Portland Police Are Pedofying People And Don’t Even Bother With Trials Any More!

The Portland police are pedofying people and those people they pedofy end up dead and no one bothers putting two and two together and coming up with four!

It is standard procedure for police and news reporters to pedofy people nowadays and they do so publicly without bothering with trials, and young people nowadays at the drop of a hat will label someone as a pedophile and they even treat the word like it is a cuss word!

When I was a kid growing up and other people picked fights with me they would say something about my mother to piss me off in order to start a fight, well young people nowadays in 2013 will just call someone they have it out for a pedophile, and they smirk when they do this knowing their turning people against you and knowing you have no way of defending against such an attack!

Police and their buddy’s and their girlfriends pedofy people all the time in Portland Oregon, and they grin and they smirk while they make false pedophile accusations, and it is something that police have done to innocent people in Portland Oregon for many decades!

News reporters always jump onto the pedofying band wagon and will plaster an innocent persons face all over TV and on news websites knowing the false accusation will turn hundreds if not thousands of people against the person!

Pedofying is easy to spot if you know what to look for, for one thing the accusations are made very very public by police and by news reporters, and each time they pedofy someone they never give you the names of the so-called victims, the victims stay anonymous, and if police admit they are investigation the accused then police never name the investigators either!

At best the only names you will hear about when someone is getting illegally pedofied is the accused name, and maybe one detective’s name that is being used ONLY for the purpose of contacting if you have information on the situation, and that’s it!

So in effect hundreds of anonymous people gang up on an individual and pedofy the living hell out of that person and nine times out of ten people that get pedofied publicly by police end up dead withing five years after they are pedofied whether there is a trial or not!

People in Portland Oregon make intentional false pedophile accusations all the time and they never go to jail for falsifying police reports or for lying, and pedofying people gets those people killed off so it’s a win win situation for the people that pedofy someone!

It is common practice for teenagers in Portland Oregon to falsely pedofy people and it is common practice that police DO NOT ARREST people that make false pedophile accusations!


It is common for police to publicly pedofy/label someone falsely as a pedophile and they will plaster that persons face all over TV and on news websites and at no time will they give details such as how long their investigations are or who the investigators are and who ordered the warrant police used to enter someone’s home and so on!

Like I said most people that get pedofied falsely by police do not get trials they just end up dead!


After police and anonymous accusers pedofy their target and their target ends up dead then dozens and dozens of people will anonymously post on those websites their support of the police and will generally admit that they support the death of people that are accused of being pedophiles and they are not the slightest bit bothered by the fact the accused does not get a trial or the opportunity to defend themselves and are not bothered by the fact that the accused ends up dead WHILE police admit they are investigating/TARGETING that person!

How does someone end up dead WHILE they are being investigated/targeted by police? excuse me but when police in Portland Oregon investigate/target someone then police acquire several apartments surrounding their target, they do it all the time, that’s a part of their investigations, apartment managers and landlords know damn well when police investigate someone then the police will take over the surrounding homes/apartments surrounding the target!

So how do your targets end up dead Portland police after you publicly pedofy them and deny them the right to a trial!?


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