October VLOG And Current Events! Stabbed And Harassed And Stalked By Cops Walking Past My Window!

Early this October near the beginning of the month I was sitting at my desk by my computer and felt an itch on my right shoulder in the back, I reached back there thinking it just needed scratching, and felt a large scab back there, so I grabbed my cellphone and went into my bathroom to look at this scab in the mirror, to my shock and surprise I was stabbed back there!

The only person in my apartment that could have done this was my daughter Shawna Wagar, and it had to of occurred while I was asleep in my living room where my bed is!

Nothing woke me so she must have used a razor on it while I was asleep or she used something to prevent me from waking up, either way that’s a big cut but it did not go deep, at least it does not fell like it’s deep, which is why I suspect she used a razor!

The very next day there was a lot of pounding noises coming from the apartment below mine, and it caught my attention enough to try and recording the loud pounding noises they were making, and I used my cellphone to record what was going on outside and noticed the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s have one of their pedo-white-vans outside and pointed out the fact that the plain clothed cop that hangs around here with his red pickup truck was outside and parked right next to that van!

I sat my phone down on the window sill and continues to talk while my cellphone was recording and as I got to my chair to sit down a cop in a black uniform walked right past my apartment and then walked down the stairs!

I told you this whole side of the apartment building is FILLED WITH POLICE/SHERIFF STING IOPERATIVES and these people are already guilty of murders!

And today on October 15th I notice that red pickup truck owned by a Portland cop that hangs around here in plain cloths was outside parked in visitors parking section of the parking lot and got it on video hoping to catch this murderous cop that is connected to my wife and her lover officer Eric Carlson on video!

This cop does not live here, he is acting under the pretense of a sting operation, many apartments in my apartment building are currently being rented by sting operatives, and from time to time the Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s show up here to talk/confer with these sting operatives and they try to hide it, but I am already aware of their presence and their crimes and I have been repeatedly victimized by these people!

These are the officer’s that were sleeping around with my wife and her daughters, these are the people that were helping my wife to frame me as a pedophile, these are the people that gave my wife permission to poison me to death, these are the people that were sleeping around with my wife and daughters while I was severely debilitated from being poisoned, these are the people that were poisoning off other people as well and these are the people that tried to frame me for a murder!

These are the people that vilified me publicly for crimes THEY ALL COMMITTED and they want me to be stuck with the blame, they already vilified me behind my back, but they are aware that I caught THEM IN THE ACT on a audio recorder admitting to their crimes and caught them admitting their framing me to get the blame!

These sting operatives have pretty much this entire apartment building taken over with mostly civilian operatives, people that are either friends of authority’s or relatives of authority’s or girlfriends of people in authority!

I already caught the cop that drives that red pickup truck on video earlier this month and here it is again, the cop that drives it does not live here, but he oversees what the civilian operatives here are doing and from time to time pays them a visit, and of course he tries to hide the fact he is a cop!

He never came out for me to catch him on video again, but he IS parked in the visitors parking area, which is more than enough to know he does not live here!

This is just the first half of October in 2014! I suspect it will get worse in the later half of October!

Terry Wagar

Sting Operatives Target And Frame And Poison Six Year Old Children!

1971 the Dunham family was rounding up neighborhood children FOR the Multnomah county sheriff’s and brought the children to a house where the county sheriff’s were framing a neighbor as a pedophile and a county sheriff officer in uniform was inside the victims home waiting for the Dunham’s with the children to arrive!

When they got there the mother of the Dunham family told the childrem to cross the street and to play in a strangers yard, the young children averaging 5-6 years old did as the adult told them to, and once in that yard the county sheriff officer yelled out a window telling the children to pick up the candy bars and the county sheriff began tossing candy bars out the window trying to keep ONLY his bare arm visible, and while the children picked up the candy bars the mother of the Dunham family was grinning across the street and taking photogenic photo’s of the children picking up the candy bars!

