Gang-Stalking Is Organized Murder And Has Been Around For A Long Long Time!

There are people on the web that are pointing out what appears to many as a new phenomenon going on in our country in the USA and the name “Gang-Stalking” seems to be the preferred name used by most people that talk about it or refer to it.

It goes by other names as well such as “Cause Stalking” and “Mob Stalking” and I am sure there are other names people use to describe it as well but I cannot remember any at the time of this writing.

I am posting on this subject because I am a first hand witness/victim of this activity and I can give detailed info on the subject based on my experiences with these criminals/people’s and can describe in detail the things/crimes they committed against me and I hope my information will be helpful to others.

Regardless of what name these gang-stalkers go by they are nothing but a bunch of organized people that are out to kill people and to frame people and they do it for sport, why? because they can, and they never fear prosecution because they are organized and backed and funded by local authority’s.

That is a very bold statement I just made and I say it because it is the truth plain and simple.

Gang-Stalking or whatever you want to call it is just a bunch of people that have it out for someone and they work in an organized manner to destroy or frame their target and they do it in such a way as to give other people the appearance that they are justified in targeting their target, which is why they frame their target so that they can appear to be justified in other people’s eyes!

Whether it be organized criminals or organized governments involved in criminal activity they always want their operations to appear to others as legal/justified so they take great pains and efforts in defaming/destroying their targets reputations in order to gain public support in their targeting of people!

I guarantee you that gang-stalkers DO NOT refer to themselves as gang-stalkers, they prefer to identify themselves as “Investigators” and they always tell people that “They are conducting an investigation” and are seeking other people’s aid in gathering information, and this is just a prete3nded ruse on their part because the real reason they do this is so they can accuse their target publicly of crimes BEHIND the targets back, thus destroying the targets reputation, and at the same time gain the help of others by telling people “Don’t warn the suspect he/she is under investigation please.” and BAMM now the gang-stalkers have the targets neighbors helping them by spreading false allegations about the target and no one is willing to tell the target this is happening to him/her!

Imagine you are at home watching a movie, then there is a knock at your door and you answer it, and two detectives are at your door and they introduce themselves to you, they then tell you they are “Conducting an Investigation” on your neighbor and they want information from you about your neighbor.

You cooperate with the detectives and answer generic questions about what you know about your neighbor, which chances are you know very liytle about your nreighbor, and then detectives tell you that your neighbor in under investigation for child porn and that they want you to keep your kids away from the neighbor while the detectives conduct their investigation.

You are shocked by this, OMG a pedophile in the neighborhood! and then the detectives tell the neighbor “We are watching this perp he is under video surveillance, and we would appreciate it if you did not make mention o9f this to the perp/suspect during our investigation, and of course you agree to not say a word about it to your neighbor.

What do you think happens then? why you tell your family about it, you tell your friends about it, you tell your coworkers about it, and this becomes the BUZZ of the entire neighborhood!

Now what are you doing? is this normal? hell yeah it’s normal, who wouldn’t talk about such a situation, guess what, Law enforcement know full well that’s what your going to do, and they COUNT ON IT!

With no formal charges and no trials the target has now been destroyed by shear slander spread by gossip mongers, and that’s all it is, there is one reason and only one reason police do this WITHOUT FLAT OUT MAKING AN ARREST! they do it because they want the target dead, period, and law enforcement knows a big secret that most people don’t know, labeling someone like that behind their back can and will get that person killed off, which is the intent of those officer’s!

Under the pretense of an investigation police are free to slander people all they want to witch means they can slander anyone this way all they want to, they can lie and slander people to their hearts content, why? because the way laws are written they are allowed to conduct investigations, which means they can ask people questions, and technocracy they are not making accusations, they are just asking questions, but it is the WAY they ask the question that gets the false accusations spreading like wild fire throughout an entire neighborhood!

Police know full well they are destroying their targets reputation and are trying to conceal it from their target, which IS illegal, because everyone has a right to face their accusers, and police deliberately do this with the intent of framing their target as guess what? as a pedophile!

Police have a name for this type of framing they call it pedofying and pedofied, and police and their pals/bros will stage crimes using photo doubles to follow children around the neighborhood in order to build a false case against their target, and the entire time the officer’s that are assigned to do these things are doing it under the pretense that they are conducting an investigation.

If you are targeted by authority’s and live in an apartment, then police, under the pretense of conducting an investigation, will gain the cooperation of your landlord/apartment manager and they are known to cooperate with any and all investigations, so when police ask your landlord/apartment manger for a copy of your door key they will gladly give them a copy!

Is that illegal? Yes it is, but who argues with police? apartment managers/landlords do whatever police TELL them to do, and in turn landlords/apartment managers are protected from prosecution because of their cooperation.

