Multnomah County Sheriff’s Are Pedofying And Poisoning People!

The Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s and their whores are pedofying people and poisoning people and all calls for help from their victims are covered up and suppressed and victims are denied emergency services at hospitals and victims 911 calls are covered up!

This is how cops cover up poisonings at the OHSU hospital, cops will aproach the attending doctor that is caring for the victim/patient in the hallway outside the victim/patients E,R, room and will label the victim/patient a “BAD GUY” repeatedly until the doctor gets the hint to walk off and then police send in a female cop with a white shirt on and impersonates being a doctor and tells the victim/patient “I’m sorry Mr (put name here) but we cannot find anything wrong, but before you go I want to have an x ray taken.” and then they take an x ray and then nothing happens after that and no one speaks with the victim and the hospital just waits for the victim to leave!

Denial of emergency services occur the moment ANY cop or county sheriff officer verbally labels a victim as a “bad guy” and no first responder and no doctor will help someone when cops make that verbal label and cops always do this at the hospital in the hallways with the doctors and this is how they coerce doctors into covering up poisonings!

No toxicology test will be taken and the only thing they will do is have an x ray taken, everyone knows you will not find poison with x rays!

Joan Wagar was given permission to be a serial killer by the police and county sheriff’s when she got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen and cops even called her Mrs Dash in love letters!


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