Our Daughters Diary!

The Multnomah county sheriff’s and the Portland police are a gang of thugs and they enjoy recruiting their whores into killing and framing people and they never care if they are caught because no one will arrest them for it and news reporters are mums the word on the felony crimes committed by police and county sheriff’s!

The county sheriff’s and the Portland police recruited my wife Joan Wagar into a murder conspiracy after she got a job at the Multnomah county jail kitchen as a food prep person and she was even having an affair with a cop!

Joan Wagar and her lover decided they were going to frame me as a pedophile so my wife recruited her side of the family into and then my wife Joan Wagar quit her job at the county jail kitchen and then she and her sister Vickie Rosales were coached by their f-buddy’s in law enforcement to fill my home and yard with paraphernalia!

The police and county sheriff’s at this time took over several apartments surrounding ours at this time and were on a daily basis coaching my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales and our oldest daughter Shawna Wagar how to perform for their hidden video surveillance cameras they had aimed at our home and within our home!

While Joan Wagar and Vickie Rosales spent over two thousand dollars filling our home and yard with paraphernalia the county sheriff’s were many times on a daily basis were passing our oldest daughter notes through her bedroom window telling her what to write in her diary, and all she was doing with that diary was labeling me as a pedophile!

Because this was a operation authorized by local authority’s and because my wife and her side of the family were literally working for these officer’s and following their instructions they had no fear of being discovered and did not fear prosecution and their efforts to conceal these activity’s from me were half-ass ed at best!

They were more worried about doing what their f-buddy’s told them to do than worrying about me catching them in the act of their framing me, so many times I caught plained clothed cops at my daughters bedroom window telling her what to write in her diary and what to do in the living room and heard them telling her she needs to pester me more and so on, and my daughter never even shut her door when she was copying those notes the county sheriff’s gave her to copy into her diary so I seen her in her bedroom with big goofy grins on her face while copying notes into her diary!

My wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were hinting in my presence to their conspiracy each time they brought into our home new paraphernalia, so I knew full well they don’t care if I suspect them, if anything I believe at the time they wanted me to suspect knowing Our apartment building was surrounded by their f-buddy’s in law enforcement!

It came down to them all being organized and since it was cops and county sheriff officer’s that directed their action\s they all were more focused on doing what they were told than to try and hide anything from me!

I was already under the impression that my wife Joan Wagar was cheating on me and that it started when she worked at the Multnomah county jail kitchen and I had every reason to believe and had probable cause to believe I was being framed as a pedophile and that the female members of the family were being coached and directed by law officer’s renting apartments surrounding ours, I feared for my safety as well as for my family’s safety!

Since they were only half-ass ed trying to hide this from me I decided to say nothing and hang in there so that I could prove this under the belief that sooner or later I am going to be framed by them!
So I started documenting the paraphernalia my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were planting in our home and in our yard, and because I knew it was a daily thing for these plain clothed cops/county sheriff officer’s to pass notes to our daughter through her bedroom window I decided to try and randomly catch them in the act of that on video!

It was not easy for me to catch them because I was under the belief that we all were already under video surveillance within our home, which is why those cops/county sheriff officer’s were coaching our daughter to pester me more, in our home, for their hidden cameras!
So I had to figure out a way to catch them on video outside my home at our daughters bedroom window, without tipping them off to the fact that I am trying to catch them, not easy since they already have me under illegal video surveillance within my own home!

I did not realize at the time just how many people were involved in this, at first I was under the impression that it was everyone on the female side of my wife’s family along with their f-buddy’s in law enforcement and maybe a few of their friends, but then a bunch of plain clothed cops and county sheriff officer’s were gang-stalking my father Don Wagar and he told me about it when he came over to visit!

This scared the hell out of me, because now I am getting a much much bigger picture of what’s going on, and I realized at this moment that even with the evidence I got it won’t even matter, I was under the belief that when I prove they are framing me then I will be able to find help, and now I am discovering that it is just a big ass murder conspiracy with a gang of cops that just do what they want and don’t give a damn if anyone knows!

I said nothing to my father about me being framed knowing we were under video surveillance and I did not want to tip those cops/county sheriff’s off to the fact that I knew, I wanted their guard down, not to mention I feared for my own fathers safety and feared giving him information may further endanger him!

Over the next three weeks I was still getting evidence of their framing me and was getting video evidence of the under cover cops that pretended to be neighbors, and about three weeks after my father told me he was being gang-stalked I discovered that those gang-stalkers poisoned him!

I spoke with my father about it at the bus stop, he told me in detail what they did to him and the threats they made against him, and he had no idea what to do or where to turn to for help, I was in the same situation as he vut I had way more information than him and I even did not know where to turn to for help!

My father told me they wont help him at the hospital, and I believed him, three days later he died, and it was a Multnomah county sheriff officer that came to my door and told me he died, and then that county sheriff officer with a slight smirk on his face said to me that he entered my fathers home before coming over here to REMOVE HIS MEDS from his apartment!

I already knew he was murdered by plain clothed cops I spoke with him three days before he died, and I know damn well my father was not under the care of a doctor and had NO MEDS AT ALL so this county sheriff officer was doing the same thing I witnessed my wife and her sister doing, hinting at their murder conspiracy in front of my face!

I realized at this point that our god damn whole system AS A COMPLETE WHOLE is CORRUPT to the core and that this is just fun and games to cops and county sheriff officer’s and to their WHORES and that they enjoy singling out people for death or for being framed and that they as a gang get a rush out of doing this to people!

Murder and framing is sport to these people and I am waking up to this realization, so all the evidence I was gathering will obviously mean nothing to these people and if anything should I give them any evidence I had every reason it would just disappear and then they would just smirk at me and say “What evidence!” and I was very much under this belief of these people from this point forward!

From this point I did not know what to do, at first I was standing up to a bunch of criminals, trying to do the right thing, but in the process I discover the whole system is nothing but a bunch of criminals and that they all were doing this to me and my family and did not give a damn and were not even really trying to hide it because there is no one they fear so they just don’t care!

Five days after my father died/was murdered my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales brought over to our apartment what they describes as “Life Sized Barbie Dolls!” and was pretending that they are gifts to our daughters and they put them in our daughters bedroom, and I noticed later that day our oldest daughter was busy in her bedroom once again copying a note into her diary and once again had a big goofy grin on her face!

It is at this moment that I am waking up to the realization that our own daughter is an accomplice to my fathers death, and later when I got a chance to I reread her diary, and I noticed that she was still pedofying me in it, and I noticed that she made NO MENTION WHAT-SO-EVER ABOUT HER GRANDFATHERS DEATH! AT ALL!

How interesting that the county sheriff’s that passed the notes through our daughters window telling her what to write did not want her saying anything in it about her grandfathers death!


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