Gang-Stalking Has Been Around Forever And Most People Just Don’t Notice It When It Occurs In Front Of Their Faces!

There are a lot of people that try to conceal the nature and purpose of gang-stalking by telling half-truth’s or outright lies, and many people that are victims of gang-stalking desperately search the internet for answers and solutions only to find that there are none.

I don’t want this to take a long time for me to explain and I intend on this to be a short explanation because I am not feeling well right now.

I know their are a lot of people on the internet that try to distract victims of gang-stalkers from the truth by giving and using made up boogy men groups to explain things, and the reason they do this is to distract their victims from the reality that gang-stalking, 99% of the time, is done locally by local people that are affiliated with people in law enforcement and of course it is local law enforcement themselves that organize and run and fund gang-stalking of people they have it out for for whatever reason.

I know there are a lot of people on the internet that say “Hell no it’s the FBI and their COINTELPRO and their MKUtra programs that do this to people!” and all I can say to such people is that I have no doubts whatsoever that they target people, but lets be real here, BIG BAD FBI target BIGGER FISH and leave most targets to local authority’s to handle.

Michael Jackson is what you can call and refer to as a “BIGGER FISH” and hell yeah FBI and many other agency’s and many people affiliated with authority’s were involved in him being targeted.

The vast majority of people that get targeted by LOCAL AUTHORITY’S get targeted for many reasons, some people they target are guilty of crimes and therefore authority’s have no qualms framing those type of people for crimes while they gang-stalk and terrorize them.

Some people get targeted for personal reasons such as cops sleeping around and womanizing with other people’s wives and they decide they want to kill off or frame that person to get rid of that person.

I know full well there are people on the internet that can whip up all kinds of boogy men groups to distract victims from the reality that it is just local folks that have some sort of local grudge against someone, and that authority’s have many people that are not in law enforcement that will gang-stalk and harass people and will stage crimes in their targets neighborhoods for the purpose of framing their targets.

In the 1960s and 1970s people that had police scanners were gang-stalkers and they used those police scanners to find out WHO TO TARGET and people that own police scanners back then knew all the codes police use, now codes are not laws, codes are codes, and police used codes back then to make it known to LOCAL FOLKS who they need to TARGET!

Now of course no one back then that owned and used police scanners will ADMIT to that, but it does not change the fact that such people openly and regularly attacked publicly people’s reputations in their neighborhoods, and it was common for these type of people to help plain clothed law officer’s to set people up as pedophiles, and it was also common for those people to try to recruit other neighbors into pedofying their target.

Many people get targeted because it is personal and someone in law enforcement or someone that is good friends with law enforcement has it out for someone, other people get targeted because someone at the public schools has it out for one of the students.

The reasons why people get gang-stalked are literally never ending because there are many many reasons why people get targeted, you can watch a old movie called “Captain Boycott” I think it was made in 1946, and that movie demonstrates from the gang-stalkers perspectives how they perceive and target people they deem undesirable within their community’s.

Almost all targeting of people are organized and funded and controlled and DIRECTED by local authority’s and they have/recruit volunteers into helping them stalk people and to stage crimes/events for the purpose of framing the target and for building cases against their target.

The term “gang-stalking” is not my preferred way of describing these people and their crimes, but it’s the common term most people use to describe them on the internet.

Many housewives in the 1960s and 1970s were involved in framing and stalking of people and of course they concealed this by just saying “Oh it’s just gossip!” in defense of themselves, but they are mums the word about innocent people that get framed as pedophiles and that those people end up dead.

It was EXTREMELY common for woman in the 60s and 70s to gossip, and most of their gossip was about hating this neighbor or having it out for this person or that person, and it was common for woman back then to recruit or try to recruit others into being “against” someone.

60s and 70s it was common for middle aged mothers to take their children for walks, and they would even go to their neighbors that also has children and will recruit those children to tag along for the “walk” only to be taken a block away and brought to a house where there is a mans arm hanging out a window and it’s tossing candy bars out the window!

The man inside the home never shows his face and maintains his arm hanging out the window the entire time, and the mother that organized and brought all these children to the location is all smiles and is telling the children “Go ahead, get some candy!” and all the children laugh while scooping up candy bars off the grass, the man inside the home never showing his face but leaves his arm out of the window the entire time while the children scoop up candy.

This is what is commonly known (by police and gang-stalkers) as pedofying, and this is how law officer’s and their buddy’s and their volunteers set people up as pedophiles, and yes they try very hard to recruit others into thinking and believing that such and such person is a bad guy, when in actuality it is just cops and their conspirators that commit STAGED crimes for the purpose of framing and giving blame to innocent people.

The man that is inside the home happens to be a law officer and that’s why he intentionally does not show his face, and the activity’s of a mans arm throwing candy at children and children scooping up candy is being recorded by law officer’s, and it is local mothers that are in one way or another trusted by police to help them get multiple people involved to better set the target up with.

Police and gang-stalkers usually stage these type of crimes in the targets home while the target is away at work or out of town, or already has been arrested for something and police just want to build a case against the person, and in the 60s and 70s it was common for people that owned police scanners to join in on such targeting of people.

Many people that are not involved in gang-stalking are witness to it yet don’t fully understand what is happening, I myself witnessed gang-stalking in many forms throughout my life and never gave it much thought or took the time to put two and two together to come up with four.

I do know back in the 60s and 70s people that had police scanners targeted people, I never heard of the term gang-stalking until after I became targeted after my wife got a job at the county jail kitchen and started having an affair with someone in law enforcement, but I always knew there were people that had special privileges given to them by law enforcement and that CERTAIN people were ALLOWED by local law enforcement to target someone for whatever reason.

Many of the woman that were involved in pedofying people were also involved in poisoning people as well, and I learned about that the hard way.


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