Joan Wagar Has A History Of Poisoning And Pedofying Since 1999!

Ever since Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen she has been pedofying people at the direction of her f-buddy’s in law enforcement and law enforcement took over the apartment next door to Joan Wagar a week after she quit her job to teach her how to pedofy me and she recruited her whole family into it and they were performing for their f-buddy’s in law enforcements video surveillance cameras!

That is more than enough to charge Joan Wagar and her family of whoring themselves to the county sheriff’s and the Portland police, and they spent the whole summer of 1999 performing for their f-buddy’s in law enforcement and the officer’s that had the apartment next door were passing notes to Joan Wagar’s daughter through her bedroom window telling her what to write in her diary!

So the way cops and their whores frame people is much like directors of a movie directing the actors, and Joan Wagar and her family were eager to please their masters in law enforcement in order to give them good video surveillance footage to set me up as a pedophile!

Law enforcement gave Joan Wagar a couple thousand dollars so that she and her family could fill my home with paraphernalia and at the same time were destroying my reputation behind my back and during all this they pretended and faked being a loving family!

Several of my family members on my side of the family at this time were heavily being gang-stalked by plain clothed cops and county sheriff officer’s and they were harassing my family and were staging crimes in front of their faces daring them to confront them over it!

My father Don Wagar told me what they were doing to him he described in detail what they were doing and described why he believed they were plain clothed cops!

My father Don Wagar was poisoned after this those plain clothed cops poisoned his foods or something, and he was so il he could not leave his apartment for weeks and those plain clothed cops terrorized him while he was debilitated in his apartment!

They would yell threats at him and would pound on his door and even on his walls to let him know they had the apartment next to him, downright terrorized him, imagine being so badly poisoned that you cannot go anywhere and the poisoners are cops and are flaunting the fact that they are renting apartments surrounding their victim and terrorizing him while he was debilitated!

At this very time my wife Joan Wagar and her family were trying to keep me preoccupied with various disasters where I lived to prevent me from finding out about my father, and these same cops were running around my neighborhood pedofying me, no formal charges, just running around labeling me as a pedophile, and nobody want to even tell me this was happening and my wife and her side of the family was trying to hide this from me whole they turned our yard into a playground with pools and bikes and trampolines costing well over a thousand dollars, and I was unemployed at this time and my wife Joan Wagar was barely making over minimum wage and no one on Joan Wagar’s side of the family wanted to admit to my face where they are getting the money for all this stuff!

Joan Wagar’s buddy’s in law enforcement were right next door to us and they were the ones giving Joan Wagar the money for all this stuff so that they could make me look like a pedophile, but it was Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales that bought all this stuff and I was never even consulted on these purchases Joan Wagar and Vickie Rosales made, they would just show up from shopping and have a three hundred plus dollar pool in their vehicle and say “Surprise! we bought the kids a pool!” and they just grin and act like their being nice, the whole time they were pedofying me behind my back!

So they filled my home and yard with paraphernalia and at the same time behind my back they would label me to their friends and coworkers as a pedophile and to my face they pretended to be a loving family, and it was my wife Joan Wagar’s buddy’s in law enforcement that were secretly renting the apartment next door to us that were directing all their actions and were teaching them/coaching them as to how to do this!

My father died from being poisoned by them and it was the county sheriff’s that came to my door to tell me he died, and they admitted before coming over to tell me about it that they entered my fathers home to remove my fathers meds from his apartment!
My Father was not on any meds, so he lied to me and was hinting that they poisoned him to my face!

My wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales went into overdrive when it came to putting paraphernalia into my home after my fathers death and the plain clothed cops faking being next door neighbors were busily directing our daughter with cards they passed her through her window to fill up her diary making false pedophile accusations!

Vickie Rosales and putting what she describes as “Life sized Barbie dolls” into our home under the false pretense that it was a gift to our daughters, and at the same time our oldest daughter was in such a hurry to copy the cards the cops passed her into her diary that she did not even bother shutting her bedroom door, so I witnessed her copying cards into her dairy as though they were her words, and she had a bid goofy grin on her face while doing this, my father Don Wagar just died like a couple days before so this is what Joan Wagar and her side of the family was focused on!

I was being harassed by phone by the very plain clothed officer’s that killed my father, they were pretending to be my fathers apartment manager and they were threatening me and demanding that I remove my fathers belongings from his apartment, and the other was pretending to be the funeral director and he was demanding and threatening me telling me I had to pay for my fathers cremation of which they performed without my authorization or consent!

So the very people that killed my father with poison and were coaching my wife and her family as to how to set me up as a pedophile were demanding that I remove my fathers belongings and to pay for a cremation so that they could set me up for the murder!

I refused to do either knowing they murdered him and knowing they were also renting apartments surrounding mine at this very moment and I simply refused to do anything knowing they counted on me doing something!

I did take the time to catch our daughter on video copying those cards those plain clothed cops passed her into her diary, and she never said a single thing in that diary about her grandfather dying in it either, all she did was grin while copying cards passed to her through her bedroom window into her diary and all she wrote in it was to label me repeatedly as a pedophile!

You should see the big goofy grin she had on her face just a few short days after her grandfather was murdered, you should see how much fun it was for her and my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales to frame me while they murdered off my father!

My mother at this time was poisoned by Joan Wagar and my mother called 911, and the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s just covered up my mothers 911 call and arranged for my mother to move into a new apartment, but never questioned anyone in the family about Joan Wagar poisoning her, and everyone just acted like nothing happened!

A month later I was charged formally with forty four pedophile felony charges that turned into ZERO charges ten days later, without any explanation given by police or prosecutors!

At this very time police had a look-a-like of me living in my mothers abandoned mobile home! his name was Lonny!


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