What Cops Call An Investigation!

Police officer’s have a history of gang-stalking people and for many cops it’s personal on their part and once they have someone on their shit list they never leave that person alone and they go out of their way to fuck up people!

Cops always use the ignorance of the public to get away with murder, literally murder, and 99% of the times cops claim their actions are “Conducting an investigation!” and they use that term “investigation” to describe virtually everything they do!

So when your spouse has an affair with a cop and that cop decides to fuck you up he/she will do so under the pretense of an investigation!

If you rent an apartment then that cop and his bro’s will talk to the apartment manager or landlord about getting the apartments surrounding yours, why? because they are “investigating” you!

After they get several apartments surrounding yours with the help and cooperation of the tenants and landlords/apartment managers they then will start destroying your reputation in your neighborhood with false accusations and they will stage crimes in or near your home while you are away at work or out shopping!
All done in the name of those officer’s just doing an “investigation!” and they will even tell people near your home you are under investigation!

Since it is personal on the part of these cops because they sleep with your spouse they will tell your neighbors that you are under investigation for child porn, and they will make it a special point to tell people to watch their children while they conduct their “investigation” on their suspect!

While you are at work or out shopping or on vacation out of town they will enter your apartment with an actual working key that the apartment manager/landlord gave them because apartment managers/landlords always cooperate with “investigations” and those cops that sleep with your spouse will plant video cameras and audio recording devices into your home and since they have the help of the apartment managers/landlords they will put hidden cameras in the attic so that they can have a top-down view of you while you are in your home!

By now your neighbors have thoroughly destroyed your reputation with word of mouth gossip, all started because your spouses fuck-buddy’s have it out for you all because your spouses fuck-buddy’s said the magic word while flashing their badges “INVESTIGATION” and everyone is telling everyone during this gossip fest to not say anything around you because you are under “investigation” so no one will say a word to you!
That don’t stop them from telling everyone else now does it!

By now you might be noticing that your apartment manager/landlord seems to be ruder to you than normal, and you might even notice with your peripheral vision that your neighbors are starring at you and you may even hear people laughing at you or about you, but nobody is volunteering any information to you so you just shrug it off and not worry too much about it, but you are aware that weird things are going on and you are starting to get a little paranoid!

Now that those cops that are screwing your spouse destroyed your reputation with the magic word “investigation” and have the support of your apartment manager.landlord on their side they will ask them to introduce themselves as apartment maintenance men so that they can regularly enter your home without drawing your suspicion or your neighbors suspicion, and if they get caught on video entering your apartment then they have the apartment managers/landlords to lie for them to give them legal access to your home!

Each time these cops enter your home under the pretense of an “investigation” they do a combination of three things, they plant evidence in your home, they may complain to to about the condition of your apartment to put you on edge, and last but not least they do this mostly to put on a show for the apartment manager/landlord giving them the impression that you are guilty of whatever it is that they are setting you up for!

They put on a show for the apartment manager/landlord giving him/her the impression you are guilty in order to gain further help from the apartment manager/landlord, in other words once they convince the apartment managers/landlords you are guilty (your not!) then the cops can now get the apartment managers.landlords to lie for them and get their willing help in setting you up for something!

The cops that are screwing your spouse will convince the apartment manager/landlord you are a pedophile, they then will tell the apartment manager/landlord “Look,,,we know he’s a pedophile, but we can’t prove it, so will you back us up if we set him/her up so that we can get rid of this pedophile!?” and under pressure from these cops they will go along with it under the false belief that they are getting rid of a dangerous pedophile!

It is this exact way almost to a tee that cops all over the country recruit many many people into lying for them so that they can get rid of someone under the false belief that that person deserves it!

They repeat this process over and over in many different ways to gain the cooperation of many people into lying for them!
If anyone that has a conscious and knows about this and opens their mouth to complain even in the slightest way the cops that are screwing your spouse will tell them “Who gives a fuck! he/she is a pedophile!” that that usually shuts up anyone that does not like what these groups of people are doing!

By this time you are aware that things are going on, you might be noticing that things you put somewhere are not where you put them, you might be noticing that your stuff seems to be moved by other people, and your mind is telling you “I must \be going crazy! I live alone, and nothing is stolen, so why would my stuff be move in different places!” and you might even notice that your tires on your car no longer seem to be holding air in them!

You might notice that your gas in your car runs out faster than it should, you start thinking “Someone must be stealing my gas, I’m going to have to get a locking cap for the gas tank!” and you might even notice that your furniture has been moved in your apartment!

Many people that say they are gang-stalked describe such situations and afflictions they suffer, what they don’t tell you is WHY IT HAPPENS!

Here’s why!

Because the cops that are screwing your spouse have you under video surveillance and audio surveillance within your home, and they want you on video looking scared, nervous, worried, afraid, because they are framing you as a pedophile, and if they can freak you out by moving things around then they will do it!

Remember they bugged your whole home/apartment so yeah they will move things around to do that, they will hook up the video cameras and audio recording equipment into power sources so they will replace your power outlets with hidden cameras and audio recording capability’s and yes they will have to move your furniture to do this!

Remember the cops that are fucking your spouse have it out for you, so during their “investigation” they will have fun destroying your whole life, and they will troll the hell out of you inside your home to put you on edge so that they can get it on video!

