Police And County Sheriff’s Organize Gang-Stalking And Pernit People To Poison Off People!

Ever since my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen she and her side of the family have been palling around and sleeping around with cops and county sheriff officer’s and right aeay my wife and her side of the family joined into a murder conspiracy with law officer’s and I was one of their main targets but not their only target!

After only working at the county jail kitchen for a month and a half my wife annouced to me that she quit her job there, and did not give me an explanation, so I asked her “Why did you quit your job Joan>” and that question through her for a loop, she was not prepared to answer that question, so she began lying to me making something up on the spot and it was obvious she was doing just that! My quard and suspicions rose because of this and I was suspecting some sort of foul play!

The very next day the county sheriff’s put a 72 hour notice on our next door neighbors door, and four days later we got new tenants, and I noticed the landlord did not bother cleaning the apartment before allowing new tenants to move in, I was suspicious of this as well, so I spoke with my landlord striking up a conversation with him, we were always on good terms with each other, but I discovered that now that we have these new tenants that my landlord was turned against me, and he was not hiding this fact from me, but he would not tell me why!

I knew my wife was palling around with law officer’s, I was suspecting her of an affair with someone in law enforcement, my wife quit her job and then lied to me about why she quit her job, and then plain clothed law officer’s take over the next door apartment and turn my landlord against me behind my back!

I think under the circumstances I was more than justified in suspecting my wife of foul play!

From this point forward my wife and everyone on her side of the family changed and were acting as though they were under video surveillance and knew it and were performing FOR IT and were trying to hide it from me!

My wife and her side of the family then concentrated on turning our yard into a playground with lots of expensive things for children and were also using my yard to park cars on it that they claimed they owned but did not have the room for them at their homes!

My wife and her side of the family within a couple months spent around ten thousand dollars in total filling up my yard with cars and motor homes and two large pools and a large trampoline and they even bought me a expensive camcorder as a gift!

The whole time my wife’s lovers and buddy’s in law enforcement were right nexct door and were directing my wife and her side of the family to put all these things on my yard, why? because they were framing me as a pedophile!

As a matter of fact most of all that stuff was paid for and provided BY those so-called under cover officer’s and each time I asked my wife where she was getting the money for this stuff she just smirked and lied to me and told me she was borrowing money from her relatives, she smirked while saying this, I DID NOT AT ANY TIME BELIEVE HER!

To top it off after they filled my yard with all these things they surprised me by having my mother, which she lived in another state, show up, and she was with her new boyfriend, and her boyfriend was a damn close look-a-like to me!

The first day my mother and her new boyfriend the look-a-Ike showed up that look-a-like staged an emergency which required me to leave my property, and while I was gone that look-a-like remained on my property with our children surrounded by a yard that looks like a mini playground!

I was NOT trusting nor confiding in my mother and was upset with her for showing up unannounced with this look-a-like, and both my mother and this look-a-like were on SSI and asked if they could remain until they get their next SSI checks, so I told them OK.

Those under cover cops that were next door spent the next month and a half staging all kinds of emergency’s and disasters of which I had to deal with on a daily basis!

They flatten our tires of which I had to take care of daily, they st6ole our daughters bikes repeatedly and I would have to go looking for them, they broke one of the pools my wife and her family bought just so my wife and her family would get another one and of course expect me to put together for them 9in the yard, they even staged a car fire thirty feet from my apartment of which I had to risk my life to help someone that got flash burned by the fire and I had to help with the garden hose to put out the fire!

While my life was being turned upside down by all this, my father Don Wagar lived on the other side of town alone and he was being gang-stalked and harassed and menaced by plain clothed law officer’s that were constantly staging crimes in front of him and daring him to intervene!

After my mother and that look-a-like got their SSI cheacks I asked them to leave, and they prete3nded that the vehicle they had was broken down and would not start, it was that look-a-like that did this and lied to me, I knew he was lying so I went to work on their vehicle to trace thre cause of the vehicle not starting, it took me half a day slowly working on where the problem was, when that look-a-like admitted that he had a fuel switch that he had in the off position and he started up the vehicle and he and my mother left!

About a week later my mother was battered by that look-a-like and she was calling me up by phone wanting me to pick her up, when I got to her she wanted me to take their vehicle from that look-a-like because she paid for it, and the police showed up and took the side of the look-a-like so he kept my mothers motor home and I took my mother home with me!

So my mother stayed with us for about a month until my wife poisoned her, I did not witness this happen, but my mother said she poisoned her and she stormed out my door, by this time I was fed up and did not know who to believe any more, TOO MUCH HAPPENING ALL AT ONE TIME IT WAS TOO MUCH!

My mother walked to a pay phone and called 911 and police and county sheriff’s arranged to give my mother a motel room, but they DID NOT ACT ON HER COMPLAINT AGAINST MY WIFE AT ALL AND NEVER QUESTIONED ANYONE IN MY FAMILY OVER THIS AT ALL!

After this my I saw my father Don Wagar at a bus stop and told my wife to pull over so that I could talk to him, and when I approached him I noticed he looked like hell, I said hi to him and asked him whats going on, and he told me what several under cover plain clothed cops were doing to him, he told me everything they did, and he told me that after he told me about them the last time he visited me about them they had since poisoned him!

As my father was telling me what those plain clothed cops were doing to him I could hear my wife Joan Wagar several feet away telling our oldest daughter to get out of the car and to stand next to me for the video surveillance cameras!

