44 Felony Charges Turn To Zero In Ten Days!

Organized crime is well known by many people mainly due to Hollywood movies or by TV shows, but what most people don’t understand is the fact organized crime and the signs of it are everywhere and many times right in front of our faces and we generally don’t even notice it!

My wife Joan Wagar got a job at the Multnomah county jail in the late ninety’s and she started cheating on me and became involved in things she did not want me knowing about, she became secretive and at the same time was turning people against me behind my back while pretending to be a loving wife!

I said nothing about my suspicions about her because she was being secretive and outright lying to me so I did not confide in her nor with any other family member about it, but because of her behavior I was paying very close attention to anything she did or said!

Because her suspicious behaviour started when she got the job at the Multnomah county jail I was suspecting her of having an affair with a cop or county sheriff officer, and because she was lying to me about so many things I suspected foul play was involved and had my guard up!

At no time did I voice my concerns to anyone and I behaved normally around others, but my guard was way up because of my wife’s suspicious behaviour!

My wife’s job at the county jail as a kitchen food prep person was short lived, she worked there only like a month and a half, and then she suspiciously quit with warning me as to why, and when she told me she quit the job I asked her why? and that question got her off guard, she did not have a prepared answer to give me, so she fumbled and stumbled at an excuse on the spot, and I knew right away she was lying to me!

This is the beginning of my wife Joan Wagar’s blatant and obvious lies that she told me, and surprisingly anytime I would ask her a question about her activity’s regardless of what they were she would become dumbfounded as to giving me an answer! in other words she takes some sort of action, I ask her about it, and she does not have a prepared explainable answer to it, and struggles on the spot making stuff up on the fly!

Based on her actions and lies and behaviour and the fact that this odd behaviour started when she got the job at the county jail had my suspicions high and I suspected she was having an affair!

My wife Joan Wagar got a job at the airport working in a food kitchen preparing meals for passengers on planes, and it was during this time that my wife and her sister Vickie Rosales started buying tons of paraphernalia that they either put in our home or in our yard!

The first thing they bought was a camcorder, I was not suspicious about that because we had the money from our tax return to purchase it, and my wife conferred with me over it before making the purchase, but from this point forward my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were spending thousands of dollars buying paraphernalia and at no time did my wife get my permission or consent for those things!

Here is a list of some of the paraphernalia they bought spending thousands of dollars on, and only the camcorder did my wife actually get my consent over!

1. Camcorder 1,000 dollars
2. Pool 330 dollars
3. Another Pool 330 dollars
4. Diary 10 dollars
5. Audio recorder 50 dollars
6. Porn Video’s Don’t know how much they spent
7. Large Trampoline 350 dollars
8. Full Sized Barbie Dolls over three feet tall, it was Vickie Rosales that brought that over, it was not an actual Barbie Doll so she lied to me about it to my face!
9. Telescope For Our Yard to look at the stars. (So they claimed!)

Their was a lot more stuff but this includes most of the stuff I remember them brining to our home, what a coincidence that my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were coaching our daughter Shawna Wagar to write in the diary they bought her, and they were coaching her to call me a pedophile in it!

So my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales were filling our home and yard with paraphernalia and at the same time coaching our oldest daughter to label me as a pedophile in her diary!

What a coincidence that my wife’s f-buddy’s in law enforcement were renting the apartment right next door to us at the time and they were passing our daughter notes through her bedroom window telling her what to write as well in her diary!

What a coincidence that my father Don Wagar was being gang-stalked at the time by plain clothed officer’s and were harassing him and staging crimes in front of him!

What a coincidence that after my father warned me about that those plain clothed cops poisoned my fathers foods in his apartment!

What a coincidence that my father died three days after he warned me that they poisoned him, what a coincidence that our daughter made no mention of her grandfather dying in her diary because she is just too busy copying notes the county sheriff’s pass her through her window to actually right anything real down in it!

What a coincidence that the county sheriff’s entered my fathers home to remove his meds from his apartment before coming over to tell me he died!

What a coincidence that the county sheriff officer lied to me about that because my father was not under the care of a doctor and had no meds!

What a coincidence that the county sheriff’s at this very time had the apartment next door to us and were coaching their whores Joan Wagar and Vickie Rosales and Shawna Wagar to perform for their illegal video surveillance cameras and to fill my home and yard with paraphernalia while they coached our teenager daughter to label me as a pedophile in her diary!

What a coincidence that the county sheriff’s and Portland police already pedofied me at our daughters schools at this time and everyone was trying to hide that from me!

During this pedofying and poisoning activity’s that my wife and her relatives and their bros in law enforcement were doing I was also being gang-stalked and many things that I or my father had or bought were either sabotaged or stolen by these plain clothed cops, these plain clothed cops were trolling me the whole time making my life miserable and they even staged a car fire 30 feet away from our apartment, remember they were right next door to us and directing everyone’s actions all for the sake of their illegal video surveillance cameras!

My wife Joan Wagar poisoned my mother after this and my mother called 911 and the police and county sheriff’s just covered up her complaint!

A month later detectives and Portland police officer’s were at my door and arrested me, they charged me with 44 felony charges, charging me as a pedophile, and ten days later their 44 felony charges turned to ZERO and I was released without ever even having the opportunity to deny the charges in a courtroom!

From this point forward I was forced to move out of our home and denied access to our kids and was forced to go to family court in a civil hearing process that was nothing more than a put on bull show where an under cover cop slaps on a black robe and fakes being a judge, yet there is no trial, no attorney’s, no nothing, and I was forced to sit there and listen to a female pedophile cunt that calls herself a prosecutor label me over and over again as a bad guy!

Excuse me I already knew they were guilty of a murder and that all their actions were pretended and staged and that my wife and her sister and even our daughter were secretly working for them, I already caught them passing the notes to my daughter and witnessed her copy the notes into her diary!

So I know damn well those bull crap 44 felony charges were made up on thin air and that my wife and her family were helping them the entire time with tons of paraphernalia and with coaching our daughter, so I sure as hell was disgusted!

I knew this was all sport to these people and that they have fun doing this to people, everyone involved were smirking about all of it the entire time, as far as I was concerned our daughter was the county sheriff’s paid teen whore they coached to write a diary and to PERFORM for their illegal video cameras!

That was a very interesting diary my wife and her f-buddy’s coached our daughter to write considering the county sheriff’s poisoned and killed my father and our daughter made no mention of his death at all in her diary!

I guess the county sheriff’s did not think to put that in the notes they passed our daughter through her bedroom window for her to copy into her diary!

Gee I wonder why they don’t want to back up their bull crap 44 felony charges in a criminal court of law!


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