugs that that paid liar will let you off their hook in court and tell the truth?

I got news for you about cops! they are dicks and they enjoy framing people and they enjoy entrapping people and that cop would enjoy lying under oath claiming you tried soliciting him/her for drugs!

Is that an investigation? news reporters and police refer to these drug busts AS investigations, so I guess when thirty or more cops take over a street and rent out several apartments and fill them with under cover cops and have video surveillance cameras all over the place and then they spend the next month or two entrapping people using paid liars and performers that are trained to make innocent people on the streets appear guilty on video and then arrest and railroad framed innocent people into prison then THAT must be what an investigation id then HUH!

Excuse me but when thirty or more thugs take over a street and plant cameras all over the place and hen plant paid liars/performers on the streets to harass and menace innocent citizens and to pressure them in some sort of hand-to-hand exchanges then I do not deem that an investigation! I deem that gang-stalking people and framing people that are unable to avoid you because you taken over an entire street thus cutting those people off and they are unable to avoid you because YOU AS A GANG TOOK OVER THAT NEIGHBORHOOD!

So lets get this straight! an investigation means multiple liars in law enforcement will stalk someone and entrap/frame them using paid trained liars that perform like whores for police video surveillance cameras!


Police can and do take over parts of a neighborhood and commit crimes and stage crimes and even use look-a-likes dressed up like their targets to stage crimes and police frame people this way as well, as a matter of fact that is way more common than police drub busts in the USA and of course ne3ws reporters, the Fascist lap dogs of the police, are mums the ward on THOSE type of “investigations” police conduct!

Almost ALL investigations done by police involve paid liars/performers that are trained by police to make their target appear as guilty as possible on video surveillance, and when it comes to drug busts and prostitution stings police actually admit to this, because they ALL INVOLVE THE USE OF PAID LIARS TO PERFORM FOR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS!


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