So as my father relates to me the accounts of the last several days as to what happened to him here is my oldest daughter stepping up to me on the sidewalk being the body my wife wants standing next to me for her lovers in law enforcements video surveillance cameras!

At this point I knew my mother was being honest about my wife poisoning her, and I knew my father was also being honest about a bunch of plain clothed cops because I myself was being victimized and terrorized by them and knew they were renting the apartment next door to us!

Since I knew my daughter was on my wife’s side and was helping my wife to frame me I could no confide in my father around her, so I told my father to go to the hospital and tell them what happened to you and I told him to only eat foods that he knew was safe from being poisoned and I hinted at him that we are unable to discuss this around my daughter!

To be honest I was scared shitless because these people poisoned my father and my mother and were flaunting the fact they are organized and that I and my children were surrounded by them, I am no coward but I knew damn well these people are killers and they mean business and don’t give a damn because they are law officer’s and I feared for my family’s safety!

Three days later my father Don Wagar died! and it was a Multnomah county sheriff officer that came to my door to tell me this, I colaped from hearing this and I sat down on my porch and tried to hold back my tears, and at this that county sheriff officer sp[oke up saying “Before I came over here to tell you this I entered your fathers home to remove his meds!” and then he left!

My father Don Wagar was not on any meds and as far as I was concerned that county sheriff officer just admitted to my face that the county sheriff’s are the ones responsible for my fathers death and were flaunting it with that unnecessary statement of his!

For the next week I was paralyzed from fear fearing for the safety of my family, mostly for the safety of my daughters, even our oldest daughter, I knew our oldest daughter was helping them to frame me, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt that she was not involved in the poisonings and killings of my relatives!

The seven days after my father Don Wagar was murdered with poison my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were filling my home with paraphernalia such as porn and life sized barbie dolls (remember they are framing me as a pedophile) and our oldest daughter was being passed cards through her bedroom window with sentences on them and she was copying those cards into her diary, and daily I was being threatened by phone by two law officer’s threatening me to pay for my fathers cremation and demanding that I remove my fathers belonging from his apartment!

The two officer’s that were threatening me by phone were trying to pass themselves off as my fathers apartment manager and the other one was trying to pass himself off as my fathers funeral home director, I knew they both were lying because neither of them, if they were who they said they were, would have my phone number!

My own father never had my phone number because my own father never uses a phone he was old fashioned and he hated phones and never used them, so there is no way in hell my fathers apartment manager nor a funeral home director would have my number, and even if they did they sure as hell would not be threatening me angrily and making demands right after my father passed away!

For all intents and purposes my wife and her side of the family and their bros and lovers in law enforcement were o9penly flaunting their murder conspiracy and were blackmailing me making it known to me what happens when someone speaks up against them and making it known I have no where to turn to for help!

A month later I was formally charged by the police and county sheriff’s with FORTY FOUR felony pedophile charges, that turned to ZERO ten days later, WHY? because they already pedofied me publicly and they always vilify their victims in order to isolate their victims from help, and the police mostly don’t bother with trials of this nature they just want their victims to appear guilty in the eyes of other people and then police/county sheriff’s just toy with their victims before they murder their victims off, and they were not done toying with me, not to mention I sure as hell did not fear a trial and they suspected that I might be able to prove I was being framed, so they just charged me and then released me without explanation, and there never has been a trial!

They knew I knew about their murder conmspiracy and they knew I did noty fear for myself but I did fear for my family’s safety!

I could have verbally defended myself when I was arrested but I knew that would be a waste of time since the offi9cer’s that arrrested me spent sevetal months setting me up and that they killed p[eople bin the process so I knew damn  well they could carte less that I am innocent!

The main thing that kept my mouth shout that really matters, to me anyway, is I feared for my family’s safety knowing my wife and her5 side of the family were given/granted full permission to kill off relatives, and that they were being coached how to poison and how to frame people and how to make innocent people appear guilty in the eyes of neighbors/friends/relatives/coworkers and that this is a common every day practice that cops use on a daily basis while they conduct their so-called “investigations” on their targets/victims!

After my wife and her side of the family and their bros and lovers in law enforcement poisoned my mother and father and mu5rdered my father they publicly pedofied me with forty four felony charges and they made it very VERY clear what happens to people that speak up about their crimes and they made it very VERY clear they got the backing of the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s to cover their butts!

This is just the beginning of the nightmare of my life and it all began when my wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen, GEE I wonder how she learned how to be a poisoner? NOT!!!!!



One thought on “Police And County Sheriff’s Organize Gang-Stalking And Pernit People To Poison Off People!

  1. Rivers960@yahoo.com says:

    I rivers960@yahoo.com live in Columbus Ohio on south on E. Whittier st the owner’s wife into voo do friends and family visit 1678 E. Whittier st I l live between 1670 and 1678 .. I am being stalk by ppl next door to me and they know the owner PERSONALITY. I notice between2008 and 2014 everything I say and do everytime I speak of being put in porn in 1981 they ppl next either tell landlord because he the one drug me up , but I didn’t know as a landlord in1981. At the time did not know these ppl knew landlord until I live my home. I come last summer and find two men standing at my door in black whose is the company next door 1678 E. Whittier then one time I was leaveing a man with a dog try to sink his dog on me before that they were coming in the house when I was at work.I report it to C P D they sid no crime hasn’t been COMMITTED and if they do it again call wow So end up in jail.at home take a chance to leave out. Owner do know ppl in black gang member. These ppl our in to voo do ( really hate crime )

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