Public Pedofying Done By Cops To Kill People!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are bro’s to each other and they as a team will stage crimes in their targets neighborhood for the soul purpose of pedofying someone and they actively use the term pedofying and they bragged to me on a death threat that they pedofied me and they admitted I cannot get help from 911 because of it!

So pedofying is premeditated murder and it is a common form of murder organized cops agree to perpetrate on someone and it is a crime that causes multiple people to gang up on a single person for the purpose of destroying that person!

Michael Jackson is one of the most famous instances of cops and news reporters none-stop pedofying of someone until that person died and at no time did the victim Michael Jackson get a criminal trial and was not afforded the RIGHT to defend his name in a court of law and was not allowed to face his accusers!

At no time did the public get to see who the so-called victim was or hear from the victim that Michael Jackson supposedly harmed yet hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people joined into the pedofying of Michael Jackson, and it was a none=stop assault on his life and reputation!

TV news reporters have the public so propagandized and conditioned that they did EVERYTHING in their power to make Michael Jackson look like a bad guy, and to the extreme, at the unofficial hearing Michael Jackson was forced to attend (ANYONE CAN BE FORCED TO ATTEND THOSE) and when the hearings ended DUE TO LACK OF EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT A TRIAL Michael Jackson left the final hearing in his limo and what did the news reporters do? THEY CONTINUED TO TREAT HIM LIKE A CRIMINAL BY FOLLOWING HIS LIMO BY HELICOPTER so that they can give Michael Jackson the look of being an escaped criminal!

The hearing was over, lack of evidence, BECAUSE MICHAEL JACKSON IS INNOCENT, and instead of people apologizing to him he was being followed via helicopter and treated like a fleeing criminal by the news reporters!


So this is the image news reporters WANTED the public to see and this is how news reporters, the spinning propagandists WANTED the public to remember Michael Jackson as, not as a man that is vindicated because there is NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO EVEN BOTHER WITH A TRIAL,, BUT AS A MAN FLEEING WITH HIS TAIL BETWEEN HIS LEGS!

The Portland police and the Multnomah county sheriff’s stage FELONY CRIMES ALL THE TIME AND THEY EMPLOY PHOTO DOUBLES/LOOK-A-LIKES ALL THE TIME to stage crimes near a targets home FOR THE SOUL PURPOSE OF FRAMING AND PEDOFYING THEIR TARGET!

They do this all the time, and there is a pattern to it that can be recognized, you can profile pedofying cops the same way you profile criminals, by their behaviors and deeds!

Cops that frame people will make pedophile accusations at a drop of a hat, and THEY SMIRK WHILE DOING IT! So they don’t care if the people they falsely accuses knows this, as a matter of fact cops WANT their target/victim to KNOW their pedofying them, because just like Michael Jackson there is no one the target can turn to for help, and cops know they have a lot of bro’s in law enforcement and even news reporters that back up their none-stop pedofying slander on a target!

Pedofying is organized crime that uniformed cops and plain clothed cops initiate on someone for the purpose of destroying that person, and cops long ago recruited public schools in the act of pedofying innocent people using word of mouth accusations and with flyers, so pedofying is done by many many people that are NOT ACTUAL VICTIMS THEMSELVES and are PAID to pedofy people and financial resourse’s are spent by tax payers for the manpower and office supply’s for the purpose of printing thousands of flyers!

Over the past thirty years how many people have police and county sheriff’s and public schools pedofied using flyers?,,,,,,,,where is the list of names our police and our schools have organized against in order to pedofy someone with flyers? where is the life expectancy statistics of people that are publicly pedofied by law officer’s and by schools? because I got news for you, pedofying is nothing more than organized murder and everyone knows that anyone accused of being a pedophile ends up dead, which is why it is SO COMMON FOR COPS TO FRAME INNOCENT PEOPLE AS PEDOPHILES!

If cops frame someone by planting drugs then the framed innocent person goes to prison for several months or a few years, if cops frame someone as a pedophile then that person ends up dead within FIVE YEARS ON AVERAGE IF NOT SOONER!

All a cop has to do is point a finger at someone they have it out for and say the magic word “PEDOPHILE” and a whole army of woman at schools kick into gear and proceed to DESTROY the person without a trial all done under the false pretense of protecting the community from a bad guy, well then why are all these woman at schools that print out all these flyers IGNORING the fact and practice that COPS ARE PAYING PHOTO DOUBLES to follow their targets and to impersonate their targets and they pay photo doubles to follow children around and cops will photograph their paid double from the sides and from the back following children for the SOUL PURPOSE OF GIVING FALSE BLAME TO THEIR TARGET!

That is pedofying people, and cops DO THIS ALL THE TIME and they use the term PEDOFYING to describe these acts DONE BY COPS!

Watch out people because the moment cops start making false accusations labeling anyone as a pedophile and at the same time refuse to disclose the accusers then you are witnessing pedofying at that very moment and they have it out for someone and all their doing is taking an innocent person and destroying that persons life!

How many false reports do cops use to pedofy people with? how many thousands of flyers are printed to DESTROY someones life ALL DONE BEHIND THAT PERSONS BACK?

How many flyers are printed to apologize to the falsely accused person to correct the damages? NONE!


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