Gang-Stalkers And The KKK Have A Lot In Common They Are Run By Law Officer’s!

Everyone has heard of the term “investigation” and that term is mentioned all the time on TV news stations and by press releases issued by police themselves, but no one actually describes what an “investigation” entails and no one describes in detail what “investigators” actually do for several months to several years while they “investigate” someone.

I can tell you what a “investigation” is and define it for you, it means many people in law enforcement is targeting someone.

No surprise there now is there, well the surprise is that when many people in law enforcement are targeting someone then they have it out for that person, period.

If several cops spy/investigate someone they have it out for and that person does nothing wrong, then those investigators will start setting that person up for crimes, what people don’t realize is is that when cops target someone enough to spy on them for months then they just don’t let go of the fact they have it out for that person and they wont give up targeting that person.

Many people in law enforcement target people for sport, lets face it, if you charge a cop with a felony crime do you really think there are anyone within the system that cares? do you?

What we have is a Fascist system and are system i so corrupt that when several people in law enforcement illegally gang-stalk and harass people and frame people and murder people there are no people within government regardless of what country you live in that cares.

A big giant Fascist system will squash any individual and if anyone complains then the system, many many people within the system, will ignore your complaints and pretend your mentally ill to discredit you as a witness.

No one in the system wants to admit publicly that many people within are police forces target people for personal reasons, and there are many sites on the internet that want to to think in terms of “COINTELPRO” or FBI” or “CIA” or some other nonsense term.

OH don’t get me wrong here I have no doubt that those agency’s are responsible for many horrible things, but for the majority of us victims it is local authority’s that do most of the gang-stalking on people.

If you doubt that then call 91 and talk to your local first responders and see for yourself if they care or not, pay attention if you do you will notice a lot of smirking going on between the cops themselves along with any other first responders.

Many websites want you to believe that only important people get targeted or whistle blowers or such, and I am sure many of them do get targeted, but for the majority of people that get targeted get targeted by local authority’s and that they are doing it for sport or for personal reasons that they don’t want you to know about, or both.

There are websites that want people to think that this kind of targeting of people is relatively new in this day and age, and that is just simply false.

Targeting of people have been going on for all of human history, I am an American and know a little of American history, and I can tell you that it has ALWAYS been easy and common for local authority’s in this country to organize gangs of people against people.

Back in the days when the USA was just colony’s in the America;’s under the rule of Great Briton there used to be Witch Hunts in the colony’s and many people were targeted and killed and many many many people joined into all that targeting of people, and all that targeting was done by local authority’s and organized by it.

Back in the 1930’s in the USA it was common to hear about the KKK and many people either feared them or were sympathetic to them and on their side, and it was common especially in the south, but not exclusive to, for there to be many hangings of people that was done publicly by people wearing white hoods and white robes, and those hangings were back then based on accusations of which the accused is never given or afforded a trial over.

I would like to point out that the KKK was very organized back in the 1930’s and was very much known for killing people and not bothering with trials, and back in the 1930’s most people back in the day understood that most people in the KKK were law officer’s and that they are the ones organizing such killings/targeting of human beings.

In the 1930’s there never were people in the KKK that stood trial for all those killings, and it was very understood by people back in the day that it was law officer’s that ran and controlled the KKK back in those days, the KKK was very prominent back in the 1930’s, and it was World War Two that took the KKK out of the spotlight back in the 1930’s.

Now here it is 2013 and when people get targeted by large groupd of people what does our government do when we report it, why our government smirks at us like a bunch of Nazi’s and pretends mental illness to discredit us as witnesses and as victims.

So our own governments ignore history of organized crime/criminal and attacks the credibility of the victims/witnesses, why this is no different than how people were treated almost a hundred years ago if they got targeted by the KKK, it’s no different.

The KKK used to kill people all the time and the KKK controlled our community’s back around the 1930’s especially in the south, and nowadays if anyone tries to report organized crime/gang-activity’s then the person reporting such crimes gets labeled mental.

I am sure you people can Google some photo’s of the KKK marching the streets at our DC capital back in the 1930’s, they were organized and they targeted people and they killed people and they acted outside our laws and got away with it because it was law officer’s that were running that criminal organization back then, and our schools systems now in America wants people to believe that people NEVER organize for criminal activity’s and instead wants people to believe that when someone speaks up about such crimes to think of them as mentally ill.and to ignore them.

The next time your Fascist government officer’s look you in the face and smirk at you for reporting you are a victim of gang-stalking just remember it is law officer’s that run and organize gang-stalking and they have a history of it, so when those officer’s smirk at you you will know WHY they are smirking, because they are the ones that are guilty, and their smirking because they are flaunting it.

My two cents.

Terry Wagar


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