Multnomah County Sheriff’s And Their Whores!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s grant their whores to be poisoners and teach them how to poison people and they teach them how to frame people as pedophiles by filling their victims home with paraphernalia and by destroying their reputation behind the victims back and they have a name for this they call it pedopfying!

County sheriff’s will take over the apartments surrounding their target/victim and they coach woman that they recruited to perform for their video surveillance cameras and coach woman as to how to make their target/victim look like a bad guy and they will do this for several months to build a case against their target/victim!

Plain clothed cops will spread false pedophile accusations throughout the target/victims neighborhood and will stage crimes and give blame to their target/victim to neighbors!

The target/victim is kept in the dark on these activity’s because the county sheriff’s and their whores try to conceal these activity’s from the target/victim and neighbors will not speak up and tell the target/victim that people are running around and destroying that persons reputation!

County sheriff’s call this activity they use to frame people pedofying, or pedofied, and they use these terms when talking with fellow officer’s or with their whores!

I call them whores because that’s what they are, county sheriff’s ALWAYS recruits woman into this type of framing and the woman are being paid by the county sheriff’s to perform for their video surveillance cameras and sometimes they perform sexual acts with look-a-likes in order to frame their target/victim so they very much ARE WHORES!

If county sheriff’s can recruit their targets spouse into these crimes then the county sheriff’s start providing lots of money to that person and tells that person to fill the target/victims home with paraphernalia so that the county sheriff’s can have video footage of paraphernalia within the home and of course in a court room the county sheriff’s will just claim that the paraphernalia was bought by the target/victim!

The county sheriff’s and their whores can,will, and do poison people knowing they can cover up a poisoning by speaking with the victims doctor and by coercing the doctor into not taking a toxicology test, and when cops or county sheriff’s label someone as a bad guy to a doctor then magically a doctor will not perform a toxicology test!

To charge a cop or county sheriff officer in Portland Oregon is impossible because no one will take a complaint and anyone that does TRY to charge a cop or county sheriff officer with a felony crime will get gang-stalked by plain clothed officer’s and will have their reputation destroyed in their neighborhood and news reporters are COMPLETELY MUMS THE WORD ON THESE ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ACTS COMMITTED BY LAW OFFICER’S AND BY THEIR WHORES!

People that try to charge cops or county sheriff’s in Portland Oregon with felony murder charges or rape charges or attempted murder charges are officially ignored by uniformed cops and county sheriff officer’s but that person will and does become gang-stalked by multiple police officer’s and county sheriff officer’s in plain cloths and they will and always do destroy their targets reputation and they always pedofy people they want dead!

When cops and county sheriff’s grant their whores permission to poison off people and to pedofy people and coach their whores how to do this the victim target becomes overwhelmed by the shear amount of people involved and is unable to find help!

Everyone knows there are cases where cops womanize and sleep around with other people’s spouses, people are aware that murder conspiracy start many times because of a spouse having an affair, nothing knew there, but when a victim discovers that his wife is sleeping around with cops and that his wife and her lovers were pedofying and poisoning him then he finds himself in a situation where no one will take his information and any time he tries to report this people just smirk at him and pretend the victim is mentally ill and COMPLETELY IGNORES HIS COMPLAINT!

There are so many cops and sheriff’s in Portland Oregon that fake that all the time to discredit their victims complaints and their are a ton of whores in the mental health community that will at the drop of a hat label someone as mental in order to cover a cops butt from prosecution!


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