Under The Pretense Of Conducting An Investigation Police Stage Crimes To Frame Innocent People!

Police are corrupt and always have been and news reporters have always lied for cops and always downplay the Fascist style murders police commit in the USA!

Unfortunately people only keep track of killings committed by police when it comes to firearms and most news reporters are mums the word on all the deaths caused by police battering unarmed people, those statistics never see the light of day publicly!

Police stage crimes and commit crimes as a daily part of their job and they justify their criminal activity’s by labeling their activity’s with the general term “Conducting an investigation” and they label almost ALL their activity’s that way!

Under the pretense of “conducting investigations” police are known to stage crimes and cause crimes and permit crimes to take place for the purpose of a “Bust” and police will take over a neighborhood street for the purpose of staging felony crimes such as drug spots where people purchase drugs and they even take over streets for setting up “Busts” to supposedly catch John’s soliciting prostitutes!

In either situation it is police themselves that are committing the crimes and are trying to bait people into talking on the streets with their pretended drug dealers and pretended prostitutes!

In each situation police are paying under cover officer’s to pretend to be drug dealers selling drugs and are paying woman to pretend to be prostitutes in order to get video footage of citizens interacting with these agents!

You can be a completely innocent person walking down a sidewalk, doing nothing wrong, and have one of these pretenders approach you and ask you for a light for their cigarette, if you give them a light then police now have you on film doing a hand-to-hand exchange with one of their officer’s!

See how easy it is for police to frame you? that agent can now easily lie saying you gave that person money for sex or for drugs and they will even have photogenic photo’s of you doing a hand-to-hand exchange with that person!

This is common all over the USA and under cover officer’s can and do approach innocent people in this manner for the soul purpose of framing people, and of course police and even news reporters will never admit they frame innocent people but they DO ADMIT POLICE CONDUCT BUSTS IN THIS MANNER and that they pay people to pretend to be drug dealers and prostitutes!

Well here is something that police do very often that news reporters are mums the word on, police frame innocent people as pedophiles and they pretty much use the same tactics as the other tactics mentioned above!

If police want to frame an innocent person as a pedophile they police will take over the apartments surrounding their targets home/apartment and police will pay one of their girlfriends that have children to live there, all under the pretense4 of an investigation, and police will pay their girlfriend and her children to play and hang out in front of their targets home and make false pedophile accusations about the person living there!

Police pay their girlfriends and their girlfriends children TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for one day of hanging out near the targets home and to make false pedophile accu8sations and they do this for the video surveillance cameras police have in place!

The target does not even need to be home for this to happen, many times police will do this when their target is away at work or out of town to conceal from the target they are being framed, and police may spend several months doing these type of staged events in order to build a case against an innocent person!

Police have a name for this type of framing they call it pedofying, and unlike framing people over drugs or prostitution when police frame someone as a pedophile that person usually ends up dead within five years whether there is a trial or not!

Police and news reporters want you to believe that such activity’s are “Busts” on the bad guys, but try to understand, multiple people in law enforcement are staging crimes at a certain location, and you just being at that location is enough for them to frame you, you don’t have to do any thing wrong, but because police are there staging crimes and they have you at their location where they are doing their Busts they can easily approach you, engage in brief conversation with you, and then arrest you and lie in court that you made a purchase or tried soliciting them when in fact you did no such thing!

Every time police engage in these crimes they are using multiple peo9ple in law enforcement that are lying to people and staging crimes and these officer’s will approach innocent people on the streets to engage in conversation for the soul purpose of getting it on video surveillance!

Everybody knows police do this and commonly refer to it as Busts, but the reality is it is the police and their performers that are staging the crimes and simply trying to engage in conversation with innocent people on the street in order to build cases against people!

If you are beset by several people on the street performing crimes and they deliberately engage you in conversation to make you look bad on video surveillance is that really a bust? or is it just down right framing people with actors staging crimes for video surveillance?

There are working woman in this world that work at strip clubs and do lap dances for ten dollars in this world! well you would be surprised how many girlfriends cops have that have children that are willing to pedofy an innocent person for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! and it’ all paid for by our law enforcement officer’s under the pretense of police conducting investigations and they frame innocent people under the false pretense of a Bust!


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