Death Threats And Attempted Murder Caught On Video July 2009!

Cops and their whores/gang-stalkers brag on audio death threat they are going to kill me they broke into my home and put this audio death threat in my home!

Cops and their whores/gang-stalkers are caught on video backing up their death threat they are armed with guns and recording devices and wait in ambush right by my front door at 5:45 am, my ex wife was with them she has her gun hidden inside her shirt in her left hand and is recording with her cellphone in her right hand!

Everyone of the people in this video does not live there they are trespassing and are caught backing up their death threat!

About three days after I caught them on video I called police and the police hung up on me, and within an hour I got another death threat this time by email, a photo of someone with their face smashed in was sent to my email address, and this is just three days after I caught them on video trying to kill me outside my apartment!


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