Backing Up Their Death Threats!

My wife Joan Wagar and her lover officer Eric Carlson were waiting in ambush outside my doorway at 5:45 am in July 2005 and they are armed with guns and recording devices!
Officer Eric Carlson’s partner Shannon was hiding behind the van and trailer at the beginning of this video and he is the one in the baseball hat, and there is another female cop outside to my right outside just out of my line of site and she does not reveal herself until Shannon steps into the parking lot!

My wife’s f-buddy’s in law enforcement were renting an apartment near mine and were trying to kill me and they bragged on a audio death threat two weeks prior to this that their going to kill me and that they have a surprise for me!

The surprise was they were renting apartments near mine and were waiting for their opportunity to shoot me!

Joan Wagar and officer Eric Carlson were hiding right by my doorway outside my apartment and they are armed with guns and recording devices, officer Eric Carlson grabs his gun as he takes off down the right side of the road with his left hand as he gets alongside the trailer across the street!

After he gets into a shooting position then he motions for my wife Joan Wagar to reveal the fact that she was as well waiting in ambush by my front door and starts walking giving me time to notice her before she breaks into a run, I did not realize as this was happening that it was my wife though, until I saw later on Shannon’s face with the base ball hat!

My wife was holding a cellphone in her right hand and was holding it out in front of her as she takes off down the center of the street because she is recording video with it, and in her left hand she is holding a handgun and you can clearly see the shape of the gun inside the shirt!

Joan Wagar was flat out armed with a handgun and was trying to conseal it by taking her shirt off and putting the gun in her shirt, but the hilt of the gun is still in her hand so she is able to just point and shoot regardless of the shirt covering the gun!

What alerted me to all this was I was getting ready to potty my dog Pepsi and as I opened the door I noticed a tall man in a baseball hat running and diving behind the van and trailer just as I opened the door!
Since their death threat was fresh on my mind I suspected I was catching my wife’s f-buddy’s in law enforcement backing up their death threat, so I turned out my lights and grabbed my camcorder and aimed it over where the man in the baseball hat was hiding trying to catch him on video, and this is what I caught!

These people are law officer’s with the exception of Joan Wagar herself and these cops are using their police powers to back up a death threat and to acquire apartments surrounding mine and they are flaunting their murder conspiracy because they show up in a car with the license plate “SAYLVU” on it and it’s parked right next to the car Shannon is using!

Shannon does not even try to hide the fact he is a cop, he’s acting all coppish after their got and he immediately whips out his flashlight faking an investigation trying to look all up and up and just flat out failing, he looks right over at my door and does not even try to hide the fact he wants me dead!


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