Michael Jackson Was Publicly Pedofied And Poisoned Off By Government!

There are a lot of people on the internet that are trying to cover up the pedofying and poisoning of Michael Jackson by giving blame to false Boogy men organizations such as MKUtra or the Illuminati and there are people that was close to Michael Jackson that, after his death, have tried to cover up the murder by giving blame to false entity’s as MKUtra and the Illuminati and our music industries joined in on the cover up by paying rap artists to glorify the power of fictional organizations such as the Illuminati in order to distract people from the simple fact that our government is openly Fascist and openly targets people and kills people, and that many many people NOT in government join in on such crimes.

Our government gang-stalked and harassed and menaced and terrorized and pedofied Michael Jackson for over a decade, and it was a none-stop assault on Michael Jackson of which our news reporters and news stations deliberately looked the other way on.

I am shocked at how blatantly and openly our government is flaunting their power/Fascism by organizing multiple people to target/harass Michael Jackson for over a decade, and after his death/murder to actually flaunt the fact that our government can flex it’s Fascist power to control rap star artists to sing about and give blame to fictional entity’s/organizations such as MKUtra and the Illuminati.

Excuse me but it is already open knowledge that it was our law officer’s and their many minions that gang-stalked and harassed and menaced and terrorized and pedofied Michael Jackson and all that was done publicly by our government officer’s and agents and by their willing partners/informants and that this went on for over a decade.

After Michael Jackson’s death THEN his close family members speak up to also give false blame on pretended Boogy men and organizations and the close members of the family related to Michael Jackson are mums the word about Michael Jackson being poisoned and were NOT at his side and helping him and if anything were avoiding him and just waited for him to die!

To be poisoned is to be debilitated, and Michael Jackson’s doctors and relatives were mums the word about his debilitated condition and did not try warning people about it including the doctors.

Michael Jackson was not poisoned by a shadowy group called the Illuminati, he was poisoned by people close to him and had access to his foods and medicines and to his drinks and it was THOSE people that poisoned and debilitated Michael Jackson and his doctors covered up the poisonings by treating him but not helping him and surely not bothering to take toxicology tests.

In other words it was people close to Michael Jackson and it was his doctors that poisoned and murdered him off and it was all done and directed by authority’s, and after Michael Jackson’s death THEN his family is directed by authority’s to make false statements publicly to draw away attention to the blatant murder and to conceal the Fascist murder done and organized by authority’s and their many minions.

Latoya Jackson publicly admits AFTER Michael Jackson’s death that he was murdered, but tries to cover up the fact it was a poisoning because everyone in the family were mums the word about Michael Jackson being debilitated from being poisoned, and Latoya Jackson even tries to cover the doctors butt by saying he was the fall guy.

I got news for you Latoya Jackson, you said nothing publicly about Michael Jackson being debilitated from being poisoned even though Michael Jackson was desperately opening his mouth and said he was being poisoned.

Just the idea that Michael Jackson was debilitated from being poisoned and was telling people he was poisoned STRONGLY points to the people near him to their guilt, and to NOT PUBLICLY WARN PEOPLE THAT MICHAEL JACKSON SAID HE WAS POISONED MAKES EVERYONE AROUND HIM HIS LAST MONTH ALIVE STRONGLY SUSPECT.

Michael Jackson was targeted and harassed and menaced and terrorized and pedofied BY OUR AUTHORITY’S AND THEIR MINIONS and they at the time were not hiding this at all, so for anyone to ignore that over a decade of being terrorized by government and to say nothing when Michael Jackson warn people he was poisoned and then to turn around and give blame to fictional entity’s after the fact is just flat out lying to cover up murder that was organized by government and doctors and relatives were complicit in the murder.

Do you know how many whores and girlfriends law officer’s have that will at the drop of a dime label anyone cops have it out for as a pedophile?

Do you know how many female companions law officer’s have at their disposal that have children that are, for a price, willing to coach their children to make false pedophile accusations on people law officer’s have it out for?

I got news for you, it is COMMON PRACTICE for law officer’s in ALL THE STATES of the USA to pedofy people and authority’s have a lot of voluntary females that have children that are willing to pedofy people for money, and that it is common for authority’s to put females with children in apartments near authority’s targets home in order to stage crimes for video surveillance cameras and to help police build false pedophile cases against the targets of police.

Most people that get pedofied by police and by their many minions usually end up dead within five years whether they are given a trial or not, and news reporters and news stations ALWAYS join in on the pedofying of someone authority’s want dead.

You can Google thousands of news story’s where authority’s are labeling so and so as a pedophile on news websites, and you will notice there NEVER is an actual person with an actual name backing up any charge on that person.

You can find thousands and thousands of news story’s where police, not actual named officer’s, just the word police, says so and so is a pedophile, and the anonymous police will claim there are victims and accusers, but never name them as well.

The point is multiple MULTIPLE people pedofy innocent people in the USA all the time and most of the accused end up dead without trials, and neither police nor the accusers want to put their actual real names WITH their accusations, therefore the accusers for the most part always stay anonymous and never publicly identified.

So it is common practice in the USA for authority’s and their minions to publicly pedofy people for the purpose of destroying their lives and the accused is never ever afforded a fair opportunity to defend against any accusations.

How would you feel if your local police organized hundreds of people against you by pedofying you with false accusations and police are not even bothering to hide the fact that they keep the accusers identity a secret so that you cannot accuse the accuser of lying or even defend against false accusations.

Pedofying is organized murder and it has been in practice by law officer’s for many many decades and news reporters are mums the word on the practice and the deaths involved in it because they themselves always take part in pedofying people.

Well our government spent over a decade pedofying Michael Jackson and news reporters and even members of Michael Jackson’s family helped those officer’s to pedofy him by not helping Michael Jackson.

When Michael Jackson was alive and was being forced to repeatedly attend hearings it was plastered all over TV and each time he walked to the courthouse for the hearings he was followed by news reporters, where were his family members then? why were his relatives NOT THERE to support him? because they knew he was being pedofied and they either feared being with him thinking they themselves would get pedofied by association, or they were helping police to pedofy him and wanted the world to witness Michael Jackson walking ALONE to the court house and to not have supporters near him while he was on camera by news reporters.

When those worthless hearings ended because of lack of everything against Michael Jackson he left the court and took off in his limousine, and he was hollowed onto the freeway by helicopters that followed and filmed him from above.

So even though the hearings ended and rightfully so the news reporters continued to pedofy Michael Jackson and were literally treating Michael Jackson as a criminal by filming Michael Jackson on the freeway by helicopter, a treatment usually reserved for criminals that are being chased by police.

So even when Michael Jackson attends a hearing and establishes that the government DOES NOT HAVE A CASE AGAINST HIM and the hearings are closed, Michael Jackson is still pedofied, by news reporters and by police, and are still harassing him and still trying to make him look like a bad guy with a helicopter chase down a freeway.

That should be enough for anyone with common sense to know this constant targeting of Michael Jackson was personal by our government and that news reporters brown nose to police so badly that they will follow innocent people around by helicopters just so they can give viewers the false impression that Michael Jackson was fleeing, when in fact in court he was victorious.

Government officer’s and their many minions and news reporters can care less if someone is guilty or innocent of a crime, for them, it is all about them being organized and that it has been this way for many many decades and if anyone in big bad GOV wants someone dead then there are a ton of people that will pedofy that person FOR the government, and yes they use that term pedofied and pedofying and they use those terms when they frame people as pedophiles.


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