After police get a copy of your key then they can easily enter your home anytime they want to when you are away at work or out shopping for grocery’s or out of town on vacation and they will bug your home with video cameras and audio recording devices!

Is that legal? hell no but who is going to arrest them for it? no one! that’s why they do it and don’t care or worry about being caught!

Police will take over all the apartments surrounding their target and yes they use 72 hour notices to evict the real tenants in order to put their own people into those apartments, all paid for by tax payers and all done under the pretense of “Conducting an Investigation” and now police, the very people that pedofied you behind your back, have complete control of the area of which you live at!

Police have many friends/bros/girlfriends/relatives that are not in law enforcement but volunteer to help police in their investigations, and police will fill up an entire building with their bros/conspirators especially if it is a small apartment building in order to have full control of the surroundings!

This sounds like a lot of trouble and effort to most people, but try to understand, police never do things in small ways, when police get warrants to kick down doors of people they send in a ton of people for that, well when it comes to framing people police do the same thing, only most of the people involved are not in law enforcement and are acting as tenants in order to act as false witnesses!

It is hard for average people to understand the lengths police and their conspirators will go in order to frrame someone, let me put it this way, when police get the backing of their entire police department along with their superiors to frame someone, then they all are to one degree or another involved in the framing.

After police have control of the surrounding area they then start using photo doubles to stage crimes, to perform for video surveillance cameras, near their targets home, they will spend several months doing this, and the whole time they keep seeding the neighborhood with false pedophile accusations!

You have done nothing wrong, you work, you go shopping, you watch movies on TV, you go on vacations once in a while, you have done nothing wrong, and no one to your face is telling you about the pedophile accusations that are spreading throughout your neighborhood, you are in effect unaware of what is going on!

When you step outside to go to work or to go shopping you might notice that your neighbors are avoiding you, you might even notice that for some strange reason a few neighbors are giving you dirty looks, but nobody tells you why!

You might notice that people near your home are saying your name while they talk to other people, you might overhear a neighbor saying your name to another neighbor and that they are giving you dirty looks!

You don’t know what’s going on, but your guard is up, because SOMETHING is going, and your now aware SOMETHING is wrong.

You might notice that people are hanging out in front of your apartment at dusk and getting into fights, you might notice children you do not know are hanging out in front of your apartment during the day and that they keep approaching near your apartment only to run away and scream as loudly as they can, only to come back five-ten minutes later and they repeat the process!

To the targeted person they feel like they are being stalked by multiple people, which is one of the reasons I believe that the term gang-stalking stems from, because to the targeted person they very very much feel like they are being stalked by multiple people!

What is happening is the targeted person is surrounded by multiple people in law enforcement and by their friends/bros/girlfriends/relatives/volunteers and they are staging crimes and are performing for video surveillance cameras, and at the same time are turning your real neighbors against you with these tactics, because even though you did nothing wrong, these multiple people are using their mouths to publicly give you blame for what they themselves are doing.

If you get to this point where they are not really trying to hide what their doing from you then it means they are done framing you and if anything they want you to know you are being terrorized by them, targeted by them, and they cannot WAIT to see what you are going to do about it, WHY? because the moment you act in self deefense from these organized killers is the moment they open foire on you, and they will label themselves justified and describe themselves as acting in self defense and they will label you on the news stations as mentally ill and dangerous, and OH yes news reporters ALWAYS cooperate with an investigation and will ALWAYS take the side/story of the police, so what does that tell you.

Police are corrupt, they always have been, news reporters always lie for police, they always have done so, you simply fell for all the propaganda that are Fascist government spews out on a continued basis and Hollywood movies and TV networks get a lot of the blame for people being tricked into thinking they have a just and honest government when in fact it is a murderous government and it always has been so!

Multiple people targeting individuals and causing death has been going on throughout the entire USA history and our Fascist schools simply whitewash it all away by telling people to believe in and to trust our government and to pay our taxes and to not ask too many questions about things.

In the 1920s and 1930s organized crime was common and organized killers flaunted their power and wanted people to know that there were organized people roaming the streets and killing people!

The KKK flaunted itself back in the 1920s as organized killers and they publicly displayed their power over others by having lynchings of people!


It was common in the 1920s and 1930s for organized killers to kill people, and the organized killers back then always wanted to appear to others as justified in order to gain support of the community’s, and they got that support because the killers TOOK THE TIME TO DESTROY THEIR TARGETS REPUTATIONS before they killed them!

There are a lot of propagandists on the internet that try to distract people from the fact that we have a Fascist murderous government by talking about the Illuminati or about some other Boogy man group of people.