One of the neighborhood children that was unaware these people were framing the person that lived there got too close to the window and saw the county sheriff officer sitting just to the side of the window and was in uniform, and the county sheriff officer ordered the 6 year old to back away from the window, and then continued to toss out candy bars!

Then the sheriff told the children that’s it and closed the window but kept himself away from the window to avoid being seen in uniform, and the mother of the Dunham family ordered the children to come back to her!

The children of the Dunham family and the mother of the Dunham family began laughing and celebrating and talking about going out for a pizza after they drop off the neighbor kid that knows nothing about this, the neighbor kid did not understand what was going on and was repeatedly asking questions trying to figure out what is going on, the Dunham children began saying “That person is a pedophile!” and was laughing about it, the neighbor child, not knowing what a pedophile was, asked “What is a pedophile?” and the Dunham family children and the mother just grinned and then ignored the question and began talking about going out for pizza again!

The mother of the Dunham family was carrying a camera belonging to the Multnomah county sheriff’s, and she was looking at the photogenic photo’s she took and began stuffing them in an envelope, the neighbor child, not understanding what the photo’s were for, asked if he could have one, and the mother of the Dunham family grinned and told the neighbor child “These are SPECIAL photo’s, you cannot have these, maybe another time!

After the Dunham family dropped the neighbor child off at his home the neighbor child’s mother was in shock at the bundle of candy bars her son had and asked “Where did you get all those candy bars?” and the neighbor child, not aware he witnessed a crime taking place said, They took me to see a nice pedophile! he gave them to us.” while munching on the candy bars!

The neighbor child’s mom’s jaw dropped at that statement and said “You stay right here!” and she charged out of the house to talk to the Dunham family about this! When the neighbor child’s mom came back hone she seemed to be relieved by whatever the Dunham family told her!

A week or two later a county sheriff officer in plain cloths came to the neighbor child’s home and demanded to be allowed to enter the home to “INSPECT THE BASEMENT!” and more or less pressured and bullied the child’s mom into letting him into the home!

From this point forward the Dunham family took great pains to befriend the neighbor child’s mom and got her to allow the Dunham family to have continued access to her son and the Dunham family began taking the neighbor child to the movies with them!

The Dunham family was taking the child to movies that are inappropriate for children, they took the child to see movies such as spring break type movies with boob scenes at the very begining of the movie, they took the child to see horror movies that had rape scenes and boob scenes and graphic murder scenes!

Each and every time they took the child to the theater the Dunham family INSISTED that the neighbor child sit ONE SEAT AWAY from the Dunham’s, and eaxh time the Dunham family insisted they all have the exact same seats, each and every time! and each time ussually near the beginning of the movie a plain clothed county sheriff officer would walk into the theater and get about 8 feet ahead of the neighbor child and would turn and snap a photogenic photo of the child sitting watching these horrable movies and it would obviously appear on the photogenic photo’s that the child is alone! After several trips such as this THEN the Dunham family began inviting the neighbor child’s mom to come along, this time the Dunham family took the neighbor child and his mom to see Disney movies, and this time the neighbor child’s mom was sitting in that empty seat, and this time when the plain clothed county sheriff officer came into the theater that is when the mother of the Dunham family distracted the neighbor child’s mom as the county sheriff turned and snapped a photogenic photo towards the neighbor child and his mom!

1972 The Dunham family was planting stolen property onto the neighbor child’s property and were setting up the neighbor child’s brother to get the blame, when the neighbor child’s father reported the planted stolen property to the police the police officer SMIRKED and IMPLIED it must have been the child’s older brother! and after this the Dunham family committed a garage fire on the property behind the neighbor child’s home!

1973 The Dunham family realized that the neighbor child still remembered what happened in 1971 and that’s when the Multnomah county sheriff’s used their power of influence at schools to get the neighbor child kicked out of school and the neighbor child’s mom was told by the school she had to put her son on a prescription before he can come back to school, so she did, no one in the neighbor child’s family knew what it was, it had a weird name, the neighbor child did not find out what it was until he was 18 years old, it was speed!

