To This Very Day I am Still Being Gang-Stalked By Multnomah County Sheiff’s And They Try To Hide It!

For several years I and many others in my family have been gang-stalked and poisoned and battered by Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and many of my family members died from this and the whole time my wife and her side of the family were the reason for all this and were helping police and county sheriff’s to commit all these crimes against me and my family and to this very day on 11-4-2013 I was being gang-stalked by county sheriff’s and they were trying to hide it from me!

I am disabled from being repeatedly poisoned by my wife and by her lovers and buddy’s in law enforcement and I am on SSI and I only leave my apartment once a month to go to the bank to get my SSI and to buy grocery’s, and for the rest of the month I am coupe up inside my apartment until next month, WHY? because I am disabled and partially paralyzed from being poisoned and I am in a lot of pain and it is not easy for me to go anywhere and every time I do leave my apartment my internal bleeding kicks in and I bleed out internally!

Well today I left my apartment and walked a block to the bus stop, I use a cane to help me walk, and once I got to the bus stop and sat down I noticed a black lady getting out of a vehicle across the street at the 7 eleven store and she walked across the street towards me and sat down next to me at the bus stop!

She was middle aged and dressed in a business woman’s outfit and looked like a female detective, she immediately struck me as odd because she was dressed too nice to be riding a bus not to mention she was dropped off by a car across the street from me!

Our bus arrived and we both entered it and we headed down the road, I was heading to my bank and then to my grocery store, and my bus has to pass the Multnomah county sheriff’s office on the way, and low and behold this black woman dressed like a business woman/female detective gets out at the county sheriff’s office and heads right inside there!

Please common that was such a put on act by her, I pegged her correct right away, she was dressed like a female detective in their middle age and sure enough she works for the county sheriff’s!

So why would the county sheriff’s drop detectives off across the street from me just to sit next to me at the bus stop and then get off at the county sheriff’s office, I do believe there is no such thing nowadays as county sheriff’s detectives that do not own their own vehicles!

So they must still have me under video surveillance and someone called her up to tell her I left my apartment so she has someone at the county sheriff’s office drop her off across the street to try and conceal who they are and what there intentions are and she crosses the street just to plant her detective butt next to mine!

I guarantee you if you ever get gang-stalked you become sensitive to it and you learn to notice it, and since they are cops/county sheriff’s they can be spotted/recognized separately from other people because they do not act like normal people, they act like they all got a God complex for one thing, which helps to sport them, noticing their eye movement also helps to spot them because they will face a direction in front of them but their eyes are looking left or right which means they are looking at something/someone and in this case looking at me and they try to hide that, so their shifty eyes always gives them away!

I have received multiple death threats from police and county sheriff’s, via phone calls and emails and from them breaking into my home and putting death threats in my home for me to find! so I am not paranoid at all I am justified in having my guard up and I pay attention to my surroundings!

Some Multnomah county sheriff bitch wanted to pose for pictures sitting next to me at a bus stop, and because they knew I just left my apartment they have people watching me under surveillance! what a fucking Fascist country the USA and in particular Oregon is!

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