There are rap artists that try to distract people by promoting bogus groups like the Illuminati as a way of distraction, why? because it is cops that are out in the streets battering unarmed people and killing unarmed people and never standing trial for it, not some bogus group called the Illuminati!


I don’t see any Illuminati in here but I do see a lot of people in law enforcement and people in the community’s joining in on these activity’s back in the 1920s and 1930s!


WOW there are organized killers that roam are streets and they flaunt their power and their ability to organize in order to kill/destroy people, these people are Fascist killers and would stab anyone in the back in order to gain favor amongst their peers!


WOW where is law enforcement? why are law enforcement allowing these organized killers to take over the streets and why were KKK allowed to kill people back then and to NOT STAND TRIAL FOR IT!?!?!?


WOW look how law enforcement allows people to organize into murderous mobs! look how the mobs behave they act like they are justified in killing people and do not fear prosecution! could it be that it has always been law enforcement and their bros that organize such targeting/killing of people?!

It was common practice for photographs of lynchings to be sold to the pubic, and even postcards that could be sent through the mail, which is why so many photos of lynchings exist today. It was also common for lynchings to be large public events with hundreds or thousand of participants. This was not a backwoods occurrence of a few deranged men, this was a commonly accepted social practice in the regions where lynchings took place, primarily the South. Children were also commonly involved and children observers can be seen in many lynching photographs.

Body mutilation was also common in lynchings, with one of the common practices being the live castration of the victim. Lynchings were most often directed against alleged criminals, however the first problem is that there was seldom any trial, and often allegations against blacks quickly sprang up as soon as any violent crime was committed with the result being that “some” black  man was going to get lynched. Often who got lynched was based on a “hunch” by the vigilantes, and blacks were often simply scapegoats for crimes committed by whites. Whites were occasionally lynched as well. Group lynchings and family lynchings were also not unheard of. Victims were also burned at the stake on occasion, or burned alive while they hung.


I don’t see any Illuminati in here but I sure see a lot of people in law enforcement along with people in the community and they seem to treat these killings/murders as though it is a picnic for them!


People back in the 1920s and 1930s were very familiar with organized cr5ime and in particular organized murders and these murders were very public, and at no time is law enforcement upset about these murders and did nothing to prosecute the guilty!

Of course our country is so Fascist and badly controlled by Fascist that when someone in 2013 speaks up and says they are a victim of organized crime then the police and hospitals will just label that person mentally ill and then batter him to death and then will use TV news stations and newspapers and news websites to label themselves justified in the killings, because police have ALWAYS controlled the flow of information that way!

Our Fascist government no longer recognizes organized crime and organized murder and will attack the victims reputation in order to defame the victim as well as to discredit the victim,!

This goes on all the time in the USA, they no longer kill by lynching people and instead prefer to kill by character assassination, defaming the victim, and then frame the person for a crime and lock the person up, or to silently kill the person by slow poisoning.

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was killed this way, police gang-stalked him for a decade and defamed his name and reputation the entire time and the brown nosing news reporters joined in on the pedofying of Michael Jackson, and after police totally destroy Michael Jackson’s name/reputation/legacy they surrounded him with people that poisoned him thus debilitating him and they kept him that way for months before he died!

So government has done away with their blatant murders by lynching in favor of constant destruction of their targets reputation and to slowly poison to death their victims!

Local police, county sheriff’s, state police, FBI, CIA all do these things to people and they are the ones that run and organize stalking and killing of people and it is all done under the pretense of an investigation!

If you are a victim of government and try to warn people you will get labeled by your government as mentally ill because government no longer recognizes citizens as victims of organized crime and will cover up and suppress citizens complaints to conceal the organized crimes from the public!

Victims of organized crime are not welcome to report organized crime and police and firefighters and paramedics will automatically pretend that you are mentally ill should you try to report such crimes, they do so BECAUSE we have a Fascist system and the system covers up crimes committed by it’s officer’s and will not recognize complaints as valid complaints!

Your government wants you to believe that it is impossible for so many people to organize in order to kill off people, well in 1920s and 1930s it was common knowledge that many people were organized and were involved in killing people off and that law enforcement organized and permitted such activity’s!

OH that’s right our Fascist government pays rap artists to sing about Boogy men groups such as the Illuminati in order to distract the masses that our government is OPENLY FASCIST AND HAS BEEN FOR QUITE SOME TIME!

Just because our government officer’s took off their white robes many decades ago does not change the fact that police still use tactics they used in the 1920s and 1930s to organize the community’s into murderous mobs, and that’s why authority’s in 2013 pedofy their targets, in order to turn the community against their target and to get the community on their side!



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