If you call the police to report someone is moving your stuff them the cops that are fucking your spouse will have the uniformed cops put on a show for you and pretend to take your complaint, but they will not give you a case number because after they leave they will just pretend nothings reported!

Are you on edge within your own home? are you wondering why people that used to be friendly towards you are no longer friendly and even avoid you or talk bad about you?

When you are on your days off from work the cops that are fucking your spouse will visit your employer and tell them that they are detectives and that they are conducting an “investigation” on you and will even let them know that you are a suspect of downloading child porn!

They will question your employer and your fellow coworkers about you and after they are done they will tell those people “Please don’t say anything about this, this is a on-going “investigation” so be careful not to let so-and-so know about this.” and of coarse everyone at your place of employment will cooperate with their “investigation” and not say a word about it to you, BUT THEY SURE AS HELL WILL TELL EVERYONE ELSE ABOUT IT!

When your days off from work are over and you go back to work, you may notice that your coworkers are whispering about you behind your back, you may notice some coworkers glancing over at you and smirking, you might notice that your boss seems very pissed at you but neglects to say why!

By now your life has turned upside down, you have been separated from your spouse ever since you found out your spouse was cheating on you, and now everything else in your world just seems messed up and everyone seems to either have it out for you or completely anti-social towards you!

You feel embarrassed to even talk to people fearing people will think you wacko or might get the wrong idea about you, you have all these life-problems and cannot seem to figure out why your whole world has turned upside down!

Meanwhile the cops that fuck your spouse are picking out video they have of you in your home taking a bath and they are pasting using Photoshop children in your bathroom next to your naked body and they upload it onto file sharing sites and they fucking laugh and laugh and fucking laugh some more!

By the way it is the taxpayers that are paying the cops that are fucking your spouse to do this to you, all under the pretense of an “investigation” and they are having the time of their lives destroying you behind your back!

After the cops that are screwing your spouse sufficiently destroy your reputation they will stage some crimes in and or near your home, they will pay their buddy’s to bring their children over for some photogenic posing for their cameras and will have a volunteer. either another cop or a bro of theirs that is a close look-a-like of you go into your home and he/she will pretend to jack off at your window while the children outside will fake screaming and will be coached by those cops that are fucking your spouse to call you a pedo out loud and loudly and to say it for their cameras and for your neighbors benefit!

You of course are not home, you are at the store shopping, or you are at work, either way you are doing nothing wrong, but the cops that have regular sex with your spouse are staging a ton of crimes and are treating it like a barbeque party and having a grand ole time in the process, at your expense of course!

Once again if anyone that knows about this openly complains then the cops that screw your spouse and their bro’s in law enforcement will smirk at that person and say “Who gives a fuck! he/she is a pedophile!” and the group will back up the person that said that, so people that have a problem with this will get the strong strong message to STFU.

Now that the cop that has been screwing your spouse have built a case against you (Totally destroyed your name and reputation and framed you) it is now time for those cops to officially set you up for an actual charge!

They just framed you using a look-a-like and already turned the whole neighborhood against you, now it’s time for the cops that framed you to remove their hidden cameras and to remove their “operations” out of the building you live in, and then to openly and formally make felony complaints, and it starts out with them using flyers!

Since these cops regularly screw your spouse they will give him/her the honor of printing out thousands of flyers giving your description and charging you as a pedophile, and of course the cops screwing your spouse will contact the local schools in your neighborhood and instruct them to print flyers as well warning children and parents that there is a pedophile in the neighborhood!

By this time the cops fucking your spouse have turned many many people against you and in the process made new friends, and they will confide with those new friends that they pedofy people all the time and that it gets people killed off, and they will laugh and laugh and just not give a shit!

So after the cops that fuck your spouse are done pedofying you with flyers they will have the whole fucking neighborhood hating you, and by this time the complaints against you are open knowledge and if you walk to the store or go out to potty your dog you will notice people openly giving you dirty looks and might even yell out “Watch out for the pedophile!” and at no time is anyone telling g you whats going on, oh by the way the cops made sure you did not get a copy of the flyers!

A few days later there is a knock at your door and you answer it and see a couple of detectives dressed like detectives and about three or four uniformed cops standing several feet behind them, and the detectives will ask you your name, and after you tell them who you are they will tell you formally you are under arrest for downloading child porn!

You are dumb founded, in shock, at a complete loss for words, complete total shock, and these detectives are making it very clear they care less what you say and don’t care if you say your innocent!

You get a trial and are completely railroaded into prison, no one you know stood up for you in court, people you thought were your friends never showed up at the court for your trial, and no one you know wants to put their neck on the line to defend you, and the prosecutor has a strong case that several under cover police officer’s built over a several months of “investigation” and are making you look like the most horrible person in the world, and your defense attorney is sitting next to you doing hardly a damn thing to defend you, if anything your defense attorney makes you look MORE guilty by acting sheepishly and unwilling to give a hard fight!

Of course no one in the court room will say a damn thing about the under cover cops regularly fucking your spouse and that your spouse helped them to print the flyers and will say nothing about all the people they recruited to lie for them, and after you go to prison the cops that are fucking your spouse will tell the prisoners to be on the lookout for you because you are a pedophile, and they will fucking laugh and laugh and then say, “OK bro’s! WHO’S NEXT!” and fucking laugh some more!


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