The neighbor child’s brother and his father in 1973 were being heavily gang-stalked and targeted by groups of people in 1973! The neighbor child was being poisoned via prescription drugs, his older brother and his father were also being poisoned and gang-stalked and the neighbor child does not have all the details of it but was aware that many people were ganging up on the family and was afraid as was everyone else in the family!

By 1974 the neighbor child lost his older brother to organized stalkers that were setting him up for crimes, and he was complaining about being poisoned, and no one cared, the child’s father was also poisoned and he went to the hospital and the hospital covered it up by pretending heart attack!

All the male members of the family including the children were being gang-stalked and framed for crimes and were being poisoned and denied any form of help or recognition!

The neighbor child’s older brother was committed without ever getting a trial after he was framed and gang-stalked and blame-stalked by organized people and was severely retarded and mentally diminished from being poisoned, and government covered it up by committing him without ever giving the family any say or any way of fighting it or any way to even testify on his behalf!

By the time this neighbor child reached ten years old he was alone in his home, his whole family was destroyed and devastated by what happened to them, the child’s father was debilitated and disabled from being poisoned and got no recognition for it, the child’s mom had to work and all she could get was minimum wage jobs, and the neighbor child went years without ever seeing his brother and did not fully understand what happened!

Schools never cared about what happened to this neighbor child nor did they ever ask! Sting operatives frame people for sport and target anyone that witnesses their crimes!THEY EVEN TARGET 6 YEAR OLD CHILDREN! That neighbor child was ME! I never forgot what that damn county sheriff camera looked like nor did I ever forget any of the conversations back then! I can point out the damn house the county sheriff’s and the Dunham family went to to use doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame people!

Terry Wagar

The Portland Mercury News Website BLOCKED ME AGAIN!

Today on September 25th 2014 I checked on the Portland Mercury news website to see if anyone responded to my posts I made the day before and I tried to post again today and discovered I AM ONCE AGAIN BLOCKED from posting on that local news website!

Apparently ONLY cops and their girlfriends and their buddy’s are welcome to report crimes, because everyone else is blocked from reporting crimes cops and their girlfriends commit!


Terry Wagar


Reporting Crimes On The Portland Mercury Website And Recording It! 09-24-2014

I recorded posting/reporting crimes on the Portland Mercury website and recorded it to how and prove I am reporting crimes committed by organized sting operatives including a murder and I am recording it because local news websites here in Portland Oregon are notorious for deleting my posts and blocking my accounts, I had to create a all knew account in order to record posting because my old account with that website was blocked.


Terry Wagar

Sting Operatives Frame People Using Doubles And Murder Off People Using Poison!

Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s are womanizers and recruit women into affairs and grant those women permission to poison off husbands for life insurance money’s!

I was battered by Portland police and Multnomah county sheriff’s on January 18th 2005, and right after they battered me they walked away about thirty feet and started talking about using a double!

I was being gang-stalked by police and county sheriff’s ever since and my wife and her side of the family were sleeping around with and palling around with these officer’s the whole time and were trying to hide it from me!

March 2005 my wife bragged she had a new best friend named Eric Carlson, and she admitted he was a twin, I was still debilitated with a broken rib and a messed up knee from the battery by authority’s!

My wife started openly cheating on me with this “twin” and she started refering to him around her daughters by the nickname Doubleclick!

April 2005 I discovered my wife was hooking our daughters up with this twin Eric Carlson, and discovered he was a cop and discovered he dyed his hair blond so he could impersonate me, and that this all was open knowledge at East Port Walmart where my wife worked, and discovered a ton of people was trying to hide this from me!

I tried to warn people about this, and that’s when my wife Joan Wagar poisoned me with antifreeze in my coffee!

I was severely severely debilitated from that, and I was surrounded by family members that were all grins and pretended nothings wrong! And two weeks after my wife first poisoned me she bragged to her daughters that SHE NOW has a nickname everyone at Walmart gave her, she said it was Dash! and her daughters with a knowing grin gave her their BLESSINGS over her nickname!

Police repeatedly interfered with me getting any form of help at any hospital by using their power of influence with the doctors at the hospitals, and because of that no doctor would help me nor would they admit I was poisoned and they just faked not knowing what is wrong!

My wife kept me in a debilitated state while she and her side of the family as well as her daughters helped their lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement to set me up for crimes using officer Eric Carlson as a photo/body double for their photogenic photo’s!

On March 26th 2007 early in the morning my wife and her daughters along with their lovers/buddy’s in law enforcement tried setting me up for a murder that officer Eric Carlson and Officer John Ray committed!

They committed breaks ins that morning and they were making child porn using volunteers, my wife’s 17 year old daughter volunteered with that and was helping them in her bedroom!

They planted evidence and porn on our computer with intent of coming back to our apartment later on with a warrant, and before they left they poisoned my coffee pot and coffee cup!

They all went as a group to Clackamas Walmart where my wife Joan Wagar’s sister Vickie Rosales worked and they all bragged about it to her!

They admitted I was asleep at the time, they admitted they were framing me as a pedophile, they admitted they was in our daughters bedroom, they admitted officer Eric Carlson was on our daughters bed, they admitted they got pictures of his dick, they admitted they planted evidence in our apartment, they admitted they got it on photogenic, they started giving me blame as other Walmart employees got near them, and they admitted they needed 6:30 taken off of their female victim because officer John Ray broke in their!

They admitted to other Walmart employees officer Eric Carlson was dressed up like me, they talked about how easy it is for officer Eric Carlson to impersonate me and talked about how he copy’s my mannerisms!

These people spent the next three hours recruiting Walmart employees to lie for them, printing flyers using Walmart printers giving me the blame for their crimes, and celebrating and having sex in the back of that store!My wife Joan Wagar was having sex with officer Eric Carlson after they got the softlines department to lie for them and they discussed a female officer Eric Carlson murdered during it!

The whole store that day on March 26th 2007 is witness to their bragging and recruiting people, how do I know all this?

Because I was asleep on the couch in the living room, their break in woke me up, thinking I was catching my wife in her affair with a armed cop I put a audio recorder in my wife’s purse and then laid back down pretending to be asleep knowing my wife will leave for work soon!

I caught the whole thing on my audio recorder!


Portland police caught on video using officer’s and their girlfriends as photo doubles and are caught impersonating Terry Wagar and his daughter Megan Wagar in front of Terry Wagar’s apartment and the two doubles were kissing for cops photogenic photo’s and ae caught in the act by Terry Wagar himself using his camcorder!

Pedophile cops using doubles and photogenic photo’s to frame innocent people for crimes that OFFICER’S commit!

Joan Wagar got permission from her lovers in the Portland police to poison off plasma donors and relatives and brags in writting to her debilitated poisoned husband she is a poisoner!


Portland pedophile police department use their Fascist power of influence at hospitals to cover up poisonings at local hospitals!

Terry Wagar

Police And County Sheriff’s And Sting Operatives Ambush And Murder Innocent Victim On Video!

My two cents on this outright blatant murder/assassination committed by police and county sheriff’s and by sting operatives!

County sheriff’s and their sting operatives PLAN an ambush/attack on their victim at their victims place of residence and fake an emergency to justify murdering off the victim while sting operatives and police in uniforms prevent family members of the murdered victim from witnessing the fact that no aid or CPR is being done on the shot victim!

Piece of shit sting operatives and county sheriff’s are ambushing and murdering off their victims while their victims and the victims family members are surrounded by sting operatives!

News media is mums the wor5d about organized murders committed by sheriff’s and are very mums the word about victims and victims relatives being surrounded by sting operatives!

Terry Wagar